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That weekend, just as Thea promised, was spent with the three of them watching movies and catching up on old gossip. Both Thea and Roy made the effort not to mention in any of their conversations. They both felt that Felicity needed the time to rest and just relax for once. Little did they know about the promise she had made herself.

Once she had let a man take control of her life and he turned it into a living hell. While Oliver didn't hurt her on purpose, his actions had broken her heart more than once, and she was tired, so goddamn tired of feeling like she was never going to enough. So, she decided she was not going to live her life as if its main purpose was to please Oliver or anyone else. She was going to star living her life for herself- thinking about herself first, she mattered to.

For now she was going to steer clear of any attempted relationships, she was going to focus on her work not only at QC and the Foundry but also the software she designs. It was time to start doing things for herself.

As weeks went by, she never imagined that her new resolutions would be supported by Oliver's new behavior. He barely talked to her anymore, only speaking to her when it was related to QC or to Arrow business.

Even though she had decided to start thinking about herself more, the way he had been behaving towards her hurt. And what pissed her off the most, was that it was starting to show on her health. She couldn't sleep, couldn't eat properly, and psychologically, she just was starting to feel like Joshua made her feel, and that just got her mad.

Thea and Roy did what they could, but there was so much they could do for her. They remembered what she told them about Joshua, how she was, how he made her feel. They could now see in first person what she was talking about and they were not happy to see what Oliver's actions, or lack of, were doing to their friend. They felt like they didn't know how to help her, and they did not have the contact of the people who did help her in the past.

Felicity was thankful for everything those two did for her whenever they could, but there was no way they could be there for her at night. At that was the worst part of her day because that's when the nightmares would attack.

God, wasn't it enough for me to live through those things? Now I have to start reliving them again? Especially now, when I was starting to get better? She thought to herself one night, after waking up from an especially bad nightmare.

Getting up she went to the kitchen and got a bottle of red wine. There was nothing a glass of wine can't cure. Sláinte! She tough with sarcasm.

She looked at the clock, three freaking a.m.… The time her nightmares usually struck. Felicity knew there was no way she would be able to go back to sleep knowing what was waiting for her so, she got a couple of snack, her already opened bottle of wine and decided to have a marathon of Doctor Who.

She managed to finish the red wine, falling asleep not long after. Felicity slept through her alarm and only woke up when she heard loud banging on her door and someone screaming her name.

"Felicity, open up!"

Getting up was more difficult than she cared to admit, after all, falling asleep on her small couch was never a smart thing to do, considering the damn thing would kill her back.

She opened her door with a huge yawn only to find that Diggle was about to knock again with a worried expression. When he saw her he gave a relieved sigh. But that rapidly gave way to a concerned face once he saw her face.

"Hey you ok? Is everything alright?" He asked putting his hands on her shoulders?

"Yeah… Just had a rough night."

Diggle looked at her with a look that translated to "please elaborate that".

Inviting him in, she sat down on her couch and waited for him to join her on the couch. When he closed the door and sat with her on her couch, Felicity let a long sigh out and rubbed her eyes, trying to chase the sleep away. She didn't want to tell Digg everything, not yet anyway.

"I didn't sleep well. Nightmares… This time of the year is not particularly easy for me Digg."

If he was worried before, it was nothing compared with what he felt at the moment. He had never seen Felicity look like that, so… Dejected.

"You know you can tell me anything right? You know I'm here for you."

"I know Digg. It's… It's just not the right time you know? Just give a few days… I already had decided I was going to talk to you anyway… Thea and Roy said you should know everything." She finished with a small voice. With this Diggle got up and kneeled in front of Felicity.

"What is this about? Does it have anything to do with how you have been feeling?" She looked at him with a confused face. "I'm not blind you know? I can see something is wrong with you… You don't look particularly healthy, and, most importantly, you don't ramble as much." He finished with a small chuckle. Then he got a serious face. "Now seriously, what is going on Felicity? What do you want to talk about?"

She sighed and leaned back onto the couch. She really didn't want to worry him, he was like a big brother to her.

"I can't talk about everything right now Digg, please understand that. It's not the right time, it feels like it's still to fresh… What I can tell you is that it's about the real reason I came to Starling City in the first place."

"What? I thought you came here to work at Queen Consolidated?" He asked confused.

"That's the official story, but not the real reason." She responded with a tired voice. "But please, please, don't ask me anything else right now. I'll tell you all about it later ok?" She begged.

"Alright. As long as you promise me to call me if you need anything!" Diggle demanded.


"And when I say anything, I mean it! No matter what time it is. Are we understood?"

"Sir, yes, Sir" She replied with a small smile. "Now, I really am happy to see you Digg, but, what are you doing here?" She asked with an adorable confused look. Diggle laughed at that.

"Have you already forgotten? Yesterday we agreed to go get lunch with Thea and Roy? Remember? At the new Italian place that just opened?" She looked at him with her mouth hanging open. How could I have forgotten?

"Oh my god! I'm so sorry! Let me just go get dressed. Are we very late?"

"No, I arrived a little bit early; I really wanted to talk to you. To see if you were alright."

"Ohh… You are a very sweet man John Diggle." Felicity said with a big smile, watching Diggle blush a little. "I'll be ready in twenty minutes."

With this she gave him a kiss in his cheek while on her way to her room.

True to her word, Felicity was ready in about twenty minutes. After leaving her apartment they swung by Roy's place to pick up Thea and Roy. When they looked at Felicity they both realized she did not have a good night of sleep.

Thea looked at Felicity with a serious look on her eyes as if asking are you alright? To which Felicity responded with one of her own saying Yes Thea, I'm fine.

Diggle watched this interaction between Thea and Felicity through the mirror and his previous concerns came back with a vengeance. What is so bad about her past that has her reacting like this? In such a way that can really damage her health? And how does Thea, and Roy, know about it? He hadn't missed the look between the couple when they had looked at Felicity. She was wearing making make-up, but there was so much it could do. There was no way someone could miss Felicity's exhausted look.

Diggle was in no way jealous of her relationship with Oliver's younger sister. As a matter of fact he was grateful for it. He knew Felicity didn't have many friends and he felt better knowing she had someone she could count on if there was something he couldn't help her with.

Looking at Felicity he had the feeling that whatever was going on with her was only get worse before it got better. And that thought really had him worried. He didn't want to see the young woman he had started to think of as his surrogate little sister getting hurt.

However, he admitted to be curious, and concerned, as to why Felicity really came to Starling, and the way she had been acting had started to worry him seriously. But he could wait a couple days, Felicity herself had said she was going to talk to him. She just needed a couple days to regroup.

But enough of this for now. This is a time for us to relax and have a little fun before something else bad happens. Diggle thought.

The lunch went well, and the group had fun, catching up with each other. Thea, Roy and Diggle had the mission to make Felicity smile and laugh, even if it was only for a little bit. And they managed to do just that.

I really needed this. Felicity thought with a smile. I'm sure things will start to get better from now on.

Boy, she couldn't have been more wrong.

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