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Lucky Star

It was a noon on a Monday at Ryoo High. The sun was bright and the sky was just the right amount of cloudy. It would have been the perfect day if it weren't for the fact that it was the first day of school for the week.

As they always did during lunch time, four school girls were chatting lively among themselves. Namely, the blue haired otaku, Konata Izumi, the glasses wearing pinkette, Miyuki Takara, the twin tailed tsundere, Kagami Hiiragi, and her air headed younger twin, Tsukasa.

As the four conversed, Konata segued into a different topic. "Hey, you guys' birthday is coming up soon right?" She asked the twins.

"Yeah, it's next week" Kagami replied.

"Oh dear. I haven't picked out a present yet" Miyuki seemed distressed from the realization. "I should find you a gift soon"

"Don't worry about it Miyuki-san. It's okay if you don't get me a gift" The twin tailed girl said in an attempt to comfort her. "Presents aren't the point of birthdays"

"Well, I'm glad you think that Kagamin. Now I'll only have to give a birthday gift to one of you." Konata said a-matter-of-factly

"What makes you say that?" Kagami asked dryly

"Well, I'm broke." The bluenette said, rather bluntly. "It's close to the point where I can't even buy new games or anime stuff anymore."

"… What?" Kagami seemed put-off at how casually Konata stated that they were having a hard time financially.

"I'll probably only be able to get one present for you two anyway. You don't seem to like any of the presents I give so I guess I just won't give you one. I'll just give one to Tsukasa." Konata explained. "That's reasonable, right?"

"Thanks Kona-chan" Tsukasa said with gratitude. "But I think Kagami likes your presents more. She just doesn't show it."

"Hey, no I don't!" Kagami disagreed, cheeks flushing slightly.

"Hmm… Well, she IS a tsundere…" Konata muttered, ignoring the twin tailed girl's denial.

"Darn it, Konata! I'm not a Tsundere!" She yelled out in frustration. Wish a deep controlled sigh, she calmed herself and looked away, grumbling. "Just give your stupid present to Tsukasa… It's not like any of them are good anyway…"

"Don't worry Kagamin, even though I can't afford much, I'll make sure I get a present that's REALLY good. I promise"

From that statement, Kagami's expression softened a bit. "Hey now… You don't have to push yourself, Konata. It's the thought that counts."

Konata looked at the tsundere with a neutral expression, her head tilted to convey curiosity. "Hey, Kagami…"

"… Yes, Konata...?" Kagami asked cautiously. She didn't like the look on the bluenette's face.

"… would you consider a kiss to be an acceptable present?" The otaku asked, keeping a completely straight face.

"w-wha…" Kagami stood there dumbfounded by the question "you just... and..."

She's basically asking me for permission to kiss me... But only people who are dating should be doing that. Besides, it would be my first kiss. It would probably be Konata's first kiss too. Would that mean Konata wants to start dating me? If I say yes, would that mean I WANT to date Konata? AM I GOING TO SAY YES? A-and-and-and what happens next? A-after kissing is gonna be…. Th-that... And if we start doing that… w-we-we'd b-b-be…

Next thing she knew, Kagami was lying down on a cold and somewhat stiff bed. The smell of the air seemed... lifeless... sterile... like the smell of a hospital. Forcing her eyes open, she looked up to an unfamiliar ceiling and the faces of her three friends hanging over her. "I'm in the nurse's office, aren't I?" Kagami muttered dryly.

Noticing her sister's rousing, Tsukasa leaned forward and hugged her. "Sis! You're awake!"

"Hey, jeez!" The sudden loud noise and physical contact caused the twin tailed girl to recoil. She pushed the younger twin off. "Stop being so loud, you'll disturb the other patients"

Konata took a seat at the edge of Kagami's bed. "Actually, the only other people here right now is Yu-chan and Minami" She mentioned offhandedly.

"I'm glad you're awake, Kagami-chan!" The four heard the voice of Yutaka Kobayakawa from across the room, followed by the voice of Minami Iwasaki. "Don't shout. You should be resting"

"So… what happened? How'd I end up here?" Kagami asked, rubbing her temples as a she suddenly realized how much her head hurt.

"Well, after Konata asked… that question…" Tsukasa began with a blush. "You sort of blanked out. Your eyes were unfocused, your face was really red and you were hypa… herva…" The younger twin struggled with the word for several more tries before giving up. "Miyuki, what did you call it?"

The glasses girl pushed up her glasses and gave a brief explanation. "You were hyperventilating: taking very quick deep breaths." Miyuki said helpfully.

"The nurse said you should be good to go by the end of next period." Tsukasa continued. "Lunch is about to end so I guess we'll see you, sis." She waved goodbye as the three left for their class room.

Kagami sighed a closed her eyes. She lied down and tried to relax, something she was unfortunately unable to do as she suddenly heard the pitter-patter of footsteps could have only been Konata's. She's coming back. The twin tailed opened her eyes just so she could roll them.

"Sorry, there's something I forgot to tell you" The bluenette said

"What is it now?" Kagami asked in exasperation

Konata frowned and hung her head slightly. "I'd like to say sorry… It was a joke but I didn't think this would happen…"

What she said was certainly surprising. It wasn't often that Konata apologized. However, that wasn't what surprised Kagami. "Wait, you were joking?"

"… Um… yeah, I was." Konata said with a confused look on her now blushing face. Suddenly, the atmosphere in the room got a whole lot more awkward. "Did you really think I'd ask if I could kiss you?"

"Well…" Kagami's blushed as well. She hadn't taken into account the possibility that she wasn't serious. "You looked like you meant it! What else was I to think!?" She yelled in frustration.

