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Chapter 17

Mabel walked along the dirty, muddy path back to Gideon's so called 'headquarters', which was town hall. Little pebbles, and lots of pine tree needles were along the path, kicking the pebbles as the group went along the trail. The trees blew in the summer wind. The smell of pine filled the air. Mabel could only think about what she just did. Was it worth it? Granted her brother would do anything for her at the drop of a hat, but weren't they in another sibling argument right before Gideon took them? Was it worth her probably never be able to have freedom again? Dipper did tell her that they would be fine, but would he actually be? And what would she do? Hang around with Bill while her family and friends were left to rot in a cell?

"Sure lets hang around with a demon psychopath while your family is in a jail cell!" Mabel whispered under her breath.

A guard on each side of her barely gave her room to breath. The path was different then when she would walk through the woods before. Crickets chirped, sticks cracking due to a deer near by or occasionally Gompers the goat. The Hide Behind doing that almost a hissing noise when he's stalking people, a Gremloblin talking to himself about his "daddy issues", Gnomes trying to attack so Mabel would finally agree to marry them, but they always fail, and a Sev'ral Times band member digging through someone's trash could be heard.

This, what they were walking through now was dead silence. Not even a cricket was heard, no paranormal creatures established they were there, and no goat or boy band member could be spotted. Only the sound of heavy footsteps as they walked down the path.

But what threw Mabel off the most while walking along the trail was, there was no Dipper to be here with her. All the summer adventures spent with him in these forests, all the memories she had with him starting to surface her emotions more. Tears were brought to her eyes. Her brother would always drag her out in these woods, needing her help in catching the latest monster he had an interest in his journal. The journal...

She starred at her ripped up, muddy, blood stained sweater thinking about the design. A shooting star, why was it that she was referred to this object? All it was just a simple hand stitched embroider that she added just like her other sweaters. This one was different, why was she referred to it so much? Nothing more than colored yarn. It meant nothing.

She may have powers now, but she felt so useless, helpless, unable to withstand one single moment without bursting into tears. Basically controlled by a dictator who is obsessed with her.


Mabel looked up from her sweater, to see the pint sized albino starring at her.

"I've been trying to get your attention! You need to learn to listen to me!" Gideon screamed at her through the silence and threatened to hit her. Mabel was shocked at his horrible actions and and tripped over her own feet into a guard.

"I-I'm sorry! I-I was just thinking!" She flinched, "You can't make someone leave their family, friends, basically everyone, without having to think about what they did!"

Mabel's hands started glowing a tiny bit in her palms due to her emotions. She quickly covered them up by making fists so Gideon wouldn't see it.

"Mabel, Mabel, Mabel," He chuckled, "why remember, I didn't force you into this, you chose it yourself!"

"Yeah, to keep all my friends and family alive!"

"Yeah there was that part of it too... But never mind that! Let's just go back to Town Hall and well discuss a few things then we can announce it to the whole town!" Gideon said walking ahead leaving Mabel behind him.

"Announce what exactly?" Mabel questioned looking skeptical, now would be the perfect time to put on her skepticals but unfortunately both her arms were held tightly by huge men.

"Why your presence!" The albino said cheerfully jumping up and down.

"My what?" Mabel asked still confused.

"Us going steady!"

Mabel's jaw dropped to the ground. 'Going steady' ? She would never date him in a million years! Ok, there was this one time when she was 12 and didn't know how to say no, but still she was freaked out! Mabel hoped when she got into this mess that she wouldn't even talk to him! Now she has to date him, and be presented like some object to the entire town!?

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, going steady? As in dating!? Uh uh, no no, bippity bop cazow, I won't be pressured, no way, no how!" Mabel said reciting an old tape on the Gravity Falls public access TV.

"Oh! So you'll watch a TV show with two cops who are horrible at pretending they're teenagers, but not my show!? 'Lil' Gideon's Big House'?! It even won an award! 'Best Hometown Criminal TV Show'!" He ranted.

"I would never watch something with you in it ever in my life!" She retaliated. Anger swept over him, his pale albino face turned bright red.

"Mabel Pines! You do not talk to me like that! Let's all remember who really has the power here!" Gideon snapped his fingers and the guards squeezed Mabel tighter.

"Ow!" Mabel let out as they squeezed, tighter and tighter it got. She wanted to scream but that would show she was weak, and being weak was not an option.

The tighter they got, the more pain she was in. The forest around her still silent, only her whimpers could be heard. The large hands that were holding her kept getting tighter like it was the machine that took your blood pressure, except didn't release. Whimpering as the pain grew, she held her own. Not showing the little tyrant that she would give in so easily.

"You just won't give up." Gideon snapped his fingers again and the husky men let go of her.

She dropped to the ground, her arms weak, even more filthy now thanks to the path she was dropped on. The silence of the forest remained as she started crying again. She remained strong, but staying strong came with pain. Soon it was going to take over her, she will live in fear of the torture and pain of these actions if they continued. She better just follow orders and keep quite if she didn't want to be hurt even more. Anyone would be traumatized if they lived out these last three days of her life, her future was grim now. In the hands of a little midget.

If she is continually treated like this in the future, this shooting star is going to plummet.

That is only an "if". She can give up, and everything her brother endured would be for nothing, everything her friends and family did for her in this mess would go to waste, but Mabel Ariel Pines wasn't like that. She won't give up.

"No," she managed to get out between heavy breaths "I'm never going to give up."

Mabel got to her feet very weakly, her arms felt like jelly, unable to move them. She stayed strong. Gideon could only watch her get up off the ground with enormous effort. She was a force to be recon with.

