Hi, I trying to make pairing MinakoXKise. But it turn out bad. Anyway don't flame.

I make this pairing cause they have the same hair color and kise is handsome and Minako beautiful like a goodness (well, she is Goddess of Love).










"An idol?"

"Yup! I want to be a singer. What you want to be when you grow up, Ryo?"

"Emnn. . . I'm not decided yet", the boy looking at the sky.

"Hey! I have an idea. You have such a beautiful face. Why don't you be a model", the little girl lean to him.

"Er. . . I might reconsider it", the boy blush.

"When I grow up, I'll singing a song to you. A song that I made it myself", the girl show a slight pink at his cheek.

"Okay! You promise me you'll sing for me", the boy show a big smile.

"Emm! Pinky promise!", they made that pinky promise.





I just recently. I moved to Teiko middle school. My name is Aino Minako. I'm 14 years old. A second year student. I moved because of my family. Well, it's time for school. I wear my usual sailor uniform from my old school because I still didn't reach my new school yet. So I can't have my new uniform yet. I wear my hair red ribbon bow and I'm ready to go.

"Mina, don't forget to bring your most important weapon. And keep searching for our Princess Serenity", Artemist remind me.

"Don't worry Artemist. If I got anything I'll contact you. But first. . . . I will find my love!", I squeal.

"I don't know about this", Artemist sigh.

"It's okay. I'm merely serving as a decoy to protect the real princess and I'm also the one who have far the strongest memories of our past life during the Silver Millennium. I'll be Sailor V until they awakened their power to me. Opss. . . It's time to go. Bye Artemist", I plant a kiss on Artemist forehead and heading to Teiko Middle School.

I run quickly towards the school. I wonder, how the school looks like and I want to entered in volley ball club. I smile to myself until I bump someone.

"Ahh! It's hurt", I moan painly.

"Watch it when you walking next time. Clumsy little girl!", the girl walk away from me.

"What an attitude. Isn't that my new school uniform? That girl from my new school? Ughh! This going to be a hard live", I correct my ribbon back and start to run again.





"Everyone! Today we have a new student. Be nice to her. Aino, please come in", the teacher ask her.

"Ehem. . . My name is Minako. Aino Minako. . Nice to meet you", she show a charm smile.

"You can sit next to Kise. Kise, rise your hand"

"I'm here!", he smile gently.

Minako heart beat so fast. She can feel her face hot. She walk slowly to him. Many girls looks at her with pissed look and she have no idea why they look her like that. It make her uncomfortable. She sit at her seat. Kise just smile at him and introduce himself.

"I'm Kise Ryouta", he look at her.

"Minako Aino. Nice to meet you too", she smile back to him. Somehow she feel nostalgic when seeing Kise but she just ignored it.





Everyone seems to not want to be friend to her. She wonder why. She walk to the roof with her lunch. She eat alone until she hears a huge crowds of girls screaming and squealing. Minako surprise when she saw Kise come and close the door on the roof tightly. He breath heavily and full of sweat. She walk towards him slowly.

"Kise? Are you okay?", Minako pat him from behind.

"Hiee!", Kise jump when Minako pat him from behind.

"Hey! I'm not a ghost. Chill out okay? They have stop chasing you now", Minako sit back and continue eating her lunch.

"Eh? Minako-san? Why you here?", Kise sit beside her.

"Eating my lunch. Want some? It really delicious!", she smile widely to him.

He chuckle with Minako attitude and reach for the food.

"Delicious", he lick his finger.

"Hehe. . Right?!",she continue eating.

"Hey. . Kise. . Why they chase you? Are you some kind of celebrity here?", Minako look at him. Kise sweat drop hearing a girl who don't even know who is he.

"Ehh?! You don't know me?!", Kise look like want to cry.

"Nope", she deadpanned.

"Haaa. . . Okay. I'm a model in my free time that's why girls always mobbing me", he sigh and cry on the corner.

"Haha. . Sorry for not knowing you. A model huh? I want to be a singer", Minako look at the sky.

"A singer?"

"I want to be a singer since I'm little"

Kise look at her. He stunned seeing her. "She seems so beautiful. Just like a goddess".


"Oh. . It's time to back to class. . .",Kise stand.

"Ughh. . . I hate class. I just want to play volleyball", she sigh and Kise chuckle seeing her personalities.