"Oh jeez. Wow" The bluenette scratched her cheeks, averting her eyes. She then looked at Kagami and made her signature cat smile. "So… If, say, I WAS serious and actually asked if I could kiss you, would you say yes?" She asked, eager for an answer

"I-" The twin tailed grew wide eyed, face flushing into an even deeper color of red. "Of all times, why are you asking that NOW!?"

"Hey, I'm curious." The otaku said innocently. Not very convincing, considering the grin of her face. "How likely would it be that you'll say yes?"

Kagami looked suspiciously at Konata. She couldn't think of any possible motives behind the midget's curiosity but still... She might as well tell the truth. "If you asked me before you made that weird smile you're making, I'd probably say there would have been a 50:50 chance I'd say 'yes'... but right now, it's a no"


The change of emotion shown on Konata's face was subtle – if Kagami wasn't paying attention, she probably wouldn't have noticed. Underneath that cat smile, the tsundere could see hints of joy and panic transition into a mild mix of disappointment and relief. The blend of feelings she saw somehow made her heart sink.

"Konata, you're looking at me funny…"

"Oh? Well, what's new?" Konata laughed. It felt genuine... It was like the emotions the twin tailed girl saw were never really felt.

Kagami looked away, not quite getting over the fake smile of mixed feelings Konata had worn. "Whatever, just get to class before the bell rings"

At that exact moment, the bell rung. "Too late." Konata chimed. "I guess that means I can stay until you leave right?"

"Get to class, Konata!"

"Okay! Jeez, it was just a joke." Konata said, briskly walking out the room

Lucky Star

"Remember, you're gonna be having a boat load of quizzes this week so you better not slack off." Ms. Nanako Kuroi reminded the class. She shot a glare at a particular bluenette sitting at the back of the class "I'm looking at you, Izumi!"

The rest of the school day had passed with little incident. That said, the students were packing up, in preparation to go home.

Konata and Miyuki gathered at Tsukasa's desk.

"Sis just texted me, guys. She said she's gonna be doing something in the library so we should go without her." The younger twin said.

"Really?" Konata grew disappointed at the fact. "Aww, I wanted to go to Gamerz with her…"

"Don't worry, Kona-chan. I'll go with you" Tsukasa said in an attempt to cheer Konata up. It worked rather well.

The otaku beamed at her. "Really? Thanks Tsukasa"

"Hey Yuki-chan, want to come with?" Tsukasa asked Miyuki.

The pinkette sweat dropped. "I'm sorry, but I have some… errands to run" Her hand seemed to automatically reach up to her jaw.

That action didn't go unnoticed by Konata. She grinned. "Dentist again?" she teased.

"Yes, it's rather stressful" Miyuki sighed. "I suppose I should get going."

"Good luck then." The otaku and airhead waved goodbye to the glasses girl as walked away.

"So, you gonna put those books in your bag or what?"

Tsukasa blinked. "Oh right, I was packing my bag!" She began hastily stuffing her stuff into her school bag with a flustered face.

Konata giggled. "Tsukasa, so cute" She said quietly.

Lucky Star

It was quiet at the library that dismissal time. Not a soul in the school came there to study on Mondays and, regardless of how she appeared to be reading, a certain Kagami Hiiragi wasn't studying either.

Sitting at a corner table, Kagami propped her head with her arm and lazily flipped through the pages of a textbook she had already read. She didn't feel the cool air on her skin nor the feel of the pages on her fingers. She didn't smell the faint aroma of books the permeated the room. She didn't even see the text she in front of her. He brain wasn't processing any of it. Her mind was elsewhere, wandering.

Why Konata? Why would you drop a bomb on me like that? I never wanted to feel confused like this! Kagami sighed. To be honest, if she asked me out, I'd be happy. I'd say yes. If not, I'd STILL be happy. I'd have no problem either way… Well… there's also the little matter that we're both girls but it's not really an issue for me… She scowled. Thinking back though, if I'd feel fine in whatever happens with our relationship, why do I feel so angry and confused right now!? It's frustrating and making me even angrier…! She closed her eyes.Calm down Kagami. No need get so worked up.

"Heya, Hiiragi" someone patted Kagami on the back, causing her to yelp. "Hey, Hiiragi, keep it down. You're in a library you know?"

The person in question was a girl with short hair, tanned skin, and a pronounced fang sticking out her mouth, Misao Kusakabe, accompanied by girl with orange hair and large forehead, Ayano Minegishi.

The twin tailed girl looked at the two tensely and then relaxed upon realizing who they were. "Oh… Kusakabe, Minegishi-san"

"Hello there, Hiiragi-san" Ayano greeted her politely

"So, Hiiragi, whatcha doin' here?" Misao asked her

"What does it look like? I'm studying." Kagami replied dryly. "What are YOU doing here? Don't you have track practice today?"

"Nah. They canceled since half the team had something important come up." The brunette answered casually. "So, here I am with my two favorite people in my least favorite place" She said, gesturing to the general area.

"Would you mind if we sit with you?" Ayano asked "Since Misa-chan is free, I figured I could help her with studying for the tests this week."

"Sure. Just make sure she doesn't bother me" Kagami said as she looked back down to the book she was pretending to read.

So there they stayed for nearly half an hour in relative silence. The only sound in the entire library were the voices of Ayano and Misao as one taught the other about the lessons that were going to be covered during their tests.

Misao, true to form, was restless for the entire study session. On six separate occasions, Ayano's tutoring had to be stopped to allow the brunette to stand up and stretch her limbs or some other form of physical activity. Not that Ayano minded – she was used to it at that point. She was actually surprised it was only six times.

Having her friends be themselves as they studied near her somehow calmed Kagami. She could almost smile.

They continued like that for some time.

The sound of group study, however, soon gave way to quiet reading. The silence, for whatever reason, made Kagami self-conscious, feeling as if she were being watched. She looked up and saw that her feelings were correct.

