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Kuroko no Basket By Fujimaki Tadatoshi X Sailormoon By Takeuchi Naoko






"Hic. . hic. .", the little girl hiccup after crying loudly. A pair of arms warps her from behind. The girl flinched before move her head towards the person who hug her.

"R. . Ryo", the golden haired girl widens her eyes when the boy tighten his hugs when she tried to struggle and kiss her on the lips. She freeze when she feel his softness lips on hers. She can't control her tears and keep crying while still in the kiss. The boy broke the kiss panting along with the girl. Her face really red and she averted her eyes to other direction.

"Mina. . . Don't cry. I'm sure we will meet again. I'm sure of it", the little boy ruffle the girl hair gently. He let her go and made her face him.

"B. . But. . You said you always be with me. . You will be by my side until I finish my song for you. . Now. .", the girl hit the boy weakly with her small fist on the boy chest again and again while she cry silently.

The boy face full of pain when he hear it. The word that he already promise to her. But he can't do anything. It's already been 2 years since they first meet at this playground, and now he got to move away because his father got a job at another place. He keep patting the girl head and ruffle her hair gently as the girl hug him tightly.

"Don't worry. . We'll definitely meet each other again. I promise you", the boy giving the girl a ring. He wear it for the girl.

"This. . ."

"Always wear this. I'll find you someday. So. . Don't be sad. This ring. . ", the boy show the same ring as the girl on his finger. ". . will bring us together again. This time I promise", Ryo kiss the little girl fingers making the girl blush.

"T. . This time. . You can't lie", the girl look at him with teary eyes.

"Emm. . I promise. . This time I promise. . Mina", he look to her with a gentle look.

"Then okay! ! I'll also find you when I grow up! ! Then I'll sing you a song. A song just for you", the girl tried to show a happy face and wipe her tears.

"Yes we will. . Mina. . I'll search you till I find you", the boy smile and kiss the girl forehead making the girl blush.

"Mouu. . . ! Don't do that!", the girl cover her forehead.

"What? We're going to marry right?", the boy point to the ring that the girl wear. She blink for a moment before they both laugh of their behavior. They play together before the boy move out an hour later. After the boy gone, her tears run down her cheek again as she look the ring on her finger. She kiss the ring and mumble. .

"Don't go. . "




". . .na. . Mi. . .na. . Mina!", Artemis yell trying to wake up the blond girl.

"RYO! ! !"

A pair of blue orbs open in panic, her hand outstretched to catch the lingering shadow of a dream she will ever called past memories. A dream about the boy will never be her nightmare. She look around her and saw her little white moon cat show a worried face.

"Sorry, I just remember something from past", she smile. Artemis jump to her shoulder and lick her tears. Minako don't even realize tears down her cheek.

"I suppose it been a bad memories", he purr at her. Looking at her holding a ring and brought it close to her lips and kiss it.

"I can't call it a bad memories since it also been my sweetest memories in my entire life. I been busy to find the Princess that I forgot about it. 'He' and my promise. But for now the senshi will start appearing one by one", she smile and wake up from her bed to the bathroom but she stop for a while. Her bangs hide her eyes and she said slowly to the white cat.

"I wonder why I remember about him now. I don't think he remember me now as I also not remember until just then", she shut the door leaving the cat with painful expression. He want to help her. He must. For he is her guardian, it just the same as she is the Princess he must protect. She is important like the real princess while they both have almost the same appearance. He look back to the ring that Minako leave on the desk and slowly closing his eyes. His crescent glowing as he kiss the ring. All the memories that been in the ring like being project in his eyes. He can't blame Minako for her behavior when he sees how close the little boy with his little Mina. He keep looking at the memories especially to the boy who had been Minako first love.

"He. . . . . .", Artemis open his eyes wide as the glowing from his crescent fade out. He look towards the door and back to the ring. He smile closing his eyes slowly.




"Neh. . . Minako-chi! Can I have some favor from you?"

"What is it? I'm busy eating", Minako said with a cold voice and keep eating her bento.

"Mou. . . Don't be so cold. . I wonder if I can hear you sing right now", he show his charming smile and make her chocked her food.

"W. . what? ? Why you ask that?", Minako wipe her mouth.

"You said you want to become a singer right?", he smile charming to her.

"Y. . Yes. . . But what it have to do with you? It's not your concern right?", she keep shuttering and embarrass with his question. Kise bow and put his palm together in front of her and made a cute little puppy eyes. Minako hearts melts when she see his eyes.

