Tris's POV

The day after the Aptitude Test my family and I make are way to the hub where The Choosing Ceremony will be held. It looks just like I remember it to be, each section seats one of the five fractions and in the middle are the five bowls that represent each of the fractions. Erudite is water, Abnegation is stones, Dauntless is burning coal, Amity is dirt, and Candor is glass. As I look at the bowls I get a flashback of the first time I was standing up there so nerves I thought I might pass out trying to decide if I should stay with my parents in Abnegation or leave and go to Dauntless, now I know my decision is easy it's Dauntless it's always been Dauntless.

As Jeanine Matthews walks up on stage to give her speech about 'fraction before blood' I feel the need to go up on stage and yell at her, punch her, harm her for everything that she is done but I try to push those thoughts out of my head because I know if I don't I will end up dead and I can't die not again not after I have a second chance to be with the love of my life and my friend so, I snap my mouth shut and wait for my name to be called. I was so lost in thought that I missed most of the names being called before I knew it Caleb's name is called, he gives my hand a light squeeze and makes is way to the center. Once Caleb pours his blood into the water of Erudite there are gasps from everyone but the Erudite people they cheer loudly. I can see the look of pure disappointment is my father eyes and I feel bad but I know what it feel like to not belong, I never belonged in Abnegation I was to selfish and Caleb is way too smart to be in Abnegation, Caleb belongs in Erudite even if there leader is a crazy psychopath hell bent on controlling and killing all Divergences.

Once my name is called I stand up proudly and make my way to the bowls with my head straight and chin up high. I grab the knife and cut my skin until there is enough blood and without hesitating I pour my blood on the burning coals which cause the Dauntless to cheer and my father to glare. I walk over to the Dauntless section and receive a hug from a few of the members before I take my seat and watch as they continue on with the ceremony but I'm too distracted thinking about seeing Tobias again.

When the ceremony ends the Dauntless jump out of their seats with joy and I know it's time to get on the train back to Dauntless headquarters. I take one last look at my parents helping stack the chairs than I start to run with the rest of the Dauntless. We run the train pole and climb and wait for the train to come by before jumping, I land perfectly into the train better than some of the Dauntless born i can tell people are staring at me probably wondering how a stiff has prefect landing on the first try but I don't care all I can thing about is that I'm free.

The train is filled with the Dauntless born initiates and the transfer initiates. I can see Molly, Drew, Edward and Peter whispering to each other, Eric sharping his knife at the back, Will and Al talking, and finally I see Christina sitting by herself breathing hard god I missed her I think as I walk to her "Hi I'm Tris" I say having sitting down beside her " it just me or are they trying to kill us" she says "we'll it is Dauntless and they are crazy who knows what they will make us do" I say with a smile and receive one back even though I know what will happen. The train starts to slow down and I know that we are at the Dauntless headquarters "we have to jump" Christina says surprised and scared "let's do it together" I say has I grab her hand "ready 1..2..3" we both jump from the train to the rocky roof we and land on are knees, I can feel scrapes forming but I have had worse done so the pain doesn't bother me. I check to see if Christina is alright before we make are way to the center of the roof where there is a hole, Tobias is at the bottom, in a few minutes you will finally see him again I think even though I know he won't remember me I have to make him fall in love with me again and this time I won't let him go.

"Welcome initiates to Dauntless, in order for you to get to the headquarters you need to jump down this hole" Eric says pointing at the hole "the drop is about 365 feet this is the only way to enter Dauntless, if you don't jump then you will be fractionless" "is there a net at the bottom" one of the initiates asks "guess you will have to jump and find who is going first" Eric says impatiently. I went first in the past so why not go first again it's not like I haven't done it before and its easy "I'll go" I say as I walk forward "a stiff going first that unheard of" I hear Peter say. I take of my sweater and throw it at him with a hard look on my face before I jump.

I feel the wind in my face and my hair flying everywhere I feel at home and peaceful. I land on the net with a thud and get off the net no problem only to face the surprised look of the Dauntless, I smirk on the inside if only they knew that I am much more than a little girl from Abnegation. "What's your name stiff" I hear that insanely deep handsome familiar voice that only could belong to Tobias Eaton or Four as he goes by in Dauntless, he looks the same is eyes are the same shade of blue but there is a hint of sadness in them probably from his father I wish I can take away is sadness "Tris" I reply "first jumper Tris" Tobias yells to the crowd that cheers.

Once everyone jumps Tobias takes us on a tour of the headquarters he shows us the pit, training room, control room, the chasm, and our dorms. I already knew the place like the back of my hand but I didn't care as long as I got to hear is voice and see him again, I think Christiana notices because she nudges my side and says "someone has a crush on the instructor" with a playful grin "he is cute" I say more like he is borderline sexy is what I want to say but don't.

"As you all know the Dauntless born and the transfers train separately but are scored the same... There are three stages to training physical, emotional, and mental, by the end of the first stage two people with the lowest scores will have to leave" Tobias says "where do we go If we don't pass the first stage" Will asks Eric interrupts before Tobias can answer "to the fractionless of course" everyone gasps except for me "why didn't you tell us before we choose" Al asks "if you were really Dauntless it wouldn't matter if you knew or not... You chose us now we have to choose you".

They leave us in are dorms telling us to change and eat something before practice begins. I grab my clothes and head to the girl's washroom I change and put my hair in a high ponytail. When I walk out I knock into somebody losing my balance almost falling until I feel a strong pair of arms rap around my waist protectively stopping me from falling I look up into the blue eyes I love "sorry Tob-Four" I

correct myself quickly hopping he won't notice, but judging by the look in his eyes he heard I really need to learn to call him Four "'s ok Tris just watch we're you're going next time, wouldn't want you to get hurt" he says "nope wouldn't what that" I say happy he doesn't want me to get hurt, he is so sweet "I'll see you in training" he says walking quickly away which he only does when he is freaking out did I do something wrong I wonder.

Tobias POV

I walk quickly away from Tris, something about her is different she's not like most girls I can tell she is brave and strong and has been through a lot. What surprised me the most was that she was about to call me by my real name Tobias I don't know how she knows it, even if we both came from Abnegation no one knows what I look like anymore I changed grew muscle, cut and colored my hair, and got tattoos. I would remember seeing a pretty face like hers but I don't which means she is hiding something and I want to find out need to find out.