It was raining with the end, that's the war...but they were standing there, looking into eachother eyes, their faces wet because of the shy rain that was falling slowly. But there was more on Hashirama's face...something he allowed himself to do, since it was covered by rain...


Looking at his former best-fried, the only thing he was able to think of, was those times...when they used to lean against eachother, looking at the sky, and clouths, and dreaming about their future hidden village

"You are such a bastard, Madara."

"I'm not, I'm just realistic. Think about it for a second, Hashirama"

"I know we would."

"The only think you can do now is training."

"And you can't pee if someone's behind you."



"You got it, you, genious."

And they both laughed.

Thinking back, they really had a great time…It doesn't matter what Madara became. It doesn't matter at all…because he changed…people change everytime, and this is what break bonds. Their bond should have last forever. But this was it. He had to kill him again. He had to kill his best friend once more time...

It was the middle of the night, and the sky was actually black, with rare white spots on it. He didn't used to go at the river at night…it was too dangerous. But that night he woke up, and felt like he HAD TO go there, because if he wouldn't, the world would fall.

And he wasn't surprised to find Madara there, no, he wasn't surprised at all. What surprised him the most was…

"Madara?! Have you been crying?"

The other ninja was already holding a kunay in his hand.

"Hashirama? 'the hell ya' doing here?"

"Have you been crying?" He repeted, in the same, surprised and fearfull tone. Madara was strong…Madara was brave…but the same Madara was standing in front of him…crying.


Hashirama sat down, turning his back to Madara. He felt like Madara needed privacy, yet needed someone there, with him.

"Tell me what happened."

Madara went next to him, leaning his back against his best friend's.

"It's nothing." He said, looking at the sky. But his eyes' corners were wet, the tears wouldn't stop coming out from his eyes. He wasn't making any sound.

"You're the bravest person I've ever known, you're not crying for no reason…" He wanted to make a joke, but he just felt…it wasn't the perfect time.


"Tell me, you'll fell better."

"My brother…died…in my arms…I wasn't…I wasn't strong enough…I'm a trash…I'm weak…I'm…"

But Hashirama was already holding his hands,tightening it.

This night...he was crying in silence...not because he was missing the past...not because he didn't want to fith Madara to death a second time, because hell, he wanted. He was crying for the future the village and the shinobi world didn't had. If the village had been rulled by Madara, none of those would have happened.

"Madara..." he said for the third time already.

"Hashirama." He reponsed. „You are repeating yourself more then ever. Are you still having problems with your depressions?"

A clone of the Senju was behind him, and before he could realise, it chought him with the Mokuton Jutsu.

"Why are we never fighting side by side, Madara?"

He stand there for a moment, smiling, than he realised himself, absorbing the chakura of the Mokuton-clone. Madara appeared before him, looking into his eyes deeply.

"Because no one ... could never stantd against us, Hashirama"

And then the fight begin...but Hashirama could have swore that he had seen something strange in Madara's balck eyes.