There sat Misao, hunched across the table, resting her chin on her arms, looking directly at Kagami with curious eyes. "You okay?" She asked.

"… w-why do you ask?" The tsundere asked nervously.

"I don't know." The brunette said, tilting her head to the side. "Something seems off. When I look at you, I can tell. You're acting differently"

"Different? Different how?"

"I don't know…" Misao repeated. She narrowed her eyes and gave Kagami a once over. "Off the top of my head, you don't have that determined look you normally have when you're studying… Oh, and you're propping your head up with your left hand instead of your right hand like you usually do."

Kagami sat up, and looked at her left hand, realizing she HAD been leaning on it. I can sort of understand noticing me having a different facial expression but do I normally lean on my right...? Her eyes widened.Oh my god, yes I do. She remembered that detail... It astonished her that the brunette noticed such little things about her. "Wow Misao… I never knew you to be so... observant…"

Completely ignoring Kagami's comment, Misao continued. "It's the chibi isn't it?"

The twin tailed girl blinked. "What?"

"You're having problems with that blue haired midget" Misao stated bluntly

Kagami frowned. She did NOT like Misao's description of Konata. "First off, don't call her a midget or a chibi or whatever." She then narrowed her eyes. "Second, what makes you think it's her?"

"… I don't know." Once again, The brunette answered with those three words. "You seem out of it and that only ever happens when it's about her."

Keeping the scowl on her face, Kagami averted her eyes. She couldn't really deny it. Ever since she started high school, Konata had always been the only thing that truly worried her. "… well… whatever…" The tsundere muttered.

"If it's something she said, you're probably overthinking things" Misao said, leaning back on her chair and stretching.


"You tend to overthink the meaning of what people say or why they said it." She explained with a yawn. "If she said something hurtful or something, I don't think she meant to hurt you. Just let it go"

Kagami blinked. "… That's... actualy pretty good advice…" She looked at the brunette with suspicion. "Alright, who are you and what have you done to Misao? How are you able to give me good advice?"

"I don't know." Is once again her answer. "Heh, I'm sorta just saying things without thinking, here" Misao said, smiling and scratching her head

Kagami sweat dropped "Somehow, I'm no longer surprised…" She looked back down to the text book she was pretending to read.

Maybe I AM overthinking this... She thought. It's not like Konata hasn't made any sexual jokes involving me and her in the past… In fact, that one she did earlier was actually pretty tame considering… Her brow furrowed.But then again, her reaction when I said that yes and no were equally probable was fishy… Does she have feelings for me or something... The tsundere could feel her face heat up.That puts a lot of things into perspective. Does that mean all the times she teased me were because she likes me...? I don't know how to feel about this... and why does the thought make me happy...? So she's going to kiss me on my birthday? Is she going to ask me out...?! WILL I SAY YES...!?

Kagami closed her eyes tightly and shook her head.And here I am overthinking things again… I should just trust Konata in whatever she does since she's my friend… Opening her eyes, she took a deep breath and sighed.Huh, I guess Misao can give sound advice sometimes, even though I technically still had to figure some things out on my own as well... I should thank her.

"Hey Misao…" Kagami muttered

"Yeah, Hiiragi?"

"… Thanks… That was pretty good advice..."

Slowly realizing what Kagami said, Misao beamed at her with a happiness seen from a child receiving a present. The positive energy radiating from Misao was infectious, and Kagami found that she and Ayano were smiling as well

She's a good friend to have. Kagami thought happily.

Lucky Star

Gamerz was not a place for the faint of heart. Tsukasa eventually found herself lost in a sea of manga. Konata was nowhere to be seen, and she found that if she kept looking lost, people would keep asking her to make poses and say weird things. To prevent anymore weird people to talk to her, she took a manga off the shelf and began flipping through pages. It seemed to stop anyone from going towards her.

"Hey Tsukasa! There you are. I've been looking all over for you" Konata dashed for Tsukasa

"Oh, Kona-chan. Sorry, I got a little lost"

"Yeah, gets a bit confusing if you're not used to it here." Konata noticed the manga Tsukasa was reading. "Strawberry Panic… So how do you like it?"

"Oh this? Well, I don't know the whole story, but I like the drawings and the characters seem nice." The lavender haired girl commented "I am confused, though. Why was there a scene where two girls are kissing?"

Konata grinned. "Well, that's because that manga is Yuri. It's a genre where there are girls who date each other... among other things"

"Really?" Tsukasa's curiosity was piqued. "Is there any Yuri in real life?"

"Well… probably. I've never seen one in real life but I HAVE heard about it online."

"Isn't it weird though, two girls dating?"

"I don't know." The bluenette thought for a bit. "Hmm... If two people love each other, I don't really see the problem with them dating..."

"… You know, I'd love to try it…" Tsukasa said

Konata blushed on reflex. "Try what? Dating a girl?"

Her face flushed as well. "N-no, I meant dating in general."

The otaku blinked. "… Yeah… I'd like to try that too…"

The awkward silence that followed was felt by both of them.

"S-so, do you want me to buy you that manga?" Finally, Konata asked.

"Oh, you don't need to"

"Nah, I still got extra cash. I may have a tight budget but I'll always have money for my friends." The bluenette said, causing Tsukasa to smile fondly. "Besides, I could use the points" She added, holding up a member card

Tsukasa and Konata went to buy the manga

Lucky Star

Minami was at the dentist's. She had accompanied Miyuki in hopes that her presence would prevent her from running away.

At that time, Minami was texting with Yutaka.

[She seems very distressed at the thought of the dentist.]

[So you're with her so she doesn't feel distressed right?]

Minami thought for a bit. Yeah. I guess I am

[You could think of it like that]

[Wow, Minami. You're so cool. You must help out people a lot.]

