Chapter 19

A few weeks had gone and the Christmas holidays were soon to start. But for Anna everything about Christmas made her sick. Seeing everyone in town now happy and enjoying the before "freak weather" that Elsa had started, made her furious. It didn't make it better when she would walk past people on the streets who would exclaim loudly amongst themselves of how beautiful and magical the Christmas weather was. The worst part was that it reminded her of Elsa. She couldn't pass one second without thinking of her love and every time it tore a piece of her heart imagining the blonde shackled and tied up in that awful cellar they had chosen for her. She could only imagine how scared she must be all the time despite promising the redhead that she would be brave. Anna couldn't blame her. She hadn't exactly been that effective with her promise of freeing her either. Every night the redhead would stay silent at the dinner table without as much as looking on her monster of a father, where after she would go to bed early and spend hours crying herself to sleep. The only one who actually did speak with Hans was Jane as she had taken his side of the internal battle, though a bit reluctantly, between the two Fletcher's, leaving Anna and Ariel on the right side. But it didn't help when Ariel was about to move away with Eric, having already found an apartment to live in. Ariel's explanation was that she couldn't stand being near Hans but it only left Anna all by herself struggling to make sense of every day life without Elsa in it. The redhead was still grounded, giving her no opportunity to do anything else than going straight home after school where the one who had destroyed her life roamed around with a woman who didn't quite understand her. As to make matters worse, Hans had also confiscated her phone, having no opportunity to get in contact with her friends after school. But she knew exactly why he had been so damn smart, by taking her phone, because then she had got no opportunity to plan a rescue with Kai. As the days passed the redhead fell deeper and deeper into a huge hole of despair. Life had certainly no purpose anymore without the blonde by her side. Her friends could only watch her in despair and count their failed attempts to cheer up the redhead when they were at school. Principle Weselton hadn't been there since the day Elsa was exposed. Anna didn't even have the energy to fight back Aurora's snarky comments since everything was hopeless anyway.

- "Anna," her mother called from the living room. As always Anna had returned home directly from school without saying as much as a word to either of her parents when entering the now hated house and heading for her room which she locked as usual and didn't walk out from before dinnertime. When her mother didn't get a respond she sighed sadly and tried again with a cheerful voice.

- "Please come down, sweetie! We are going out Christmas shopping!" Something in her mother's words ignited something in the redhead. Something dark had been bottled up and hidden deep within her the last couple of weeks and now it was inevitably forcing its way out. Anna stood up furious, which she easily got these days and screamed as loud as possible:

- "I'd rather throw myself off a cliff than playing happy family with you and your husband!" Each word stung in Jane's heart. All she wanted to do was protect her family and she was sure that Hans had only intended the same but they had both ended up losing both her daughters in the process.

- "Come on Anna! You can't stay up there forever, you know."

- "Yeah?!" Anna spat in pure anger. "Well, try me!"

- "Anna, I need to know what you wish for Christmas," the redhead heard her mother say. She noticed that the voice sounded closer to her than before and she guessed that her mother was standing outside her door.

- "I don't care about your stupid expensive Christmas presents!" Anna cursed herself for letting her voice crack and reveal that the tears were now streaming down her cheeks.

- "I know honey, you just want Elsa back," Jane said in a soothing voice. Anna sniffled and didn't respond so her mother proceeded:

- "I know you miss her a lot, sweetie, and I understand that. Having to loose one's first love is ju-"

- "First love?!" Anna interrupted her mother as she found back her fury, which had returned faster than expected, and jumped up from her bed to lock up her door and met her mother's sad expression.

- "He took away the love of my LIFE!" Anna screamed in her mother's face. "You can't EVER mend that wound!" She kicked a poor chair that just happened to be beside her. Jane's face turned stern at her daughter's misbehavior and she started reprimanding:

- "Don't let your anger get the better of you! Elsa is in a place where people can help her! You should be happy for her!" But the comment worked as much as someone putting a red veil in front of an infuriated bull's eye or pouring gasoline on a wild uncontrollable fire. Anna felt like her face was going to explode in her anger.

