Lately I have been really obsessed with Divergent, I re read all the books and watched the movie so many times I lost count.

This fanfiction takes place after Allegiant and contain some spoiler's

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Tris POV

I wake up to the sound of yelling "WAKE UP BEATRICE WE ARE GOING TO BE LATE" late, late for what and why am I in my Abnegation house I think as I look around my old bedroom. I quickly get dressed in the first dull grey dress I can find and put my grey flats on. I walk down the familiar cold grey steps that lead to the kitchen and living room. As I walk in I freeze, there in the flesh is my mother making breakfast how is this possible I saw her die I rack my brain for the last thing I remember I was in the weapons lab I survived the death serum and set of the memory serum than David shot me my last thoughts were of Tobias and how i didn't want to leave him because I love him as i fell into the darkness oh, my am I dead is this how I am going to live the rest of my afterlife in Abnegation, is this my punishment for all the people I killed. I try to calm my breathing but it doesn't work then I think of what Tobias once told me, you are the bravest person I know. Tobias is right I am brave I can do this, just take deep breathes and count to five 1,2,3,4,5. I was too busy trying to calm down I didn't realize my mother was now facing me with worry in her eyes.

"There is no need to be nervous today Beatrice" my mother says with a small smile nervous about what "what's today" I ask my mom, she gently puts a hand on my shoulder and looks at me concerned "Beatrice are you feeling alright, how can you forget that today is the choosing ceremony" she says. As soon as I hear this I want to cry what is happening I already chose my fraction how can it be choosing day I look to see if I can detect a lie on my mom's face but there is none I don't know what's happening but I have a feeling I should play along so, I give my mom a smile "silly me I must have forgotten about it nothing to worry about mom" I say praying that she would believe me, all I want to do is run upstairs and cry. "Alright dear breakfast should be ready is 10 minutes" she says as she turns around to finishing cook, as soon as she turns away I ran to my room nearly knocking down the door I'm freaking out, I'm freaking out I really need is a hug right now, no I need Tobias...just thinking about him makes my heart hurt I can feel the tears in my eyes treating to fall, I need to be strong I say to myself as I lay my head down on my hard pillow maybe this is just a dream and I will wake up in Tobias arms so I pinch myself hard, so hard that my skin starts to bleed but nothing happens. I'm about to give up hope until I hear the sound of crumpled paper coming from under my pillow, I lift up my pillow to see an envelope with my name on it not just any name my dauntless name Tris. My hands tremble who would leave me a letter I think. I slowly open the envelope and take out the paper inside and I read

My dear Beatrice,

You have been through a lot this past few months and lost many people you care deeply about and I am truly sorry you had to go through that. But through all of that you have proven to be strong and very brave. I was saddened to hear about your death and I felt you deserved another chance to fix everything that happened. So here you are your second chance at life to make everything that happened right, only you will know what the future holds. Good luck

Your friend

Ok so who ever this person is sent me back to the past to fix things, this is crazy time travel doesn't exist I say to myself. I needed to calm down so I start to comb my hair and style it in a neat bun like most Abnegation girls do. Once I'm done its time to go I eat quickly, Caleb and I start to walk out the door when my mother comes and whisper so quietly that I almost missed it "trust the test".

We make are way to the school were the test is being held to see what fraction we belong to in quite. The silence gives me time to think I know that I am 'Divergent' and that is dangerous so I have to hide it, I know I have to pick up the knife and kill the dog in order to get Dauntless and hide my Divergence and that's what I will do. As I wait in the line for the test I see the train come and all the Dauntless jump out, watching them jump reminds me that I am one of them and how much I miss it. I look down and see something black on my collarbone I make sure no one is look as i lift the top of my dress to see my bird tattoo at least I don't have to get it redone I think.

After waiting for 20 minutes it is now my time for the test. I walk into the room with my chin held high and look at myself in the mirror this time not caring about how Abnegation don't like to look at themselves in the mirror because its considered selfish. I turn to the person taking my test and I see Tori I forgot she took my test I stare at her awkwardly not knowing what to do or what to say, we weren't on best terms after I tried to stop her from killing Jeanine. "My names Tori and I will be administering your test today" she says as she hands me the blue liquid that leaves a sour taste in your mouth "drink all of it and then lay down" she says, I do as I am told and I soon start to feel the effects of the liquid working.

When I open my eyes I see the hall of mirrors each one showing an image of me. I start to walk down the room till the see three tables each table has an item on it. The first has a piece of cheese, the second has a slab of meat, and the third has a knife "choose, choose quickly" a voice says and I rush to grab the knife once I do a big vicious Rottweiler walks towards me like I'm it's pray. My heart starts to beat fast and I'm scared it will jump out of my chest. The dog rushes forward and I jab the knife in the heart quickly and close my eyes. The scene changes to a Candor man asking me if I know this man my father I know I have to lie and that's what I do "I'm sorry sir but I have no clue who this man is" I say the man look at me to see if what I said is true he nods and then the next time I open my eyes I'm back in the simulation room with Tori "congratulation you are Dauntless" Tori says and I'm the happiest I have been in a long time I did it.