Minami blinked, blushing somewhat at the compliment

[No. I'm just helping out a friend.]

She heard a cry and the sound of footsteps

[Text me back later. It seems there's a problem]

Minami stood in front of the exit and sure enough, Miyuki skidded to a stop in front of her. "Miyuki, no, you're seeing this through to the end"

"But I'm scared!" Miyuki said with tears in her eyes

"You're eighteen years old. You can do this." The mint haired girl said in encouragement. "Now get back in there. It'll be over before you know it"

Minami pushed Miyuki back towards the dentist's office.

Lucky Star

"I'm home!"

Kagami was reading a light novel in her room when she heard her sister downstairs. Good. Tsukasa's home. Konata probably dragged her to Gamerz like she always does with me.

She heard Tsukasa enter her room, probably to change. A few minutes later she heard a knock on her door. "Sis, can I come in?"

"Sure, Tsukasa" Kagami answered.

Tsukasa slid the door open and entered. She was holding a manga, probably one Konata bought for her. She sat down near Kagami's table and began reading. Kagami looked at her for a few seconds before returning her gaze to her own book.

For a good while, the only sound in the room was the turning of pages. Even still, the two enjoyed the moment of silence they shared.

When Tsukasa finished reading her manga, she spoke up. "Hey, Kagami..."

The twin tailed girl glanced away from her light novel and looked at her sister? "Yes, Tsukasa?"

"Would it be alright if I started dating Konata?"

"…" Kagami stared at her.

"Sis…?" Tsukasa looked at her sister, worried.


"… Sis, are you okay?" Kagami made no response, even after snapping her fingers, clapping her hands, and even poking her face.

"Oh dear…" Tsukasa tucked Kagami in bed as she apparently fainted.

Lucky Star

It was nearing dinner time for the Izumi household. That said, the father and daughter, Sojiro and Konata Izumi, were cooking up their meal.

"Hey dad, pass me the herbs" Konata said to her dad

"Which one?" Sojiro asked as he moved to open the high cupboard

"All of them" When her father looked at her with a raised eyebrow, the blunette could only sigh. "Dad, there are only three jars"

The man blinked. "… Right"

Konata was cooking and, like always, she needed her dad's help. This was because he always put the herbs and other such ingredients in places too high for her to reach. She always required her father's help to get them.

And he always puts them back there when I finish cooking. I never really liked that

"Hey dad, would you ease up the fire on the stove?" Konata said as she was chopping the vegetables

"You got it" Sojiro turned the knob by a quarter, decreasing the intensity of the flames and turning the motion of water in the pot from a violent churning to a gentle bubbling..

"Alright, move over" Konata went up to the stove and put in the vegetables she had cut into the pot.

Alright, now we just wait for a bit. Konata thought. "We can take a break now dad."

The two moved to the living room and sat on the couch.

Once the two were seated, Konata asked "Hey dad, would it be okay if I started dating?"



Sojiro looked at Konata. He maintained unblinking eye contact as the very fibers of his being grew tense enough to snap. If the girl could hear people's thought's she'd probably hear her father screaming inside.

Finally, it became too much to hold in and the Izumi patriarch exploded. "NO! ABSOLUTELY NOT! I DEMAND TO KNOW THE NAME OF THE BOY WHO THINKS HE HAS THE RIGHT TO DATE MY DAUGHTER!"

"Relax, dad, it's not a boy" Konata muttered.

"IF HE TOUCHES ONE HAIR ON MY LITTLE GIRL'S – " Sojiro's rage stopped on a dime. "Wait, what?"

"What's going on!?" Yutaka ran into the living room in a panic, likely because of Sojiro's outburst.

With a wave in greeting, Konata said "I asked dad if I could start dating someone"

An eager smile appeared on the red head's face. "Really? Who is it?" She said with obvious excitement.

"It's Tsukasa"

"Well… since it's a girl, I guess it changes things…" Sojiro muttered

Konata rolled her eyes. "Seriously dad? You're okay with me dating a girl but not a boy?"

"Boys are disgusting and dangerous!" The man yelled

"But YOU'RE a boy, right?" Yutaka reminded him.

"I know. And I know what other boys are like. I stand by my statement" Sojiro said stubbornly.

The two girls laughed at the said statement

Lucky Star

"So let me get this straight..." Kagami rubbed her temples as she tried to make sense of what Tsukasa had just told her. "Sans the details, all of this started because of the manga you were reading... right?"

"Yeah" Tsukasa said "I just want to know what it's like to date someone"

"Yeah but…" The older Hiiragi put her hands on her sister's shoulders. "Why Konata?"

"Why not?"

"Well…" Kagami was having a hard time thinking of a reason. "Well first off, you're both girls"

"Konata said love between girls is still love" Tsukasa said simply.

"But you're not in love with her" The twin tailed girl said almost desperately.

"Well… no." The younger twin relented. "But who knows? Maybe if we date for a few weeks, we'll grow to love each other." She said giddily.

Kagami let go of her sister and pinched the bridge of her nose. "Why...? why not...? why...? why not...?" She began muttering. "… I guess there really isn't a reason for you not to… but..."

"You know you seem to be trying really hard to think of reasons for us not to date." Tsukasa looked at Kagami in worry. "Sis, are you sure you're not just jealous?"

Immediately, the tsundere's face flushed. "W-w-what!? No! What are you talking about? Jealous? Me? No." She stammered.

"Kagami..." The younger Hiiragi said slowly.

One look at Tsukasa's face and the twin tailed girl relented. "… alright fine, I'm a little jealous." She said, finally. "Why is it YOU'RE getting someone?"

"Well… I don't know." Tsukasa thought for a bit. "Don't most people see you and run away?"

Kagami cringed. "Yeah… I guess I am a bit cold…" She had forgotten how unwittingly blunt her sister can be.

