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As the happy couple walked through the mansion's doors from the cold chill of the night into the warm embrace of their home they were bombarded with questions from the teenagers who had moved from the lab to the living room and the obnoxious security home system.

"Was the dinner good?"

"Did you kiss?"

"Was it romantic?"

"Why are you so ugly, Tasha?"

At the last remark, Tasha slipped off her red high heel shoe and waved it at Eddy threateningly, which made the Smart home system decide to turn off. Tasha and Donald then smiled, "guys, why don't you sit down?" Donald grinned, "Tasha, can you get Leo?"

Tasha nodded and went upstairs, "what's wrong Mr Davenport?" Chase asked, fearing the worst. Was his hunch right? Were they having a baby and kicking the bionics out? Were they splitting up? Were they moving to a different place and-

"I'll tell you when we're all here, Chase. Its good news, I promise."

Chase huffed and Adam and Bree exchanged looks, honestly, they were nervous too.

When Leo came downstairs, he sat on the edge of the sofa, next to Bree and all the teenagers sat up, looking at their parents expectantly.

"Okay, guys our big news is that we're-"

"We're getting married again!" Tasha all but screamed with excitement. "We want you all to attend and play your part so we can be closer and celebrate!"

Chase's reaction was almost comic, "Oh thank God!" he breathed out a sigh of relief, and Adam and Bree laughed.

Tasha sat next to him, smiling, "Chase, Honey, what did you think was going to happen?"

Chase sat up, did his nervous laugh cough and shrugged, "I don't know..."