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Chapter 3 Prisoners


Gideon now with his new 'subjects' he yelled at them.

"You guys there!" He barked at five of the biggest ones, "Come with me!" They bowed and followed him. Gideon was headed to the Mystery Shack.

Mystery Shack (Living Room)

"Zyler come on let's go to the football game!" the TV played one of Mabel's favorite movies besides Sev'ral Timez Boys World.

"Coming Crash! Man I love football games they are fun!" The TV blasted as the Pines family watched it. Little did they know Gideon just finished his deal with Bill making him the ruler of Gravity Falls. Since they are apart of the ten they were oblivious to what was going on.

"Mabel," Dipper said. "Can we watch something else? Watching this makes my eyes hurt." He said while squinting at the brightly colored men.

"You know, why don't people appreciate what I like?" Mabel replied to her slightly younger brother.

"Because what you like isn't what everybody likes."

Outside of the Shack

Gideon was ready to barge in. He made sure that he had his 'guards' with him.

Inside the Shack

Wendy and Soos walked over to the living room where Stan, Mabel, and Dipper sat.

"What's up dudes?" Soos asked.

"Oh you know watching this stupid movie!" Dipper said directing it to Mabel.

"Hey it's not stupid!"

"Hey, guys don't fight over a stupid movie." Wendy said.

"Yeah dudes, don't waste time arguing with each other."

Just then the door flew open and everyone in the living room jumped as they saw Gideon and five other large muscular men come in. Dipper jumped and instantly threw himself in front of Mabel.

"Why Pines family, what a delight to see you!" Gideon said sarcastically. "Now come with me!" Gideon turned around only to see them not follow him. "I said come!" They started laughing at him as he barked the order at them. "Oh you guys are apart of the ten! That's why it's not working!" He thought to himself.

"Fine then!" Gideon yelled. "Get them!" He told the 'guards' to grab them.

"Hey! Let us go!" Mabel yelled.

"Oh Mabel," Gideon told her. "Now you can't get out of being my queen!"

"How many times do I have to tell you! We live in a democracy!" Mabel snapped at him. Gideon begun to grow an evil smirk on his face.

"Fine then, have it your way! Take them away!" He ordered the 'guards'. Stan, Soos, and Wendy we handcuffed and walked to the city hall while Dipper and Mabel got carried there.

"Congraduations Pines family," Gideon said to them as they walked. "You are now the first prisoners in my kingdom!"

Oh no! What's gonna happen! This is where the title of the fiction comes in...