- "SHE WAS SHACKLED, FOR FUCKS SAKE! HOW CAN YOU BE SO FUCKING STUPID, SO FUCKING NAÏVE?! YOUR HUSBAND IS A FUCKING MONSTER WITH A FROZEN HEART!" Anna screamed and earned a slap on her cheek from the slightly frightened Jane which force made her turn her head. Anna put a hand on top of her stinging cheek as she slowly looked back up on the source of the blow. The mother looked shocked both at what was yelled so loudly in her face but mostly because she had actually hurt her own child. The blow had eased the feisty redhead down and she was now just watching Jane calmly without any expression at all. She felt nothing. Not even the stinging pain she should feel by such a hard slap. For once the redhead was completely numb. Slowly Anna saw tears falling from her mother's eyes and was pulled in for a hug.

- "I'm so sorry honey," Her mother cried. She moved back a bit to check her daughter's cheek, tears still spilling from her eyes. She kissed it and blew gently on the red area. "Lets get some ice on this." Jane turned around still mentally kicking herself for slapping her daughter but also for unintentionally reminding her even more about Elsa. Anna followed her to the kitchen still feeling the sting in her heart when hearing the word "ice".

Anna had slowly learned to realize that her say meant nothing in that house. Her mother had her dragged out to shop for Christmas presents in spite of their earlier fight. As they walked through the streets, her mother in an awfully joyful mood, Anna was constantly reminded of Elsa in every shop that possessed a TV. Even though the world wide news of the girl with the strange powers was about to fade away due to the fact that no one really knew anything remotely true about her past, her whereabouts or anything else, there was still a lot of crap going on about her. Several scientists had been called in to explain about the mysterious girl, one more wrong than the other. The redhead herself had been asked to do an interview on the national news but she had declined. Anna was sick of it. It only made her rage stronger to know how the media would twist her words into a complete different version than what she'd delivered. Cause it didn't seem like the world was on her side. It was like they've forgotten about human rights when they had compared Elsa with some kind of terrorist. Nevertheless she dragged her feet to move on across the street for yet another giftshop.

- "Hello ladies, what can I do for you two?" A jeweler asked in the most fake kind snobbish way possible. Jane was looking at a special ring for what seemed like hours and apparently having long amusing conversations with the insinuating sales clerk. Their laughing cut deeply into Anna's heart. She knew she would never get to laugh again. When the redhead didn't bother trying to catch up on what the next topic was she turned her head and looked out of the window where she noticed something odd. She was almost sure it was a trick of the eye when she thought she caught a glimpse of a dark shadow passing by. Anna wrinkled her eyebrows and shook her head until her sight caught another interesting thing. Was that really Kai, in the bakers shop on the opposite site of the street? It couldn't be… Anna quickly looked back to find her mother still deeply engaged in whatever pointless conversation of how she wished her husband had noticed her looking at that particular ring which the nasty man was holding in his hands. She took the chance, sneaked out of the jewelry shop and to the bakers on the other side of the road. Kai was standing in the corner of the filled up shop, looking like he was trying to decide what he wanted to buy. Anna walked discretely towards him, making sure that she didn't look straight at him. When she was standing beside him she made sure that she had a good view on the shop opposite from them.

- "You haven't answered my calls." Kai stated, his lips almost not moving a bit.

- "My dad confiscated my phone," Anna explained, looking as though she was searching for something while hiding her face in her big scarf. "Do you have any idea how we can get Elsa out of there?" The redhead couldn't help but give the man a quick look with her pleading eyes. Kai sighed.

- "Look, Miss Fletcher. My wife and I are being constantly surveyed at the moment. I'm not even able to think without them knowing." And then he walked past Anna and out of the store. The redhead felt her beginning hope crumble. She couldn't believe he would give up so easily. Then she started to realize in despair that maybe there really wasn't any hope left. Even if they could manage to get Elsa out of there, how long would it be before the bad guys would find her and kidnap her again? And what kind of life would it be for both of them, being on the run from society? Anna looked down with tears building up in her eyes as the realization made her guts twirl and shriek. It was too late. They had really won and she was never going to see her love again. The redhead went back to her mother sniffling.

- "Oh, there you are honey," Jane said smiling until she saw her daughter's face.

- "Maybe we should call it a day?" The mother's suggestion seemed to please the adolescent so they started to head towards home.