"I'm gonna be telling mom and dad later." Tsukasa said, changing the subject. She looked at Kagami pleadingly. "Will you back me up?"

Kagami realized something. If I say no, Tsukasa isn't gonna go ahead with this. If I'm not there to back her up, she won't have the guts to even TRY to tell mom and dad... The thought was sobering. Am I willing to shoot down a chance for my sister to be happy just so that she doesn't start dating Konata? Am I that terrible a human being...? She looked at her sister. She was practically begging for her to say yes. I can't just say no. I don't have a reason to. And even if I did, what right do I have...? She had decided.

"Tsukasa. I'll help in whatever way I can"

"Thanks sis" With a big sigh of relief, Tsukasa hugged Kagami

Lucky Star

Miyuki was led by Minami to her bed.

"The anaesthetic should have worn off by now. Make sure to have plenty of rest"

"Thank you for accompanying me to the dentist, Minami-san"

"You're welcome. Now don't start eating sweets like there's no tomorrow or your next visit to the dentist will come sooner rather than later" Minami took Miyuki's glasses and set them on the nightstand next to her bed.

"No. I won't."

"Have a good night, Miyuki-neesan" Minami tucked her in and turned off the lights.

"Good night as well, Minami-san"

Miyuki slowly drifted into unconsciousness, despite the fact that it was only 8pm

Lucky Star

"I have something to say, but I'd like to say it after we eat"

Those were Tsukasa's words. She managed to say it casually at the time, but now that the food was eaten, dishes were cleaned, and the entire family was sitting around the table once more, Tsukasa's nervousness became significantly harder to deal with.

The Hiiragi family: the father, Tadao, the mother, Miki, the two older sisters, Inori and Matsuri, and the twins, Kagami and Tsukasa, sat at the table.

Of the six, only Kagami knew of what Tsukasa was about to say. Under the table, she squeazed her sister's hand in encouragement.

"Mom… Dad… Would it be okay if I started dating?"

A second of silence passed. Two seconds. Three seconds. Each one was tenser than the last.

At five seconds the table erupted with chatter. "Who is it?", "How did you get a boyfriend be for I did?", "I'm so proud of you.", and many more were said in the span of the next five seconds, until Tadao ordered for silence.

Clearing his throat, Tadao began "I'm sure the rest of us would like to know a few things. Firstly, who is it you want to date?"

"K-Kona-chan" Tsukasa said quietly.

"… Izumi…" Tadao blinked. "You DO realize she's a girl."

"I-is that a p-problem?" Tsukasa said, doing her best to put up a defiant face, but not quite getting it right.

"Well…" Tadao glanced at his wife who motioned for him to go on. He turned back to his daughter. "How sure are you this will last? Are you sure you really love each other?"

"W-well… we don't"

The Hiiragi patriarch responded with silence.

"I just wanted to know what dating someone feels like." Tsukasa explained. "Konata said she wanted to know as well. I figured 'why not?'"

Tadao looked at his daughter. After a few seconds, he looked at his other daughter, Kagami.

"Did you know about this?"

With more than a little apprehension, the older twin answered"… y-yeah. I knew"

"Do you think that it's okay for her to date the Izumi girl?"

"… y-yes. I think it is completely fine for them to be dating." Gaining a bit of confidence, she added. "There's nothing wrong with it"

Miki jumped in "Well, we don't really see anything bad with it." She explained. "We're sort of just worried about what others might say. It would make life really hard for the two of you."

"And majority of our family is not keen on same sex relationships…" Tadao reminded thoughtfully.

"We're not saying no" Miki interjected "But we'll have to think about it for a few minutes. Would you mind leaving us with some privacy?"

The four daughters stood and walked out of the dining room.

While Inori and Matsuri pestered Tsukasa with questions, Kagami stood by the door, straining her ears to hear her parents.

"Hey, I was once like her. There's nothing wrong with dating girls"

Mom was once yuri?

"But Miki, you're not dating girls anymore are you? I get the feeling this will never last. I don't want her to get heart broken. It's even worse since Izumi's one of her friends"

"There's nothing wrong with experimenting, Tadao." Miki said dryly. "Besides, my relationships never lasted because I always ended up with girls I barely knew. By the time they got to know the real me, either the spark was gone or they found that they didn't really like me. And you know as well as I do that it was the same case with guys"

Wow. She was yuri alright… How many girls did she date before she ended up with dad? How many guys...?

"She's already gotten to know Konata. And if they start dating, they may start to know a lot more. Who knows? Eventually they might grow to love each other like you and I did"

"But Miki-"

"No, Tadao. Our relationship started the same way and look where we are now. She just wants to know what it's like to date someone like you did. It will be a learning experience for her to say the least"

"… If you put it that way, then I guess it's alright. Its better she learns the ins-and-outs of relationships now than when she can't afford to mess up."

"Let's call them back in"

Uh oh… Kagami hastily moved away from the door.

Opening the door Miki peeked out her head and said "Come back in. We've made a decision."

Once all four girls had returned to their seats, Tadao began "We've decided…"

Tadao paused for effect, and the effect was the older sisters leaning forward on the edge of their seats and the twins sort of just limply looking down.

"… That we'd support Tsukasa in her relationship"

Following the said statements were cheers and congratulations, not to mention a few jealous complaints.

I'm happy for Tsukasa. Kagami thought with a smile. Yeah… Happy…

Lucky Star

[Hello, Hiiragi residence]

[Hi Kagamin]

[Figures it would be you. Only YOU would call us in the middle of the night]

[Hehehe... Anyway... has Tsukasa…]

[Yeah. Congratulation's by the way. Our parents said yes.]

[Well… that's good… So how do you feel now that I'll be dating your sister?]

