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Previously on 'Coming Back'

"So, where are we going first?"

Felicity looked at her with a serious face as if only she truly grasped the seriousness of the situation. When they reached the lobby Felicity looked at Thea and answered her question.

"Detective Lance, We'll see Detective Lance first."


On the way to the station Thea called Roy, updating on the news they had received and asking him to meet with them at the precinct. She wanted Felicity to have as much support as possible while talking with Detective Lance. It was a quiet trip, no one said a thing, too much was going through their heads.

Once they arrived at the precinct they asked the first officer they saw where they could find Detective Lance, who was now an officer.

To say he was surprised to see them, Felicity, Thea and Roy, was putting it mildly. He instantly knew something was wrong, if the fact that the three of them were together as the SPD wasn't an indicator, their faces surely were.

"Detective" started Felicity with a shaky voice.

When Thea realized her friend was in no condition of explaining the situation to Captain Lance, she took charge and told him everything they had learned that morning, as well as Felicity's story. The more he heard, the more concerned Lance was getting.

"Oh sweetheart, I'm so sorry this has happened to you. What do you need?"

"Well, we were wondering if you could give us some advice on how to proceed." Roy started. "Is there any way of getting some patrol to go through Felicity's neighborhood and her place a couple of times a day?"

"Yes, I think there's a way. I'll talk to my boss to include Felicity's place on my patrol route. I'm sure there won't be a problem." He smiled reassuringly at them. Lance looked at the three of them and could see how worried they were and, to tell the truth, he was feeling apprehensive as well. He knew what men like Joshua were capable of. He didn't want to see Felicity hurt again, or worse, dead.

"Is there anything else I can help with?"

"Actually, Felicity begun hesitantly "I was wondering if you could recommend me a good lawyer who deals with things like these. I need a restraining order. When Joshua got out they didn't issue a new one. It would help me to feel a little bit safer."

"Of course. I have one in mind. Her name is Suzanne Miller. I'll give her a call to explain the situation and to be expecting you to go talk to her today."

"Ok. Thank you detective." She paused. "But didn't you already know all of this? What happened to me?"

"When I looked into you last year because I suspected you were working with the Hood, I only saw the overview, never looked into the details of what had happened to you. But, just one question. Does our mutual friend know about this?" asked Lance.

"Hmmm…" Felicity didn't know what to say. "Not yet, I wanted to see if I could do something before talking with him." She responded avoiding looking at Lance.

"Is everything alright?" He asked narrowing his eyes.

"Yes, of course it is! Why wouldn't it be? Of course everything is ok!"

He looked at her with a doubting look. "Are you sure?"

"Yup!" She assured, popping the p.

"Ok… If you say so. But you'll talk with him right? He would want to know and that way is one more person to look after you."

"I know… Like I said detective, I promise I'll talk to him and explain everything later."

After that, Lance promised to talk to his captain in order to be able to include Felicity's place in his patrol route and the trio decided to leave the detective to his job.

As soon as Felicity left the precinct with Roy and Thea, she could already feel a little bit better after her talk with detective Lance. After getting the contact information of Suzanne Miller she decided to go talk with her about the restraing order.

When Felicity arrived at the lawyer's office, Suzanne was already waiting for her since Lance had already called and briefed her on the situation. The only thing that the lawyer asked Felicity to do was to tell her story from the beginning. And that was what she did. There were parts that were difficult to recall and to talk about but thankfully she had Roy and Thea to support her.

By the time she was done, Felicity was exhausted and just wanted to forget about the day. When she left the office it was with the assurance that Miss Miller would take care of the restraing order.

They were on the way to Felicity's car when Roy started speaking.

"Man, I'm starving. I would love a burger. What do you say Blondie? Wanna stop by Big Belly Burger before heading to the Foundry?" He asked trying to cheer Felicity up. He knew how much she loved their burgers.

"Yes please!" responded Thea. "I'd kill for a burger. Hey, we could even ask Diggle if he and Lyla want to meet us! What do you think Felicity?" asked Thea, making an angelic face, trying to make Felicity smile. Which she did, although it was a small one.

"I don't see why not. I could also eat something before heading the Foundry. Will you drive Thea? While I call Diggle?" she asked.

Thea looked at her with an incredulous look.

""You're going to let me drive your car? Awesome!" She responded, squealing and hugging Felicity. Looking at her, Roy just smiled indulgently while shaking his head.

While Thea was driving, Felicity called Diggle and invited him and Lyla to meet with them at Big belly Burger and since those two were near the place they were already waiting when Felicity arrived with Thea and Roy.

"Hey guys! Sorry to make you wait." Apologized Felicity once she saw Diggle and Lyla.

"There's no problem. We just arrived as well." Responded Lyla with a smile.

The group made some small talk while the three that arrived last got seated and chose what they wanted. The moment the order was placed they decided to talk about the big elephant in the room.

"I know that you went to talk with detective Lance and a lawyer today. How did everything go?" asked Diggle.

"Ok I think" answered Felicity. "Detective Lance aid he would do some extra patrols around my place himself, he only needs to talk to his captain. This was actually a pretty good idea of Roy. I never really remembered to think of something like that and that is something since my IQ has triple digits and… Oh my god Roy! I'm not saying that you are not intelligent, I just…" and that was when Roy stopped her babbling.

