Hello, hello! This is the sequel of 'The Ice Spirit'. For those who are unaware of 'The Ice Spirit', I recommend you to read that first since there are some OCs you might not recognize. And for those who has been reading 'The Ice Spirit', welcome back to my story! So many of you asked for a sequel since I left it cliff-hanger and… this is it! Took me some time to figure the introduction of Damien and Eira, but eventually I got it! Enjoy!

P.S. The title might sound familiar (Psst! It's from X-Men), but I had no idea what should I call this story so… I think the title fit with the storyline.

New York, 2014

New York. One of the busiest cities ever existed. It was only seven in the morning but streets were already crowded with people trying to get to their destination as fast as they could. Horns were honking loudly at each other and angry shouts added the many noises.

But a few impatient knocks on an apartment's door was the one that made the teenage girl sleeping under the thick white blankets groaned. "I'm not home!" she called out sleepily, pulling the blanket up above her head.

"That's the lamest thing you ever said, E." the dark blue haired young man said, standing beside the Queen sized bed with his arms crossed over his chest.

"Whatever…" the girl mumbled, her face hidden under the cover.

The young man sighed and looked out through the big glass window installed at the west wall of the room. He quickly pulled the blanket away from the girl's grasp. "Come on, rise and shine, Sleeping Beauty! The sky has awoken hours ago!"

"Damien!" Eira glared at him as she sat up on the bed; luckily she was wearing light blue pajamas instead of something more revealing.

"Eira, we should probably head out now before the sun is high and so we can go back home early later." The Spirit of Mischievousness said, sitting himself causally on the bed. "Oh and remember, we're going to check out that new movie that was aired last thanksgiving. We were pretty busy that we haven't watched it."

"You mean 'Frozen'?" Eira asked, earning a nod from her boyfriend. "Well I consider that as a biography movie since it's actually based on Elsa and Anna."

"Exactly!" the dark blue haired Spirit exclaimed. "Maybe we'll get some clues on where should we search for that descendant of Elsa might be."

The Ice Spirit/Winter Lady considered it for a moment before nodding. "Fine. Where should we start?"

Damien shrugged. He turned his attention away from his girlfriend for a second and when he turned back, she was already sitting there in light blue blouse and jeans, her white hair tied into a single ponytail. He chuckled mentally; one of Eira's habits was to change clothes in a blink of an eye. "How about the Hospital?"

Eira nodded, "Sure. But I tell you, it won't be easy."


"How are we supposed to find Elsa's descendant if there are more than one 'Elsa' in this Hospital?!" Damien asked in frustration, running his hand in his dark hair. "Damn that 'Frozen' movie every Mother here seemed to consider the name Elsa suits their baby."

Eira laughed lightly as she rummaged through another file cabinet. She and Damien were rummaging through many databases of baby names in the Hospital. "I won't say I've told you so…"

The Spirit of Mischievousness laughed sarcastically. "Ha-ha, very funny. I mean seriously though, it's like there are tons of Elsa name here."

"Maybe we shouldn't search the Hospital." Eira said, shrugging. "Elsa's descendant didn't have to be a newborn baby."

Damien's hand stopped midway from scrolling down the data in the computer. He turned his chair toward his girlfriend with annoyed look on his face. "Wait, why didn't you tell me earlier?!"

"You didn't ask." Eira once again shrugged. "Besides, you are the one who suggested that we should check the Hospital."

"Geez E, you're unbelievable." The dark haired Spirit said, jumping up from his seat. "Why are we stuck ourselves here then? Let's go out before someone sees us."

Eira nodded; luckily she had bewitched the security tapes a little upon their arrival and made sure the people won't realize that their database was practically robbed by them. "Maybe after this we could be professional thieves. Robbing from people without getting seen is a piece of cake."

Damien rolled his eyes, "Why we need the money anyway? We live forever up in the Spirit Kingdom. Apartments and other mundane things are just for appearance. Now let's go before we miss the movie. I want to know what it is about."

Ta-Da! That's chapter 1 everybody! Elsa (and probably Anna) will show up later in the story so just wait for it, okay?

Oh I almost forgot; I'm planning to make a prequel to 'The Ice Spirit', focusing on Eira and Jack Frost (maybe Damien will show up too). What do you guys think? Should I make it?