"Promise me you will do what I ask and I'll stop doing this cute face"

She irritated but she can't take it anymore. Her face started to feel hot and her heart beat really fast. "O. .Okay!, I'll do it! But get rid of that face!"

"Okay!", he back to his original face.

She sigh and continue it "What you want to do if I love singing?".

"I want you to sing with me for my album. It's my manager work makes me do this. He want me to sing with some artist, but I said I won't do it if I don't sing with people I want", he pull his tongue out and wink to the girl only to see the girl turn white and fall comically.

"Eikkss! Minako-chi! Are you okay?", the girl shiver and cry. She hug Kise tightly and made the boy can't breathe. "Thank you! Thank You! I really want this for the whole time!", she said happily.

"Minako-chi~~~ I can't breathe", he chocked. She let him go and stand. She look to the sky and muttered something only to have Kise heard it.

"I'll sing that song I promise to him", Kise look at the goddess in front of his eyes kissing a ring that have been turn to a necklace. His eyes widen for a moment.

"I can't wait to hear it. The song that you promise"




"We already here, Minako-chi", Kise shake the sleeping beauty from her sleep. Minako open her eyes and rub it. They get out from the limousine only to see Kise fans squealing and calling his name. She really don't like many attention towards him and the glare she receive when Kise hold her hand. She blush slightly.

After they past the fans, they both relived and get ready to the changing room then meet back at the back stage. Minako really nervous and panic. Kise chuckle seeing his friend panic when she heard the crowds. Well, almost all the audience is their student and the other is their club member.

"Minako-chi~~ Relax. . Don't be too anxious", he sweat drop.

"B. . But this my first time in front of this all audience!", Minako almost cry.


"It's our turn next", Kise smile and drag Minako along with him. "W. . What!? I still don't ready!", Minako panic. Kise turn back to her "It's okay. You want 'him' to hear your song right?

She dazed before answer confidently, "Yes! !"


"Let's go"


They both step to the stage and Minako can feel like the stadium having an earthquake when the fans squeal and cheer. She shivers and sweat drop. Kise realize this, and hold her hand. She averted her eyes to him and saw him smiling to her. She don't know but, she relived. All her doubt is gone. The music started and they started to sing. Her voice are sweet and can make others falling for her the same as Kise but his voice more deep and sexier. Some of the fan girl faint when hear them both sing together.

"I never thought her voice really good", Momoi squeal.

"Hmnnp! Never thought that crybaby boy could sing", Aomine shrug.

"Ara, ara. . They really suitable together when they on the stage", Murasakibara bite his poky.

"Oha-asa said both of their horoscope suitable together and there will be something good going to happen to them today", Midorima push his glasses.

"I wonder what the good thing will happen to them", Akashi smirk.

"They look happy together", Kuroko said while holding Artemis.

Artemis look at Minako who sweating because of singing and dancing. But in the first time after he being her guardian, he see her really happy. Seeing her enjoy. Making him feel happy. He glad he already meets and tell 'him' about that 'things'.

When they end their performance they received applause. Minako feel fluttered when she look at the audience. She exhausted but she's really happy. Kise smile gently at her and she replay back with her beautiful and sweetest smile. Suddenly he remember something and announce to the audience and making Minako blush.

"Everyone! Listen here! My friend here, Minako have 1 last song", Kise turn to Minako and wink leaving her on the stage alone. The whole stadium silence for a while when suddenly Minako broke the silence.

"H.. .hello everyone. This is my song to a friend. I promise him to sing this song for him long ago. I hope he listening to this song! And for information I write it myself. Now, let's started it! My song C'est La Vie", she jump happily, take her position on the stage and the music started.

There isn't a way to move my impulses; now
Those of me have begun; my feelings seek you

So that the movie and the musical bar's harmony are boring
When life slips, it may be slightly amusing.

The warm feeling is C'EST LA VIE
To confine myself to being me
C'EST LA VIE, I want to keep loving you
Before one's eyes, the place where this moment lives
It comes out running

Kise look at the beautiful of goddess in front of his eyes. He look her from the side of the stage. His face shows a gentle look and smile. Keep hearing the song and never averted his eyes from her.

Why does a person only have an opportunity to live one time?
Why doesn't time stand still even one second?

