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It was a peaceful day in jump city ( as peaceful as a city filled with heroes and villains can be ). People were outside enjoying the nice sunny day, parents were walking theirc kids to the park, couples were out on dates and a half demon boy was jumping from roof to roof.

It was days like these that kyd liked. It was peaceful meaning he could go around the city without worrying about chicken boy (robin) and his annoying pals plus security guards won't be as vigilant. At the moment he was looking for an easy place to rob, most preferably a game store. He and SeeMore could use some new games.

You see ever since some mystery person released all the villains, the H.I.V.E 5 decided to split up. They just didn't see much of a point keeping the group together without Jinx. When she betrayed them, it hurt, a lot. Kyd and SeeMore decided to become a thieving duo as did Mammoth and Billy and they don't really know what happened to Gizmo.

Kyd landed on the roof of an electronic & gadgets store ( SeeMore wanted to upgrade his helmet ), he got his cape ready incase something didn't go as planned. Secretly he was hoping something DID happen. It would be a great way to test out his new skills. Over the last few months Kyd had been practicing magic spells like the ones raven uses and had gotten pretty good too. He fazed through the roof and landed as silently as batman himself.

'Alright, the sooner I finish this, the I can go home.' His eyes then began to glow with dark energy as he casts his spell. 'Azarath metrion zinthos!' And just like that, all cameras were disabled. 'Its a good thing this store only opens at night, for whatever reason.' He thought with a smirk.

'Now time to get to work.' As he started raiding the place he began to think about his old friends. He honestly missed them. Gizmo's nonsensical name calling, Billy's funny accent that would always made him snicker, Mammoth's big brotherly personality, heck even missed Jinx. She was like a sister to him and when she betrayed him, he felt like she punched him straight in the heart.

Kyd was so in his thoughts that he almost didn't notice the batarang coming his way. Almost. He teleported away out of it way at the last second and reappeared a short distance away. He turned to face the Dipshit who through the damn thing or Dipshits in in this case.

"Stealing electronics kyd? And alone too. You're not as exactly as smart as you are silent. " Said Robin with a smirk.

'Great, this is just what I need. Birdbrain and his lame jokes. Why can't it ever be a hot naked goth vampire chick with cookies? Hey, a half demon can dream can he? Wait, why is the ground shaking?' He looked behind only to see a freaking hippo charging at him. 'Huh, this place is bigger than I thought. ' He teleported out of the way and reappeared on his back. 'Woohoooo! Ride 'em...uh...hippo I geuss?' Beast boy tried as hard as he could but he couldn't shake kyd off. While that was happening cyborg was trying-keyword 'trying'- to get a good aim at kyd. "Stop moving beast boy, I can't get a good shot!" He said. SHRRNNNNNG! Kyd heard the blast coming and teleported out of its way before it could hit him. If only beast boy could do the same. Maybe then he wouldn't be blasted into a wall and have the extremely present gift of a concussion. "Woops, sorry man." Just then cyborg felt someone tap his shoulder. And when he turned around...

'Peekaboo.' BAM! Kyd had punched him so hard that it actually knocked him out cold. He would smile at his handiwork if his arm didn't hurt like hell. 'FUUUUUUCK! Note to self, be careful when punching a guy who's half metal!' He thought while holding his hand in pain. " Azarath metrion zinthos!" 'Wait, that wasn't me-UGH!' He thoughts were cut short be Raven's dark energy blast. He flipped in the air and landed on his feet. 'Shit! Forgot about the other thre-CRAP!' His thoughts were once again interrupted when he dodged starfire's star bolts. He dodged them with the elegance and grace of bullfighter (their awesome okay!) Then teleported behind he and delivered a swift hard kick to her back leaving her paralyzed. "UGH!" she grunted as she landed on the floor with a thud. 'Now THATS some results.' He thought as he landed on his feet. Robin tried to surprise him by striking him from behind with his bo-staff but Kyd dodged it like it was nothing and countered it with a kick in the gut making the bird shit bend over in pain. Kyd took this opportunity to land a hard uppercut thus knocking the boy wonder out as well. Kyd smirked down at his unconscious body. 'That was sick! I should autograph his face. In fact...' Kyd then reached into his cape and pulled out a magic marker. He then wrote 'Kyd Wykkyd rocks' on Robins forehead.

He laughed silently until he sensed dark energy heading his way. He teleported out of the way before it hit him and reappeared a short distance away. 'Nope! Try again.' He said to Raven telepathically and blow a raspberry at her. she shot him a glare. Oh how she wanted to wipe the smirk of his annoying little face. "Azarath metrion zinthos!" She sent two giant hands made of dark energy at him. 'Oh crap!' He thought as he avoided them to the best of his ability. He was getting tired but he still had one trick up his sleave. 'Azarath metrion zinthos!' He blasted his own dark energy at the hands thus destroying them. "What the?!" Exclaimed raven in shock. When the hell did HE learn how to use such powerful spells?! She was so shocked that she didn't have time to dodge the blast as it hit her, sending her to the ground like a sack of potatoes.

'Well that was fun. Now to get this technocrap to SeeMore so I can enjoy some me timed.' He quickly grabbed the stuff he needed and teleported out of there before they could wake up.

*at the hideout*

SeeMore was just sitting on the couch watching some t.v. It had been about an hour since he sent Kyd out to get the stuff he needed. He really needed to fix his helmet. Without it he was as blind as a bat.

He was about to change the channel when a big black blur suddenly appeared in front of him causing him to scream and jump behind the couch.

He then heard snickering. He looked over the couch to only to see Kyd standing there silently laughing at him. "Dude! What the fuck!? You nearly gave me a heart attack man!" He screamed. Kyd just shrugged it off. 'Yeah, I noticed from your girlish scream. By the way I got the stuff you asked for.' He 'said' as he tossed him a small bag filled with electronic chips. "Sweet! Now I can finally fix this thing. My laser beam's been on the frits lately. " he exclaimed as he looked through the bag. 'Anything else you need?'

"Naw man, I'm good. I trust you didn't have too much trouble getting this."

Kyd thought back to his fight with the titans. He shrugged 'Eh, not really. It was kinda boring really. I'm going out for a bit. I'll be back later. '

"Alright man, see yea later. " said SeeMore as he went to work on his helmet. Kyd teleported out of the hideout and to a clear meadow. It was basically grass as far as the eye could see and it was very hard to find. The only reason Kyd knew it was hear is because he stumbled upon it while he was randomly teleporting around. He sat on the grass and let out a relaxed sigh.

'Finally some relaxation.' He was about to close his eyes when...BOOOOM! 'What the?!' He looked into the distance and saw some smoke rising. '*sigh* so much for relaxing. I better go check that out. Dammit...'

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