[To be honest? A little jealous.]

[Aww, Kagamin wants a slice of Konata cake?]

[No! Jeez… I'm just a little jealous that both of you found someone before me. I sort of get the feeling that I'll be alone of the rest of my life.]

[Is being alone so bad?]


[Besides, you're NOT alone. You've got me, right? You've also got Yu-chan, Miyuki, Minami, Patty-chan, Hiyori, and of course, Tsukasa.]


[And if you don't think you'll find that "One person" you want to spend the rest of your life with then stop thinking that. Sure, you're a pretty cold and scary person on the outside, but I know inside you're gentle and caring. You're a tsundere. You can't help it. You just need to find someone you'll accept the deredere AND tsuntsun, because that's who you really are]

[You always manage to relate everything to anime… Someone who accepts who I really am, huh…]

[You'll find that someone eventually Kagami. Who knows? Maybe that person's closer than you think]

[… Thanks Konata.]

[Don't mention it, Kagami]

[Good night Konata]

[Good night. See you tomorrow. Tell Tsukasa I'm looking forward to seeing her]

Lucky Star

That morning, Miyuki woke up three hours earlier than she had intended. After an hour of attempting to go back to sleep and failing, she gave up and started preparing to go to school.

And so, she walked the empty school halls, her footsteps echoing throughout the building. There were almost no students on campus that early and there was a calm in the air that was rarely felt later in the day.

However few the students were, they were still there. As Miyuki opened her classroom's door, she saw that those few students included one of her classmates. At his desk was a boy with spiky black hair.


The boy blinked and turned to the pinkette. "Sebastian...?" He sweat dropped. "...It's Shiraishi, actually... Minoru Shiraishi..."

Miyuki blinked as well. "Ah...? Yes. I apologize" She said with a bow. Pulling her head back up, she asked. "So... why are you here so early?"

"I... I'm always... here... early..." He muttered, somewhat awkwardly.

Now that he mentioned it, Miyuki recalled Minoru always being at school before she normally arrived – and she would normally arrive before most of her other classmates came, although she never before had arrived as early she had that morning. It wouldn't be unreasonable to assume that Minoru always went to school that early.

"But... that doesn't answer my question..." Miyuki realized she said it out loud. Oh dear. I hope That wasn't too harsh...

"... Right..." Minoru muttered. He didn't seem to be upset, just really uncomfortable.

Miyuki couldn't help but be amused at this boy's awkwardness. Had she not felt similarly awkward, she would have giggled.

"Well, Shiraishi-san..." The glasses-girl began, deciding to be the one to get the conversation going. "The reason I am here this early is because of my appointment with the dentist yesterday."


Miyuki nodded. "The anesthetic made it very difficult to remain awake." She commented. "Even when it wore off, I still felt quite drowsy."

Minoru tilted his head. "So I guess you fell asleep earlier than you normally did?" He asked

Again, the girl nodded. "I ended up waking up three hours earlier than I intended." She sighed. "It's very troublesome to be honest..."

"Well, I know that feeling..." The boy muttered. "I always return home from work completely exhausted. I immediately collapse on the bed and, the next morning, I wake up at five or something..."

"Don't you try to go back to sleep?"

He shrugged. "I try. Don't really succeed..."



And thus, the room was thrust into silence so awkward the even the ambient sounds resonating around the school sounded clumsy.

"... Y-you have work?" Miyuki asked in an attempt to break the tension.

"Yes" Minoru said, louder than it needed to be, standing from his seat, startling Miyuki in the proccess. "I'm a host at a radio segment called Lucky Channel" He said as he quickly walked to the door and left the room.

Lucky Channel? Oh, I remember Konata mentioning that show. An otaku-centric radio show... Why is he leaving...? Miyuki quickly followed. "Wait! Where are you going!?"

"Around the school! I'm sorry, but I need some air!" His pace grew faster

The pinkette blinked. Perhaps he's just trying to escape the awkwardness of the earlier room...? Deciding that explanation was acceptable, Miyuki continued tailing Minoru, if only to stave off the loneliness of waiting alone in the classroom.

Lucky Star

Morning practice was about to start that day and Misao was just as energetic as always.

She breathed the cool morning air of the track behind the school. Her teammates were doing their warm ups and she too did hers.

As she went through her stretching routine, two particular people at the edge of the track caught her attention. At first it was just because one of them had pink hair but upon taking a better look at them, she saw that they were people she knew. That pink haired girl's a friend of Hiiragi's and that guy next to her is...

Finishing her stretches, she sprinted towards them. "Yo, Shiraishi!" She called.

"Oh, Misao. Good morning. How's practice?" The boy greeted.

"Just getting started." She said enthusiastically. She glanced at the girl next to him and smiled mischievously. "Made a new friend?"

"Eh... maybe..." He answered awkwardly. He scratched her head then turned to the girl with pink hair and nodded.

The glasses pinkette stepped forward and bowed her head slightly. "Hello there. I'm Miyuki Takara. Nice to meet you"

With a wide grin, Misao nodded. "Misao Kusakabe. Ditto." She gave the girl a once-over. "Wow, you have an amazing body"

"Um... thank you?" Miyuki answered with a blush, not quite sure how to respond.

"Anyway, you're a friend of Hiiragi's right?"

"Ah?" The glasses girl blinked. "Yes, I am. But which one?"

"Oh right, I forgot about Imouto." The brunette snapped her fingers in realization. "You're a friend of Ka... Kagami right?" Stuttering her first name, Misao suddenly found herself smiling uncontrollably.

"Ah, you're a friend of Kagami-san?"

"Yeah, we've been classmates since kindergarten." She said proudly.

From behind, the track captain yelled. "Kusakabe! Stop with the chit-chat and get the hell back here!" The three sweat dropped.