In the unexpected somewhere
The gap in my shoes causes pain
Sometimes, somewhere in my chest becomes cutoff

Surely you are found; C'EST LA VIE
Is the reason to be me.
C'EST LA VIE is the reason to be you.
Nothing is visible; however I want to see something
So I run after it.

So that the movie and the musical bar's harmony are boring
When life slips, it may be slightly amusing.

The way she express her song really is real. It might because it was her song. Kise chuckle when Minako making faces to express her song. "She's really get into this. Just so she can deliver that song to that person, huh?"

The warm feeling is
C'EST LA VIE; To confine myself to being me
C'EST LA VIE; I want to keep loving you
C'EST LA VIE is the reason to be me
C'EST LA VIE is the reason to be you.

Before one's eyes, the place where this moment lives
It comes out running
It comes out running

She closed her eyes. The music stop and she bow slightly then look back to the audience. "Make sure you hear this Ryo! ! This is the song I promise to you! !",she said energetic. All the fans and audience squeal and clap their hand. They really they are moved by Minako strive to deliver the song to his old friend. After that, Minako ran towards the back of the stage. He saw Kise waiting with a smile. Minako face quite red see that sweet smile Kise show.

"Kise! I did it! I've sung that song to Ryo!", Minako want to continue it but stopped when Kise holds his wrist and pulling her towards him. Her eyes widen when she felt something soft on her lips.

Kise kiss her. Her face was crimson. She's moan when Kise licking her bottom lips asking for permission to enter. She opened it accidently and Kise use this opportunity to deepen the kiss. His tongue playing with Minako's tongue making her droll their mix saliva. Minako tried to fight back but failed when Kise holds her waist and the other hand behind her head and moving her body to him.

"They broke the kiss when Kise see Minako face red and had difficulty breathing. They pull their tongue and there were some saliva connected to it. Minako away from the realm of fantasy and almost fell and he were lucky when Kise celebrate it than he fell. She felt weak and weird why Kise do drastic movements. Kise carry her with bride style and walk towards the changing room. Minako could not fight because she did not have the strength.

Kise she laid on the sofa laid her head on his thigh. Minako tried to find some strength and ask him.

"W.. Why you kiss me?" Kise see him with a strange look. Minako eyes widened when he saw Kise take something from his pocket and showed her. Kise chuckled seeing her reaction.

"I've been told before, right? This ring will unite the two of us again", Minako did not realize the tears streaming down her cheeks. Hands and shut his mouth because of distrust.

"R. .. Ryo ..", Kise lean Toward her and kissed her gently.

"Yeah .. That's me.. Mina ...", Minako got up and hugged him tightly. She did not believe that he is always with her this whole time. She moved her body a little and face Kise.

"B.. But .. how do you know I'm the one? This whole time I cannot find you and I never wear the ring", Kise ruffle her hair and kiss her forehead.

"Artemis told me, and you're wearing it when I ask favor from you?"

"Artemis? Then .. You ..", Minako panic and cursing Artemis in her heart.

"Yes, I know who you really are. My only Goddess of love", she smiled.

"T.. Then ..", Minako faces turn red and do not want to face the person she have looking for this whole time.

"Mina ...", calling his name with a soft voice, holding her chin and move towards her before kissing her. Minako also respond to the kiss. Minako keep out a small moan. Kise love it and continue to deepen the kiss.

In Front Of Changing Room




"Kyahh! I cannot believe he do things like that's to her!", Momoi faint when she keeps hearing moans coming from the room.

"Woi!, Satsuki! Do not faint here! Urgh! Can't they do that things other place!", Aomine face palm himself.

"I do not care as long I can have my sweets", Murasakibara said.

"I.. I think this what Oha-asa said about their happiness, nodayo" Midorima face quite red and he fixes his glasses nervously.

"Those two I'll let go for a while. I want to see if they will go further than this," Akashi said calmly and got a strange look from them all.

"We cannot let them go further. Cause they still under age and they are not even a marriage couple, Akashi-kun", Kuroko said deadpan still holding Artemis.

Artemis smile relieved when she already meet the person she have been logging this whole time but he did not expect Kise would do something like this to her. Somehow he regret what have he done. "I guess he really love her and can't retain himself from making her his own.

"Hmnn .. How disappointing. Okay, we will stop them if they go further" he smile.

"You really enjoy this don't you Akashi?", all the member said unison with sweat drop coming from them only to have Akashi replay it with a smirk.





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