Most of the time when the "boys" as Melissa called them had breakfast it was usual cereal except for special occasions. Usually there were always enough bowls accept for one day Ethan and Aiden went to grab bowls as usual except they were all in the dishwasher except for the ones the other pack members had. Ethan walked back to their room and garbed some metal dishes with their names on it they were the dog dishes they used to use in their old pack.

Aiden looked at him and said "ok sure but were using spoons." Ethan laughed he rinsed them out and red them off. The two of them sat at the breakfast bar with the others Mike than said "um why didn't you just wash bowels from the dishwasher."

Ethan than said "I just wanted to be funny today."

Aiden replied "yeah sometimes its' just fun to do something unexpected."

Melisa then came in from her late night shift saw the twins eating out of their dog dishes and said "did you guys forget to turn on the dishwasher again."

Scott looked to Logan and said "it was your turn to do it."

Logan replied "seriously you're going to blame me for the twins eating out of dog dishes because I forgot to put on the dishwasher?"

Ethan then said "it was no one's fault ok we stayed up late watching a movie and we all crashed on the coach."

Aiden then said "plus as we said early sometimes it's just fun to eat out of a dog dish just to be silly."

After breakfast they put on the dishwasher and Ethan and Aiden washed their dog dishes and put them back safely in their room where thy kept them until they decided to use them again. Ethan then said "what do you think the others would say if we got them all dog dishes just for the heck of it?"

Aiden laughed and said "I'd love to See the look on Scott's face at getting one."

A few days later the twins had gone out to buy the pack dog dishes and pestered them to them the next morning at breakfast. Everyone had one with the name on it even Stiles. Everyone laughed at it and sat down to eat cereal out of them.

After that day the last Saturday of every month became dog dish day for the pack.