One bright and stormy night queen serenity aka Chibi-usa sent Sreato serenity to earth to be safe while frost giants terraced the moon kingdom. To be safe she sent lyria her cat guardian and the four sailor guardian Venus mars Jupiter mercury with her to protect her.

"Sreato get up you'll be late again" said Rae who was sailor mars in realty."Ok"said Sreato "oh before I forget you will meat your mom today ok?"Asked mokato aka Jupiter. "Ok" said Sreato again while she ran out the door to find noel queen serenity Chibi-usa had stpoed serto and said"why my doughter has become a butifull yung lady almost sailor moon but has yet to awaken, bu must not go to school and stay at home and , try to transform.""your highness I did not expect you to be here so soon."said ami. "well my dear ami I did send makto-can a letter did she not tell u?"asked the queen."you're my mom"aske Sreato moost confused."yes here try usisng your first transformation brooch""say in a loud voice MOON PRISM POWER MAKE UP" said the queen handing Sreato her new brooch with the legendary crystal inside." MOON PRISM POWER MAKE UP"shouted serato.