"I know what you meant Blondie, don't sweat it." He replied with a smile.

"After that we went to see a lawyer, Suzanne Miller, that Detective Lance recommended." Continued Thea. "She is going to deal with the restraing order and everything that comes with it."

"The only thing that needs to be done right now is an upgrade to my home security. Do you think you could help me with that John?" asked Felicity.

"Of course, you don't even have to ask."

"And I'll help too Felicity." Said Lyla.

"Thank you guys." Said Felicity, with tears in her eyes and a sweet smile. After that, they were just a group of friends having something to eat. When they finished, Lyla went home and Felicity, Diggle, Roy and Thea went to the Foundry. It was time to go to work.

When the four of them arrive at the lair Oliver and Sara were already sparring and if these two though that the group that had just arrived looked like they were trying to hide something they did not show it.

Oliver was trying to do what Felicity had asked him to do. He was giving her time. He was going to prove to her that he could become a good friend and someone that was there for her whenever she needed it. And at the moment that implicated doing what she thought was best for herself. At the moment he could wait.

Thankfully it was a quiet night on patrolling. Just the normal stuff, some muggings and alike, that the Arrow stopped and personally delivered the culprits to the station.

Since it was a quiet night, whenever she could, Thea would go down to the Foundry to make Felicity some company. She didn't want her friend to be alone. She knew that Felicity would start thinking and considering all the hypothesis of what could happen with Joshua if he ever saw her again. She would shiver if she even thought about it.

Since it was an early night and nothing was happening at the city at that moment, Oliver gave them the rest of night.

Thea and Roy decided to stay at Verdant to oversee the business while Oliver and Diggle decided to put in some training. Sara decided to go spend some time with her family.

When Felicity was leaving the lair Diggle made her promise to call him once she got home, so that he could know that everything was alright. Once she left Oliver turned to Diggle.

"Is everything ok with Felicity?" he asked.

"No, why would you ask?" he responded not looking at Oliver.

"You never ask her to call or say anything once she gets home." He was staring to get a little worried. First Felicity left with Thea in the middle of the day and now Diggle was asking her to say tell him something once she got home? There was something definitely going on. And if it was something that could harm Felicity he wanted to know what it is so that he could protect her better.

"You know what?" Diggle started. "There is something happening at the moment but Felicity will be the one to tell you once she feels ready. Do you understand?"

As Oliver was about to answer, Diggle's phone started ringing.

It was Felicity. Diggle answered the phone.

"Hey girl, did you get home ok?" Whatever she told Diggle had him panicked. Oliver could see it in his face. And what he told her only had him panicking as well.

"Go to your bathroom and lock the door. I'm on my way. Don't hang up the phone ok?"

With this he started running, with Oliver hot on his wheels.

"What the hell is going on Dig? Is Felicity alright?"

"From what I got from her yes, but we really need to get to her, she didn't tell me what happed exactly." And with that they drove out of Verdant.

Felicity was grateful that she got to go home sooner that day, she was exhausted and what she really wanted at the moment was to drink a glass of wine and get some rest.

She didn't notice that something was wrong once she got her car parked. It was only when she turned on the lights of her living room that she saw it and her heart stopped beating.

What if he was still at her home? Felicity could feel a panic attack coming,

The first thing that she did was call Diggle.

"Hey girl, did you get home ok?"

"John, he was here, oh god I don't know if he's still here… What do I do?" she couldn't breathe. This was not supposed to be happening. Not right now.

"Go to your bathroom and lock the door. I'm on my way. Don't hang up the phone ok?" With that Felicity ran to her bathroom. It had a window that she could unlock from the inside if she needed it.

"I'm here now. Please don't take too long John. I'm scared." She said with a small voice. She could hear Oliver on the other side of the line asking what was going on. With what he had heard there was no way he was going to stay on the Foundry. He was going to find out about everything.

This wasn't the way she wanted him to find out.

She didn't know how much time had passed until Felicity heard a car parking in front of her door. It wasn't long until she heard Diggle and Oliver calling out for her. She knew the moment that they got in and found what had her calling Diggle in such a state.

Once Diggle understood what he was seeing he turned to the bathroom to get Felicity, who was with her back to the wall, seating on the floor with her arms around her knees and tears streaming down her face. Diggle helped her up and once she was safe hugged her for all she was worth.

"He's outside, isn't he?" she inquired. "Did you tell him what happened?" asked Felicity in a small voice.

"No. I really didn't think about it. But now you have no choice Felicity. You have to tell him after what he saw."

"I know" she sighed.

Once they got out of the bathroom Felicity looked around, seeing what she was too panicked to understand when she got home and what Oliver was still looking at, hoping to make some sense of what was happening.

Felicity living room was in shambles. Things were destroyed. Couches were ripped open and books and DVD's were thrown all around the living room. Her clothes, which were in her bedroom to begin with, were ripped apart and discarded around the place. She didn't even want to imagine how her bedroom must look.

But what had her, Diggle and Oliver extremely worried, even though the latter had no understanding of what was going on, was the writing on the wall, directed especially to Felicity.


Things had just gotten way worse than Felicity could ever had imagined.

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