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It was a quiet Saturday on shift and Otis, Mouch and Hermann were sitting on the couch at the coffee table in the living room gathered around the television watching a football game disappointed at the score so far, the rest of the squad and the truck team were scattered around various places in the room with their feet up, relaxing, glad to have a moment's peace. Suddenly there was a knock at the partition door to the room the fire-fighters used for their downtime, disturbing the well deserved peace. Mills got up from his spot and went to the open door muttering angrily under his breath about missing part of the game. As he went to the doorway he caught sight of the man before him half hidden by around the corner, blocking the hallway with his 6"4 frame and muscled body. The man before him looked to be in his mid-fifties with his partially greyed hair.

'Hey,' said the man, reaching out his hand for Mills to shake 'I'm Callum Henderson.'

'Hi,' replied Mills shaking Callum's outstretched hand before him 'My name is Peter Mills. Do you need any help with something?'

'Um, well I was wondering if you know a guy by the name of Matthew Casey?'

'Yeah I do, what do you want with Casey?' asked Mills confused as to why this man wanted to find his lieutenant.

'Well, I have been trying to find him for a while, I heard he was in the area so I asked around and some guy told me that this was where he worked so was he wrong? Or can you tell me where he is?' inquired Callum.

'Yeah he does work here,' answered Mills with a puzzled look on his face 'What do you want with Casey?' On hearing this Severide and the rest of truck approached Mills and stood behind him, backing him up.

'He's a lieutenant here, why did you say you needed to see him?' asked Kelly just as confused as Mills was.

'Wait, um,' Callum chuckled 'He's a lieutenant. Doesn't that mean he's in charge of like a whole team.'

'What's so funny about him being a lieutenant? Huh?' asked Kelly angry at the tone he was hearing from the man before him. 'What do you want with Matt? Has he done something?'

The smile gradually faded from Callum's face as he heard this.

'Now, are you going to tell us what you want with Casey?' said Kelly getting more aggravated at the situation by the second.

'I just want to talk to him!' replied an irritated Callum.

'Yeah we get that, but why?' asked Cruz curiously.

'Well maybe because he's my stepson!' exclaimed Callum angrily.

After the initial shock of their discovery Kelly, Callum and Mouch settled down on the couch opposite to the television which the football game was still blaring out of. Once they had all settled down all the fire-fighters in the room turned and looked to Callum waiting for answers at his sudden reappearance in his stepson's life.

'I married Matt's mother when he was four just after his parents got a divorce, I was like a real father to that kid. I looked out for him his whole life, I even took full custody of him after his mother killed his father and he had no-one else.' explained Callum.

'So how come Matt never even bothered to tell us about you and why are you only just here now after this time?' asked Kelly who was still having doubts about why Callum had made a sudden return to Casey's life.

'He ran away just the summer after he was finished with high school and I never saw him again, so when I heard from one of his old friends that he had joined the CFD after he left I came looking for him and I've been trying to find him ever since but Chicago is a pretty big place.' said Callum.

'If you were such a great father to him then why did he run away? Explain that to me!' demanded Kelly still not entirely believing of Callum's story.

'Matthew never really got along with me,' said Callum, 'His mom, she got into the habit of drinking too much after her divorce from his father and I guess he blamed me for not getting her to stop especially after she killed his father three months before he was going to turn seven. After that he wanted to live with his sister but she was only in her freshman year of college and she couldn't take him on, I was the one who told him that and I guess he thought that I was the one whose fault it was that he wasn't going to be let to go and live with her. He always blamed me for that, apparently she was drunk when she killed his father and the reason that she was drinking was because me and her had just had a massive argument, and that among other things meant that he blamed me for everything that happened after that. It's my biggest regret that, letting her go and get into that car and watching her drive off down the road without stopping her not knowing that she was going to shoot his father and got to prison for the next fifteen years. But if I could change it I would, because then I wouldn't have had to explain to a seven year old boy that his father was dead and his mother was being sent to prison for killing him.'

'Oh, I'm sorry, we didn't know about that…' stuttered Kelly apologetically mentally kicking himself for not taking the situation with Casey's parents into account whilst berating Callum.

'It's alright, now could you just tell me where he is or whether he'll be coming in here any time soon?' asked Callum.

'Yeah,' answered Kelly, coming to his senses. 'I just saw him in his office doing paperwork like two minutes ago so he'll be on his way, he was going to come in here anyway to watch the game so he should be back in a couple of minutes.'

Five minutes later on the dot they heard Casey's footsteps coming around the corner towards them. When he walked through the doorway and saw all of squad and truck sitting around the main room waiting for him and staring at him he could immediately tell that something was wrong.

'Hey guys, um…what's going on? I didn't tie Cruz's shoelaces together, that was Otis this time.' defended Matt.

'Uh…no that's not what this is about, but really Otis, again?' exclaimed Cruz as Otis shrugged in his defence.

Just then Callum walked out of the bathroom into the room and caught sight of his stepson standing in the middle of the room confused by what appeared to be a team meeting taking place in the firehouse's main living room.

'Well hello Matthew,' said Callum 'Long time no see.'

Casey turned to try to see the source of the voice and when his eyes landed on his stepfather standing at the entrance to the hallway his face changed to a ghostly pallor.