"Captain's orders" With a small salute, Misao ran back to the track. "Shiraishi, you still gonna MC out next game?"

"Um... we'll see!"

"It was nice to meet you Kusakabe-san!" Miyuki called

"Ditto!" She replied. "And call me Misao!" with that she returned to her team.

Lucky Star

Minami Iwasaki, as the nurse's assistant, was responsible for any of her classmates who needed medical attention. This by proxy meant that she was responsible for Yutaka Kobayakawa who was almost always in need of medical attention.

That morning, and really, every morning, she had motion sickness caused by the... intense driving by her sister. Thus, Minami had taken her to the nurse's office to give her something to help her sickness.

Yutaka sat on the bed, looking a little pale while Minami went to the back to get her medicine.

"Good morning Noru-kun." Minami heard.

"Morning, Yu-chan."

Noru-kun...? After a moment of thought, she remembered. Ah, yes. Minoru Shiraishi. He must be visiting. Returning with the medicine, she nodded at the visitor in greeting. She was surprised to see who was with him.

"Morning, Iwasaki-san" Minoru greeted.

"Good morning Minami" The pinkette who was with Minoru greeted as well

"... Nee-san..." The stoic blinked. "You're early..." When I went to your house, you didn't respond to my knocks on your door. I though you were still asleep. I didn't know you were already at school.

"Well... I woke up hours earlier than I intended. I couldn't will myself back to sleep." Miyuki answered with more than a little embarrassment. It was the anasthetic

Minami looked at the older girl. I guess that makes sense. She nodded and gave Yutaka her medicine.

"So, uh... motion sickness again?" Minoru asked

Minami answered with yet another nod. Yutaka answered with a bit more words. "Yeah. Sis always drives so fast"

Miyuki's face grew sour, as if she were remembering unpleasant. Not that it was obvious – most people wouldn't have been able to see past her fake smile. Why would the mention of Yui Narumi's driving make her feel unpleasant...? She blinked. Nevermind. It's none of my business.

"Well, I guess we'll... leave you two be... I guess... See you guys later" Minoru said as he walked out the door, Miyuki following shortly after.

"Yes. Goodbye for now."

Yutaka cheerfully bid her own farewell to the two of them. Minami simply looked at the two and nodded.

Lucky Star

I've never noticed this before but Shiraishi-san seems to know a lot of people in this school. Miyuki thought to herself. Then again, he DID MC most of the events in the school... She blinked. There seems to be more people here now...

Only now did the pinkette notice that the halls were much more alive than before. The number of students wandering and talking around them had grown to the point where Miyuki believed most of the students had arrived.

Upon reaching the door to 3-B, the two bumped into the Hiiragi twins.

"Good morning Yuki-chan" Greeted Tsukasa along with her sister.

"Good morning Hiiragi twins" Minoru greeted as well

Feeling a little bit startled, Tsukasa recoiled. "Oh... uh... Good morning... Sebastian-san"

Minoru sweat dropped. "... It's Shiraishi, actually..."

This flustered the younger twin even more. "Oh...! S-s-sorry..."

"Uh... It's fine – it's fine" He said quickly "Don't men-"

Kagami, however, cut him off. "Yeah, whatever." She said rudely ask she took hold of Miyuki's hand. "Could we borrow Miyuki for a while?" She asked. Well, asked not so much as politely demanded – complete with a fake smile that could be interpreted as a glare.

"... Uh..." Minoru didn't know how to respond – or even if it was a good idea to respond for fear of what the girl might do to him.

"I'm sorry, Shiraishi-san." Miyuki apologized. "I'll see you in class"

"D-don't worry. Go on ahead..." He replied awkwardly. "Y-yeah, see you in class"

And so, the glasses girl was pulled into the classroom by the ever forceful Kagami.

"You should be careful, Miyuki. I heard a lot of rumors about about that guy" Kagami said as she eye Minoru with narrowed eyes.

Rumors? "... But he's actually a really nice guy"

"Really?" The tsundere was genuinely surprised. "All of those rumors said he was some sort of otaku weirdo..." Upon realizing what she just said, she added "Well... worse of a weirdo than the one we have."

"He's actually very friendly, if a bit awkward."

"Hmm... Well, not all rumors are true. I guess I shouldn't have believed all of them" Kagami commented. "Anyway, what was I going to say?" With a snap of her fingers, she remembered. "Right. We have some big news for you." The older twin turned to the younger twin. "Tsukasa..."

She stepped forward. "Miyuki, Konata and I-"

The bell rang, signaling the start of classes.

With a sigh of disappointment, Kagami waved goodbye. "We'll tell you at lunch." She said as she hurried to her own classroom.

After all of Class B got to their seats, Ms Nanako Kuroi entered the room.

Her face was drowsy and hair slightly messy but presentable. In her left arm was a stack of papers and in her right hand was a cup of what could be assumed to be coffee. It was likely to be coffee as each time the blond teacher took a gulp, she seemed less drowsy.

"Alright, let's skip the formalities and have role call." She said. "Izumi!"

The door slammed open. "HERE! I'm here! I'm not late!" Konata Izumi had arrived.

"So, what excuse do you have for being late now?"

"Well I..." Konata opened her mouth for curtly closed it. She was suddenly lost in thought. "... I got nothing..." She muttered "Eh... The truth it is then." She decided. "I fell asleep in the train and ended up missing my stop."

Kuroi blinked. "Well... that was a bit disappointing..." She sighed. "Get your seat. You better be glad that I'm lenient with this sort of thing."

Lucky Star

The lunch bell rang and Kagami immediately stood and walked out of the classroom, much to the dismay of Misao. She was probably headed for the room next door

"Aww. Why can't Hiiragi hang out with us more?" The brunette complained. "I understand that she's in love with that midget but why can't she just get together with her so she doesn't get my hopes up?"

