Pine trees stand tall

She has stood tall all her life.

She never wavered or stumble, but there is something no one else sow.

No one sow not even the little girl she took in or her family who wears sliver.

The only one who sow was a boy.

A boy forbidden to talk about.

A boy who was the first to accept her and the first person to be there for her.

There is no one, but that boy who sow.

She has not always stood tall.

She has been kicked and punched when she was already down.

That boy was there.

She had been ripped apart for every day she has to wear a mask.

That boy is gone.

No one well ever know how much she been hurt; no one well every know so why not keep faking; keep that strong and proud attitude up.

No one well ever see what that one boy sow.

She is to never to see that one boy again, never to talk to, never to hear, so why should they know.

Why should enyone know.

Why should you know.

So for now she well stand as tall as her pine tree because all pine trees stand tall.