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The hollow was aphotic,blood-stains plastered the enclosure. Thou dagger was elvatated above thou head of sagging ebony hair. Thy dagger was aglow emanating a pulchritude so surreal. Small decorative leaves were engraved into the hilt and thy dagger was honed to perfection.

"My mother was asphyxiated here" thee voice was phlegmatic, placid even upon thy mothers rotten bones it was also cracked and raspy, battling with its unused state " but only after hours".

'Boy with the ebony hair' indicated to the blood-stains." As was my grandmother and her ancestors". Boy with ebony hair raised thou head. His eye pulchritudinous and Sui-generis, stygian pupils were surrounded by a sea green iris. They swirled around like the ocean with waves of pain and immense sadness. His skin was an unearthly pearly white which made the scars shine.

"In this place I was given these" The boy brushed his bony white fingers over the 3 scars on his face. The one scar ran from his right eye over the bridge of his nose ending at the beginning of his cheek, the next one looked like it was from a talon it went from the tip of his left ear along his jaw to the center of his face, that one was particularly deep breaking the soft skin and made abberation in the bone. Thou one eye was shut and a abysmal scar ran from his eyebrow over his eye and making a half twirl underneath.

"Over their is where I hid" he now pointed his knife at a large rock to the edge of the carven" wouldn't the best place were a soulless monster dies is the the place where the soul was frozen and the monster was bred" he said, stroking his knife as fresh blood ran up from the wound and washed over his fingers creating a river and pooling around where is hand lay limp on the ground.

"stop it " a little voice commanded, coming out from where the two elder people stood at the entrance of the hollow. In the darkness the boy could only see the outline of a young girl running towards him, as she waved herself through the elders. She kneeled in front of him and carefully took his hand and put it in her lap. She swung a backpack off her shoulder and found the medical kit taking out a torch putting it on and setting it at her side.

Now that their was light the boy could see her clearly. Waxen hair fell in soft ringlets to her waist and two silvery plaits ran from either side of her head and was combined by a iron band engraved with various words and drawings. and her skin had a slight tan. She was diminutive yet beautiful but when she lifted her head her eyes were a milky white, no pupil , no iris. She smiled showing a row of pearly white teeth and then the milky haze cleared and to obsidian eyes stared back at him.

She pulled out a bandage " we were told to bring thy back in one piece "she muttered. For some unknown reason he didn't react, the boy just stared out to the distance with a dreamy look on his face. The girl finished bandaging his hand and let it fall to his side again.

" Thee are going to come with us" she said her small voice demanding.

"I can not " the boy whispered, though he sounded like he wanted to go.

" Thee do not understand, I said you are coming with us" she said, staring intently at him with obsidian eyes which slowly started to get a milky haze over them.

" I am coming with you" he said, his tone robotic.

"Excellent, we are going to present our selfs to the gods"

Suddenly what little color their was in his face drained.

"No, no please I'll do anything, just don't make me go... "He protested.

" Calm thyself young one, thee is not worthy enough to meet the gods"she said.

He sighed in relief .

"Well not yet" she said.

" I will train you, and you shall become the ultimate warrior"she said.

She stood up and and walked around him, scanning him.

"My associates(she pointed behind her at the two elder people) believe thee will fail, they say we must take thy brother "she said

" have a brother" he stuttered.

"But I believe you will do" she spoke as though he had said nothing.

As fast as lighting she grabbed his chin forcing him to look at her. As he gazed at her from the ground, he though her a goddess the wind rustled her hair creating a white aura around her upper body . And her long silvery dress billowed around her feet . Yet the angelic look was stopped by the sword on her hip and her sharp cheekbone that cast shadows across her face.

"Will thee, Perseus , become a hero the world is looking for " she said, unknown to Perseus a silvery light was coming out of her hand and onto his face.

As if in a trance he answered, "yes I shall become your hero, I'll become your warrior , give this monster a purpose again.

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