As soon as they reached the house Anna jumped out of the car and sprinted towards her room sobbing. Jane sighed. She had seen this scenario way too much these last couple of months. Even when she knew that there was nothing she could do to help her daughter out of this misery, that only time would be abled to heal Anna eventually, she couldn't help but feel the urge to do something. But what? What could she possibly do to make things better? She knew her daughter hated her father and the fact that Jane had taken his side on this giant drama. All she wanted was to keep her daughter safe and she knew that had been the attention from Hans all along. Still she couldn't help but feel guilty that she had been a part of taking Anna's happiness away. She figured that she had to leave the redhead alone for now. There was always the hope of that tomorrow would bring new opportunities, though this hadn't happened for Anna since Elsa had been taken away.

- "Hey, feisty pans!" Kristoff yelled and threw a couple of potato fries in Anna's face.

- "What the fuck Kristoff!?" The redhead, who had been in deep thought, shouted angrily.

- "Will you relax?!" The blonde guy hissed and the redhead calmed down, looking rather guilty for shouting at her best friend. Rapunzel and Belle just looked concerned at the redhead

- "Look," he said in a softer tone. "We all know that you've had a tough time the last couple of months but you can't shut us out like this." Anna looked down in guilt and sighed,

- "Sorry guys, I know I have been a nightmare to be around for a while now…" Her voice cracked and she felt the tears spilling again. Belle and Rapunzel embraced their friend immediately.

- "It's okay, Anna." Rapunzel whispered. "We understand." Anna sniffled and pulled away from her friends to dry her eyes.

- "Thanks guys, you are truly the best." They all smiled at each other until Aurora and her "friends" came to ruin the moment.

"Aww, look how sweet!" She exclaimed in mock happiness. "The nerds are having a geeky moment. Forgotten about the frosty freak of yours already, Ginger face?" Anna jumped up from her chair and looked the golden blonde directly in her eyes.

- "Be careful now." she growled. In a splint of a second the redhead watched fear pass through Aurora's eyes. But the girl just started laughing mockingly.

- "Or what? Are you hiding any more monsters under your bed sheets, reddie?"

Anna felt every cell in her body boil in utter rage. The blood stopped her brain from thinking rationally and the next words were spilled out so loudly that the entire cafeteria could hear it.

- "The only monster who have ever hidden underneath my bed sheets has been YOU!" At once the room went silent and it slowly appeared to the redhead what exactly she had said. Immediately she calmed down and looked around on the dozens of shocked faces. Slowly something started to hurt inside of her stomach. She dared looking up at Aurora and was met with panicking eyes. Something reminded her of Elsa in those blue fearful orbs and Anna started feeling more and more guilty as her inner guts cringed. She saw the golden blonde's eyes fill with water and another pang hit the redhead's heart.

- "Aurora, I'm so sorry," But she couldn't take back what she'd said. Everyone in the room started to whisper silently amongst themselves as they sent judging glances towards Aurora. "Aurora please just-" but then the golden blonde girl sprinted out of the cafeteria before anyone could get a chance to stop her. Anna, who was still in shock, just stood there to let what had just happened sink into her brain. Then she looked around her and found everyone's eyes on her. She sighed deeply and left her friends, who was just as shocked as everyone else, in the cafeteria and headed towards next class. Anna didn't see Aurora the rest of the day.

Anna was running towards the huge house, slipping a few times due to the ice underneath her feat. She went past the protesting guards and further through the last pieces of the front door and into the frozen villa. She was met by a terrifying raging snowstorm that almost kicked her off her feet but she continued through the force of destruction. Suddenly she caught a glimpse of what had led her this far. The glimpse of an angel who was standing on the slippery stairway. Her Elsa. But she seemed like a total different person, like the real Elsa that she knew was far away inside of this person and her movements was also very robotic. Her eyes were absent like she was not even there. It terrified the redhead to see her love like that so she tried calling her.

- "Elsa?" Then suddenly the girl stopped all of her movements and slowly returned to reality. The storm stopped immediately and Elsa looked around confused at first but then realized what she'd done and her eyes turned shocked. Then the very same icy blue orbs met her turquoise ones and Elsa smiled,

- "Anna," her voice was soft and filled with happiness, but the smile soon turned into a pained frown when suddenly a needle had hit her neck. Anna shrieked in shock and horror as she watched Elsa loose her strength and fall down the stairs.