Walking past the men and the small albino, she kept her head held high. No sign of defeat even though every thing was basically lost. As she went by them, two sounds could be heard. Her footsteps, and a tiny sick broken far off in the woods indicating something was there.

She looked over searching for the source of the noise. If her family were to cause even more trouble for her and them by following the tyrant in order to save Mabel, they would be stupid. The only thing she was able to see was the tip of a little red hat ducking into a log.

Gideon continued walking in front of her and the guards followed they pushed Mabel, telling her to keep walking. It was a long walk back through the mud.

Mabel was laying on the bed in her new room. It was cold, and with no windows dark. She didn't want to go through with his plans. Showcasing her off like some prize to her family and the whole town. She was given some knitting needles and some yarn to keep her busy. A knock on the door startled her a little but she didn't show it.

"Mabel, my sweet" Gideon invited himself in. "Time to get ready. You have 15 minutes until we go out side. Your dress is over there, hurry up." He pointed to gorgeous light blue flowing dress with no straps, and almost a belt of diamonds under the chestal area with little golden threads that resemble shooting stars.

"Ok." She said not looking up.

"I'll send someone in to help you then if you're not getting up." He closed the door behind him.

Great. Mabel was not in the mood to have people come in. She starred at the beautiful dress. She would have loved it and thought how if she wore it she would feel like a princess just a couple days ago. But now it's like a prison uniform.

The door opened again, Gideon walked in. "Mabel here is..." Gideon turned to a tall man in a tux and gloves, "What did you say your name was again?"

The man stepped forward and turned to the albino, "My name is William sir, I am a tailor." He bowed to him.

Mabel rolled her eyes, another hypnotized drone to do his bidding.

"William here, is going to help you seeing that you won't do it yourself." Gideon look at William "Make sure she looks stunning, but she always does!" Gideon left the room and closed the door behind her.

"Why are you doing this?" Mabel asked the tailor.

"Well I live for clothes. And serving Gideon is part of my life now." He said the last part like a exaggerated robot. He winked at Mabel. "Now darling let's fix you up. But first let me fix myself." He changed from a brown haired, guy in a black tux to a taller man with dirty blonde hair, a yellow tux with brick patterns, black slacks, and an eye patch.

"Bill?!" Mabel yelled shocked.

"Shhhh! Keep your voice down!" He ran over and put his hands on her mouth. "They can hear everything."

"Who's they?" Mabel questioned turning her head.

"The mind-ay less-nay drones-may" he exaggerated. "So, let's get you into this dress hm!?"

"Ugh, do I have too?" Mabel fell back on the bed. Bill snapped his figures and the dress appeared on Mabel.

"Yes you do. Now stand up." Mabel did so and spun around. "It's only for a little bit, then we can plan your escape and take down of that tyrant. Ok step back."

Mabel did, "I can't wait to get out of this place again, I can't go one minute longer." Bill was silent. She looked beautiful. She was stunning. "Hello Earth to Bill!" He snapped out of it.

"Yeah, we need to get you out..." He was still looking at her.

There was a knock on the door. "Is she ready yet!?" Gideon yelled. Bill jumped a little, then quickly turned back into the brown haired man.

"Yes she is sir!" He called back.

"Good!" Gideon invited himself in again. "Let me see-" he stopped in his tracks at the sight of Mabel. "Whoa, you look beautiful." Mabel just stuck her chin up and looked the other way.

"There you go sir, she does look stunning." Mabel look Williams/Bills way and smiled. Gideon seeing this made him jealous.

"Ok! That's enough of your services! Goodbye!" Pushing Bill.

"Goodbye sir." Bill bowed and continually watched her as he did. Then left.

"Mabel, shall we?" Gideon offered his arm but she didn't take it. Mabel walked on right by him and he ran to keep up with her. Passing by so many doors and down a long hallway they got to the balcony where he was going to announce their "going steady" she didn't have a choice.

"Stay here until I call you." Gideon walked out of the double doors that were opened for him by two guards.

There was a huge crowd in front of the building clapping and screaming for Gideon. Looks like the whole town made it, well they didn't have a choice. They had to.

In the crowd there was four people standing out, since they were free they didn't have to rely on costumes to fit in. Dipper, Stan, Wendy, and Soos.

"Hello Gravity Falls! I have an important announcement to make!"

The crowd cheered and screamed like crazy.

"Mabel Pines," he called her out to the balcony. "She is the niece of the greedy Stanford Pines and the twin sister of Dipper Pines the boy with the biggest head I've ever seen." He laughed.

The crowd boo-ed and laughed hearing the names. Dipper, Stan, Wendy, and Soos saw her walking out shocked at the dress and what he said. Everyone also gasped at her dress.

"She looks beautiful!" A person said.

"Mabel," Gideon started to the crowd, "you are a beautiful girl, and I love you."

The crowd all went "awwww" at the same time.

Gideon got down on one knee, "My dear will you make me the happiest man in Gravity Falls and be my queen?"

"Gideon and her are perfect!" People cried.

Dipper's and Stan's faces drained of color. Stan started pushing his way towards the gates of town hall. Dipper quickly ran after him. Wendy and Soos followed in shock.

"Mabel! Don't do it!" Dipper tried to yell to her but between the crowd cheering and guards stopping them she couldn't hear him.

Mabel looked out into the crowd she saw Dipper, Stan, Soos, and Wendy running towards the gate.

"I-I..." She stumbled watching her family and friends charging to get to her.

"Mabel?" Gideon look fierce at her, "What's wrong."

"Oh, u-um nothing. I-I..." Mabel looked at her family and friends. "Do."

Dipper stopped in his tracks.