Chapter 1 The Deal

"Get the gummy kolas ready Soos!" Mabel screamed at the table.

"This is gonna be awesome dude!" Soos said as he put bags of gummy kolas on the table.

"Are you guys sure this is a great idea?" Dipper said."I mean you guys can choke."

"We'll be fine Dipping sauce don't worry! Hey do you want to be the ref?"

"Sure why not." He replied. "All right ready the kolas! Start in three, two, one... GO!" They set off Mabel stuffing everything into her face, and Soos trying to keep up.

"I can't do this anymore dudes! My whale noises are acting up!" Soos said as he dropped his bag of half empty kolas as the stomach whale noises sounded. But before he dropped them Mabel already won.

"Mabel's the winner!" Dipper yelled raising her arm.

"Ugh, I don't feel so well." Mabel said.

"Too many kolas?"

"Too many kolas." Just then a man walked in with a undershirt and boxers on, it was great uncle Stanford Pines or Grunkle Stan for short.

"Kids! I need you two to work late tonight. I have a late tour coming in and Wendy's no help."

"I'm right here you know!" Wendy said to Stan who didn't see her there.

"Sorry but it's true." Wendy nodded knowing this was true.

"But Gruncle Stan I don't feel very well. My tummy hurts! Can I not work?" Mabel said with puppy dog eyes.

"No your working and that's that. Now excuse me I have to go and scam-I mean give a tour!" He said as he left the room.

"Mabel are you ok?" Dipper asked

"Yeah I'm just a little sick. It's fine I'll pull through it though. Can you get me some Motrin or aspirin?"

"Sure Mabes." Dipper said as he went to go and look. He hated when his sister was in pain or if anything happened to her and she felt the same way about him too. They were two halfs of one without the other was not right. Once Dipper got to the kitchen he searched the cupboards for any Motrin or aspirin for Mabel, but it was not likely to have any, Stan didn't believe in the stuff he always said "you don't need medicine to feel better, all you need is money and your instantly happy." Dipper just wanted to double check.

"Nope none here like I suspected." He walked back to tell his sister about not having any.

"Sorry Mabel there is none do you want anything else?" He asked her.

"No I'll be fine. Like Stan says when the world fights you fight back." She said giving him a braces filled smile.

Awhile passed as they worked in the shop Mabel was on sweeping duty, Dipper luckily got out if being a attraction so he worked the cash register. Dipper proposed a new attraction to Stan and Stan was about to introduce it right now.

"Behold the most amazing creature on earth... The Question Baby!" It was Soos all in his question mark outfit.

"Am I a man? Or am I a baby? Theses are legitimate questions." Soos said as the easily fooled tourists snapped pictures of him and of the tourist trap.

Once the last tour was over they closed up shop. Mabel and Dipper were up in the attic getting ready for bed.

"Well goodnight Dipper!"

"Night Mabel. Goodnight..."

"Sleep tight..."

"Don't let the misquotes bite." As they drifted off to sleep they were unaware of a former villain plotting their revenge on the Pines family.

In the woods there was a boy who had huge white hair and was calling for a specific someone.

"Bill! Bill! Come out where I can see ya!"

"Yeah short stack what do you want?" A familiar voice called. Gideon jumped to see who was in front of him out of surprise.

"Bill Cipher, I have a deal for you."

"What is it?" Asked the triangle deamon.

"If you make me ruler of this town then I'll get you anything you want." Gideon explained.

"Anything I want, man that's a price that's equal to the deal...hmm let me think." He turned around. "Ok well if you are to succeed in this task then I'll let the deal happen. But my end must be completed first because becoming ruler of Gravity Falls there needs to be a price first."


"Ok then I want the books." Bill said

"The books all three?"

"Yep and you have to get them for me."

"What!? I had two books before and I lost them and have no idea where they are!"

"Ok then I'll give you the location. But first before we shake hands I also need to be in power. How about I be a sort of adviser to you we could say hm?"

"Fine! Just give me the location so I can fulfill it!"

"Ok but first we shake." He held out his hand with a blue fire around it.

"Ok all three books are in the same place right now."

"What all three in the same place that's amazin!" Gideon screamed.

"Yes but in one place that's not 'amazin'. The Mystery Shack. Stan has all three."

"What!? Stan has all three oh-" he was cut off.

"Don't worry he hasn't used the power yet. They are in his lab in the basement that know one knows of."

"Then how do I get into this basement or lab?"

"Get a pen and paper you might want to write this down, ok so go to the vending machine in the gift shop and input this code: A1, B1, A2, C1, C2. Then enter and close the door behind you and make sure he's not home. Next go to the elevator and enter the code started right to left, second button on top, last button on top, second button on bottom, last button on top. Then press the down button and go to the third floor. Hurry!"