- "No!" The redhead cried in despair and ran towards the fallen blonde. Once in Anna's embrace Elsa looked up into her eyes and smiled happily which made the freckled girl even sadder.

- "I'm here Elsa," She tried to comfort the girl in this hopeless situation.

- "You've given up on me," Elsa's whisper was almost impossible to hear but she kept smiling.

- "I'm so sorry!" Anna cried, feeling so incredible guilty and hopeless.

- "It's okay," Elsa responded weakly. "It's best this way." Anna shook her head in anger while sobbing,

- "No, it's not! I love you so, so much and I can't bear the thought of what you might be going through in that horrible cellar!" Her cry was a cry of pain in its most raw form. But Elsa just kept on smiling at her.

- "You'll understand in time that this is a sacrifice you need to make. You need to let me go."

- "But… I can't!" Anna was torn to pieces and she felt the demons getting closer. "I can't let you go, I'm so sorry…" Then she felt a pale hand in her hair before it went numb and Elsa's eyes closed. After that the men took the blonde away from the redhead and disappeared out of sight.

Anna woke up with a start and realized immediately that she had been crying. The pictures of the men carrying her love away had haunted her mind since it had happened. She sobbed a little of the unbearable pain she felt in her body, which craved to see the blonde again so badly. But why did Elsa tell her to let go of her in her dream? This hadn't happened before and the redhead feared that it was some kind of crazy sign that destiny never meant for them to be together again. She was pulled out from her thoughts when her mother called that breakfast was ready. Anna wanted to scream, "screw you" back at her, but managed to chill out before losing her temper. When she was finally ready for breakfast she walked past a calendar, saying it was the day before Christmas Eve. So much time had flown away since that horrible day where the blonde was imprisoned, and Anna almost hadn't noticed due to her hurting.

Jane had already started drinking her second cup of coffee when her daughter joined her for breakfast.

- "Where's Hans?" Anna asked as though she didn't care at all. Jane was a bit upset that her daughter insisted on staying mad at her father but she was too exhausted to discuss it at the moment.

- "He went to take care of some errands so he can be free to enjoy Christmas with all of us." Jane spoke happily.

- "What do you mean by errands?" the redhead asked in the same tone of voice.

- "He couldn't say my sweet, but he promised to go grocery shopping for tonight before he comes home."

- "Why is it a secret? Do they have a whole basement filled with prisoners with unnatural powers?"

- "Lets just stop talking about this, it's the day before Christmas and we need to get into the Christmas spirit. You used to love Christmas." Her mother's voice was soft but dangerous and Anna knew she had lost her right to discuss any more about it. Not that it suited her well at that exact moment. All of her insides were practically boiling with anger and she had squeezed so hard around the cutlery that her knuckles had turned white. They sat in silence a little while until Anna couldn't hold it back anymore.

- "It seems that the whole town has found the Christmas spirit, but maybe it's because the much hated weather affects them so much," she spat, her voice dripping with venom. She heard a chair being pulled back and she saw her mother rise from her seat in front of Anna with a very strict look.

- "THAT'S IT!" Jane scolded, her original British accent showing. "Go to your room at once!" Anna rolled her eyes and brought her breakfast with her to her room.

A little while later she heard her mother knock on her door.

- "I have washed the jacket you wore the other day when we went to town. It's in the kitchen." And then she disappeared not even mentioning their previous fight. "It's just so typical for her to pretend that nothing is going on!" Anna thought in her rage. But nonetheless she went down to the kitchen to pick up her jacket. When she picked it up from the kitchen counter something fell down. Anna looked down and found a piece of paper lying on the floor. Confused she picked it up and realized it was a note judging from the letters written on it so she started reading:

We may have a chance at getting Elsa out of there. Meet me at the park the night before Christmas.

- Kai

Anna blinked a few times as she tried to let the information sink in. "So Kai hasn't given up on Elsa yet… But how did he put that note in my pocket without me noticing? And most important of all, how is he planning to save Elsa?"