Ayano, while quite used to the girl's moans about the said tsundere, was quite annoyed by the recent frequency she began doing so. In the past hours alone, she had complained more times than she had fingers on her hands. "Well, maybe it's time to give up on her?" Ayano suggested. "It's unlikely for anything to get between them"

"Aww Aya-chan. Why do you have to be so blunt about it…?" Misao said lamely "Besides, you're one to talk. How long has your relationship with my brother been going downhill? What do you see in that guy anyway? He's an asshole"

"Oh, the only one who says it's going downhill is him." The orange haired girl said innocently. "From what I see, everything is going great."

Misao was skeptical at best. "… Something tells me you're the problem in your relationship and not my brother…" She said quietly

"What was that?" Ayano eye smiled at Misao. Something terrifying came to mind from her face.

Uh oh… "I think I need some air. Going outside" The brunette stood and briskly walked out the room.

Once outside, Misao gave a sigh of relief "That was close…" She breathed.

The halls were fairly busy as various students were milling about and talking. One particular person caught her eye immediately though.

"Heya, Shiraishi" She called.

Minoru had been standing by the window, looking down towards the grounds below. He seemed to be lost in thought but the girl's greeting snapped him out of it. "Oh, Misao. How are you?"

"Oh, same old same old: Still in love; still unrequited." Misao gave him a mischievous smile. "What about you? Putting the moves on that Takara girl earlier?"

Minoru seemed to cringe. "I wish. Being with her is one of the most awkward things I've ever done" He said with a shudder.

"Well, you're an awkward guy. Isn't that normal?" The brunette said bluntly

"… Air heads can say some of the most painful things…" Minoru muttered

"You've met every single girl in this school by now." Misao stated. "Isn't there ONE person you think is your type?"

With an unsure shrug, he answered. "Eh… not really"

"Wow, you are the most picky boy I've met." The girl commented. "Beggars can't be choosers, dude."

"Says the girl who's been chasing someone for three years with no success" Minoru muttered bitterly.

"Hey! That particular someone is in love with another. Do you have any idea how annoying that is?"

"Yeah yeah." He replied, brushing her off. "So still no progress?"

"Nope." She answred with a deep sigh. "Kagami's still as head over heels for that midget as ever."

"Well, you might have your chance now." The boy said, piquing Misao's interest. "A few minutes ago, Izumi-san announced to the entire class that she and Tsukasa Hiiragi are now dating."

"… WHAT." Misao made a run for room 3-C "This is my chance!"

"No, Misao! Wait!" Minoru grabbed Misao's shoulder and was pulled forward, ending up face flat on the floor.

Misao stopped in her tracks "Ah! I'm sorry, are you okay?" She said as she tried helping him up. "Oh god, you're bleeding!"

"Don't worry it's just a nosebleed…" He struggled to maintain balance as the sudden and unexpected loss of blood began getting to him. "I need some help getting to the nurse's office, though…"

"Here, I'll help you"

"This is why you're not allowed to run in the halls" Minoru muttered

"Jeez, I said I'm sorry"

They stumbled towards the nurse's office

Lucky Star

As Kagami had finally gotten there the four began their discussion.

"Alright, Yuki-chan, remember earlier I was going to say something?" Tsukasa began. "Well, It's this: Kona-chan and I are –" she was cut off by Konata

"We're dating now!" The bluenette said must too loadly while hugging Tsukasa. The said lavender haired girl couldn't help but blush as no doubt the entire class had heard Konata and saw the two hugging.

Miyuki looked at the two of them, and then glanced at Kagami. The tsundere glanced back and smiled, as if to say 'I'm happy for them'. Miyuki nodded

"I'm happy for the two of you" She said to the couple.

"I have an idea, let's go on a date on you birthday, just the two of us"

"Ah!? But-" Tsukasa was just about to voice a complaint but was cut off again

"Well, it would defeat the purpose of a date if others were to come." Miyuki said helpfully

"Well… I guess it would be alright"

"Of course it would. I'm your girlfriend aren't I?"

As the two began planning their date Miyuki turned towards Kagami "Are you really okay with this?" She asked with concern

"I can't say I'm not jealous, but yeah. They have my blessing and all that" Kagami answered.

"Hey Kagami, when do you think we'd reach third base" Konata suddenly asked

"Kagami, what's third base?" Tsukasa's question followed.

Both questions left Kagami stammering with an incredible blush.

Lucky Star


[Hiya Luckies! I'm Akira Kogami and I will be your Navigator today. It's just me today since my assistant has his day off today. Not that he deserves one… no good lazy…]


[Oh? I'm getting a day off tomorrow? That's fantastic! Anyway, let's start off today's lucky channel with a high energy song from the hit 2006 anime, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Here's Hare Hare Yukai!]

[*Hare Hare Yukai plays*]

Lucky Star

So yeah, Lucky Star. I'm dying to continue this story but I'm sort of neglecting my pokemon fanfic. Ah whatever. Inspiration will come when it wants to. Hahaha. I hate myself.

Oh. Btw, if you find any spelling or grammar mistakes, or any plot holes, don't hesitate to tell me

Edit: Hey, guys. As I rewrote this, a plot hole popped up. Kagami and Tsukasa's birthday is on July 7, on Tanabata. In this story, summer starts a week after Tsukasa and Konata officially get together. Summer in Japan apparently starts on July 20, sinking the entire premise of this chapter six feet into the ground with a tomb stone to boot. I may have to make more massive edits to chapters 2 and chapters 3 & 4 and a couple chapters between the 2 and 3 to fix that giant mistake. Amazing isn't it? Ain't I a great author? Finding out about such a gaping plot hole five months and twenty four chapters since this one? Uhhhhg! Please kill me now.