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Chapter 16

"How did he find us!?" Mabel whispered to Bill.

"Hmm I don't know, maybe the fact that we stayed in the same spot without going further into the forest!" He angrily whispered back putting his fingers on his temples.

"Why are you taking this out on me?!" Mabel asked.

"Because I'm trying to think of a way out of this and your questions aren't helping!" He replied taking his hand away from his face starring at Mabel.

In her eyes he saw she was terrified, he could not think of a way out of this!

"What are we going to do?" She softly asked this time.

"Shooting Star, I don't know."

"Eh em! Ya' know you two should really learn how to talk quieter. It's actually quite amusing." Gideon called up to the two in the tree.

Bill hit himself in the face. Really. Gideon heard the entire conversation.

"H-how did you f-find us?" Mabel asked.

"Oh, ya' know after interrogating people, and them saying they heard strange noises from the north side of the forest. That and we heard a really girly scream coming from over here a half hour ago. By the way Mabel are you hurt? I don't want my queen to be injured or have any scrapes."

Mabel again shuddered when he referred to her as his 'queen'.

"That noise wasn't me..." Mabel laughed and turned to Bill, his face all red.

"Why didn't you come sooner if we were here?" Bill asked the creep.

"Well, I was too busy getting something ready."

"Getting what ready?" Mabel asked him confused at what he was referring to.

"This." He snapped his fingers and one of Gideon's 'human guard dogs' brought out Stan, Dipper, Soos, and Wendy who were all tied up, had bandanas in their mouths, and on the ground. "If you come down, and agree to be my queen without any arguments I'll let them go."

Dipper shaking his head no constantly was trying to talk, but the bandana wouldn't let him.

"Your family safe, everything you could possibly want, all in this deal." Gideon taunted.

Bill is starring at Mabel who is trying to decide,

"Don't do it!" He whispered to her. "He's insane! I know how deals work and this one is horrible! I thought when people made a deal with me, that it was a deal with the devil. This, Mabel is a deal with the devil! Don't do it!" Bill telling her.

Dipper managed to move enough that the bandana fell from his lips.

"Mabel! Don't do this! We will be fine!" Dipper pleads.

"If I don't do this he could kill you all!" Mabel tells her brother with tears in her eyes.

"So, what will it be Mabel my sweet?" Gideon chuckles

Everyone that is tied up is now moving trying to get free from the ropes. Stan managed to get free from his bandana also.

"Kid! Don't do it! We will be fine!"

Gideon snapped his fingers and another 'dog' grabbed a whip and whipped them.

"OW!" Stan and Dipper yelled. Soos and Wendy's were unable to hear.

Bill is panicking trying not to get Mabel to make this deal.

"MABEL DONT DO IT!" Bill shook her on the branch.

"Bill get me down from this tree." Mabel whispered

"What?" Bill asked confused.

"Get. Me. Down. From. The. Tree." She replied.


"MABEL DONT MAKE THIS DEAL!" Dipper and Stan are screaming as Bill is helping Mabel down the tree branch by branch.

"Shut up you two!" Gideon yelled making the guard hit Dipper and Stan.

Once Mabel and Bill got to the bottom, Mabel ran over to everyone. The guard stopped her.

"No," Gideon said. "I want to see where this goes."

The guard let her through to everyone. She kneeled down to Dipper and hugged him.

"I'm so sorry. For everything." Mabel said with tears in her eyes. "Your my brother, my twin, my other half. I can't live seeing you get hurt."

"And I can't live seeing you with your heart broken." He replied crying.

"That, I may be able to live with." Mabel with tears all down her cheeks. "I love you Dipper." She hugged him tighter. "Love you all." She said looking at Stan crying, Soos crying, and Wendy tearing up.

"Wow, What a beautiful speech. I'm truly touched." Gideon said sarcastically. "Now have you made up your mind?"

Mabel crying replied with "Yes."

"And what is that choice?" Bill asked her stepping behind her.

Mabel quickly turned around to see him right behind her.

"I'm sorry Bill, I'm sorry everyone."

"Mabel! Don't! Please!" Dipper pleaded.

"I want to keep my family and friends safe."

"YES! I knew she would do it!" Gideon jumped up and down with happiness. "Release them!"

A guard cut the rope and Dipper, Stan, Wendy, and Soos were free.

Dipper ran to Mabel.

"I'm sorry Dipper. I truly am, I just can't live with you being hurt."

"Mabel. I love you so much." A guard pulled him away from his sister. "I will find a way to get you out of this!" The guards pulled Stan, Soos, Wendy, and Dipper away from the area and threw them in town.

"I love you Dipper!" Mabel screamed back with tears rolling down her eyes.

"Mabel!" Bill screamed "Are you crazy! You are setting your self up for disaster!"

"As long as they're safe." She replied looking at the ground.

"Well, Mabel my darling time to go back." Gideon walked over to Mabel bowed and said "my queen"

Mabel walked right passed him and started walking back to the town hall. Gideon followed.

"How am I going to get her out of this mess now!?" Bill told himself.