"Hmnn. . . . They said the meeting at the gym. . But. . . . . Where the gym?", Minako scratch her head.

"Ano . . Can I help you?"

Minako look to the left, to the right and the back . But there's no one there. She blink for a few second when she saw a blue sky haired guy in front of her and then scream. .

"Gyaaahhhhhhhhhh!", she fall on her back.

"Ughh. . It's hurt", tears already at her corner eyes.

"I'm sorry to scare you like that. I'm just wondering why you wearing a sailor uniform. Are you from another school?", he ask while reach his hand to her.

"Owh. . I just transfer here today. So I don't have Teiko uniform yet. I'm looking for gym , cause I want to join volleyball team", Minako take that boy hand.

"I'm going there to. Let's go together", he deadpanned.

"Okay!", Minako high her voice happily.




"Wahh! This gym really big!", she exited.

"You really much alike Kise", the boy said.

""Kise? Owh. . Do you mean Kise Ryouta? He sit next to me", she smile and the boy can see many bloom of flower and sparkle behind her.

"No wonder", he thought to himself.

"Oii! Becareful!", the tanned boy yell.

Minako look up and saw a basketball going to their direction. The boy tell her to dodge it but she do the opposite. Minako move back and speed forward. She jump to the ball and slam it with her hand. Everyone stunned at her. She enjoy it even she wearing a sailor uniform. Unfortunately, for the tanned boy who yell at her. The ball she slam back to his face and made him fall hard on the court floor. Minako realize what she have done when she on the air. She panic but she landing so beautiful with her soft hair wavering in the air and also her cloth.

"Waaa! S. . Sorry! I. . I don't mean any harm. . . It. . It just look like a volleyball. . S. . So I hit it as hard as I could", Minako said embarrassed and it turn into mumbling.

"Well. . You really hit it hard. . Cause Aomine still not wake up from that hit, nodayo", the green haired boy sweat drop and moved a bit his glasses.

"Ara, ara? Mine-chin are you already die?", the tall purple haired guy poke the faint tanned boy cheek.

"You really awesome cause you can make Aomine-kun faint", the blue sky haired boy clapped.

"Wahh! You really awesome! The way you jump and slam the ball. Even though you wearing a sailor uniform! It's really beautiful, Minako-chi!", Kise widen his eyes after he said that. He said it really loud. He put his palm on his face embarrass.

"M. . Minako-cchi? What kind of name is that?", Minako ask while blushing hard to.

"Mou! What happen to Dai-chan?! Why he faint?", a pink haired girl rush to the fainted boy.

"What happen here?"

Minako feel something weird when she hear the voice. Like a power rush through her body. All the member sweat drop when hear that voice. She turn around to see a red haired guy looking intensely to her.

"Aka? (red?)", Minako cover her mouth.

"Ehh? How do you know Akashi-cchi?",

"Eh? That his name? I just talking about his hair", Minako point to the person who Kise call 'Akashi-cchi.

Akashi twitched "Everyone resume your training! All regular on the court, NOW!", Akashi order. Everyone in the gym continue their training.

"Wow, he's really pissed off with me", Minako mumble.

"Well, he's our captain", the blue sky haired boy statement make Minako chocked. She look at the 'captain' intensely. She don't believe it someone like him can be a captain.

"Maybe if we don't give up we can achieve what we want". "Hmnn. . that must be it", she shook her head.

"I demand to know the person who knock Aomine off!", Akashi glare to the glasses boy.

"That new girl smash the ball using volley ball technique", he replay.

Minako sweat drop hardly. She just want to join volleyball team. But it's look like she screw up in her first day.




"How is it? Your new school?", Artemist ask.

"Urghh! Don't even ask. I screw up everything today. I were force by this scary cute boy called Akashi to join the basketball team cause I knock out one of his teammates. And the one I not intentionally knock out is their Ace and they have a match tomorrow", Minako sigh.

"Ehh? But you're a girl. How do you want to play with them?", Artemist shock.

"Well. . . . I think it's time to use my Moon Crescent Power. My new captain won't accept any excuses", she look at her crescent moon.

"Anyway. . It's time to do our work. You can rest for 2 hour and we are on the mission back", the green eyed cat said softly to her.

"Okay. .", Minako close her eyes and sleep soundly.





I'll try to complete this story as fast as I can.

I want to make it one short actually…. But. .

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