Meanwhile in the living room Gabby had decided to make everyone a cup of coffee before resuming their discussion.

'I'm sorry Mr Casey, I didn't realise I would upset him so much.' Apologised Emma breaking the awkward silence when Matt re-entered the room five minutes later.

'It's alright you couldn't of known that's how he would react and it had to be hard for you to see him react that way to you.' Comforted Matt.

'Yeah it was hard. But it does kind of show me that he really loves living with you too.' Replied Emma. 'It'll be hard to not see them anymore but at least I know that they're going to a place where they'll be looked after.'

'So, shall we get on with these papers then?' asked Mary.

'Yeah, what do I need to do?' questioned Emma.

'Well first you need to sign this form saying that you surrender your parental rights over Lilly…

An hour later all of the paperwork was done.

'So, I'll bring Lilly over here at eleven tomorrow morning.' Confirmed Emma as she went out the door.

'Yeah, that sounds great Emma, we'll see you then.' Replied Matt shutting the door behind her.

'I guess we should have some lunch and then go shopping.' Said Gabby.

'Sounds good. Mary would you like to stay for lunch and then help us with the shopping because we're going to need some help with getting the basic stuff?' asked Matt.

'Course I will!' agreed Mary.

After they had woken up Jack the four were gathered around the kitchen table eating lunch and discussing what they should buy for the baby.

'Let's focus on getting the basics today and then we can get more stuff as we go along. I called Kelly he's going to come over later to help set up and decorate the room with our little helper here.' Said Casey.

'Uncle Kelly's coming! Yay!' shouted Jack his face brightening up at the thought of seeing Severide.

'Yeah, you going to help him and your daddy decorate the room?' asked Gabby.

'Yeah! Can we go shopping for Lilly now mommy?' exclaimed Jack happily.

'Sure buddy, just help me wash up the dishes and then we can go.' Replied Gabby gathering up the plates and taking them to the sink with Jack as Mary and Matt organised what they needed to bring with them.

As soon as he was finished Jack ran to put on his shoes and coat before jumping into the backseat of the car with Mary.

'Ready to go everyone?' asked Matt from the driver's seat.

'Yeah daddy let's go!' exclaimed Jack and the four of them set off to their journey to the store to buy baby supplies for their new addition to the family.

The family's trip to the store lasted over three hours and by the time they returned home after dropping of Mary the three were exhausted.

'Oh, god!' exclaimed Casey. 'I do not understand how such a tiny baby can need so much stuff!'

'I know.' Replied Kelly looking confused.

The two were currently seated on the floor of the spare room attempting to put together a flat pack crib having already assembled the rest of the furniture for the room. Kelly and Matt had just finished painting the walls in a plain light pink colour in preparation for the mural they were planning on painting with Gabby and Shay later in the week.

'So, Casey you sure you're ready to have another kid?' asked Kelly, looking concerned.

'Well now I have Gabby by my side I think we'll be just fine. Plus we have two free babysitters available at all times.' Explained Casey.

'And who might they be?' asked Kelly jokingly.

'Well, you and Shay of course! Who else would there be?' joked Casey. 'Okay enough joking around. If we don't finish this crib soon Gabby is going to kill us.' Replied Kelly.

Over an hour later Gabby entered the room with Jack on her hip to see what had been keeping Kelly and Matt working on the crib for so long only to see them lying on the floor beside the finished crib looking thoroughly exhausted after their efforts.

'Who knew that putting together a crib would be so difficult for to strong firemen like you two?' laughed Gabby after snapping a photo of the pair.

'I hate flat pack furniture, it is a nightmare.' Stated Kelly, his face totally serious.

'Well you better get up now, you need to get the rest of the furniture into the right place whilst Jack and I make dinner. Oh and by the way, if you can't finish in time for dinner you're not getting any.' Said Gabby as she wandered out of the room, laughing when she heard the two men quickly jump to their feet and scramble to get everything ready in time for dinner.

The men were finished with the room within thirty minutes, Gabby's warning still hanging over their heads. Kelly and Matt rushed into the room crashing into each other just in time to see Gabby placing a tray of lasagne on the kitchen table with Jack already sitting patiently and the table he had laid.

'Just in time boys.' Said Gabby dishing them each out a portion along with hers and Jack's.

'Uncle Kelly?'

'Yeah bud.' Replied Severide.

'Will you help me to teach my baby sister to play football?' asked Jack quietly.

'Course I will bud. But maybe we should wait until Lily is a bit older for that, I don't think that your mom would approve…' answered Kelly taking in Gabby's death stare.

'When she's older you can play football, the pair of you can wait until then.' Said Gabby sternly. 'Now I think we should all get to bed now before Lily arrives in the morning.'

'Ok, I'll put Jack to bed and you guys can do the dishes.' Said Casey carrying Jack out of the room over his shoulder and into his bedroom before the other two can argue with his proposition. 'Come on buddy, you get ready for bed and then I'll read you a story.'