- "Carl just look at her", Elizabeth said with tears in her eyes while holding the little newborn girl close to her body. "She is so beautiful, but who knows why she has this hair color? It is so light. It almost reminds me of snow". Carl laughed lovingly,

- "Yeah I know. But maybe she will grow my hair color in time. Lots of babies are born with lighter hair than the naturally color". His hands gently touched the little girl's soft cheek, which caused a little smile on her face. He smiled proudly and turned to look at his wife while saying,

- "We are going to be a happy little family now aren't we Elizabeth?" She nodded in happiness but also felt exhausted by the lack of strength from the extremely hard delivery. The doctors needed to make an emergency Caesarean section to safe the child but they were curtained that the mother wouldn't make it. But as soon as the little one was out she had fought so hard to keep herself alive that a miracle happened, according to the doctors anyway.

- "You need to get some sleep dear," her husband said concerned. He had been so close to loose his beloved wife during the birth, and he didn't want to take no chances on her health but she laid an insisting hand on his.

- "I want to give her a name first", she whispered weakly. "I want to call her Elsa after your grandmother, Carl". And after those last words she couldn't keep her eyes open anymore. Carl took the baby out of her arms and pulled the duvet further over his wife. He turned his face to the little girl, who was now in his arms.

- "Well, what do you say about that, my little angel?" he asked her lovingly. "Do you like it?" The faint smile on her tiny lips grew wider. Hearing his wife soft breaths and looking at the little smiling angel in his embrace he sighed in happiness,

- "Fine, Elsa it is then".

If only Carl new how the next eighteen years of his life would turn out to be the happiness of the scene might have been affected a bit. If he knew what would happen in six month that was going to change his point of view in life he might have hesitated holding the little girl so close. But he didn't know. He didn't know that his daughter possessed ancient mythical powers, which was beyond his imagination. He didn't know that his overprotectiveness would cause the little girl to grow up in fear for herself and for others. He didn't know that what he himself considered as helping actually turned out to be the quite opposite for his daughter. Yes he did not know all these things and least of all did he know that he and his wife wouldn't live by the end of these eighteen years.