It's wasn't that hard to find SeeMore. All he had to do was look for a tiny green cyclops surrounded by a bunch of brown crates but that didn't mean he couldn't take his oh so sweet time to do it.

As Kyd made his way to where he knew his friend was, he decided to use this time to sort out his thoughts (and calm his raging boner). But not matter how much he tried, one thought was more dominant than the rest. It was..


Yeah, that...

Kyd's mind was in total and utter chaos. He knew that Blackfire would probably try to get him back for being THAT close to her boobs (totally worth it by the way) but of all the ways to get him back, she had to choose THAT? Not that he didn't enjoy it, he IS a black blooded demon male after all.

'I mean, flirting is one thing, but THAT was just...ugh!' He thought as he continued his walk. 'She must be trying to mess with me! Yeah, that's it! She's trying to donk up my brain! Well it won't work! My brain is undonkable!' He thought as he continued making his way to his one-eyed friend.

Meanwhile, unknown to the mute, villainous fiend, hidden amongst the many crates and boxes, a pair of pink eyes with black slits were watching his every move.

Nya-Nya had never been more confused than she was now. First, the girl who resembled one of the titans was mad at the two males. Then, for some reason, she attempted to mate one of them as if she wasn't angry at all. Then the male, who seemed to be enjoying it, suddenly ran off at the call of his friend. It just made no sense to her.

'Such an odd bunch these three are.' She thought as she continued to stalk him. As she crept amongst the boxes and crates, she noticed that he seemed to be making arm gestures. She raised an eyebrow at this and moved closer to see what he could possibly be doing while still trying to remain hidden. Apon closer inspection, she noticed that his facial expression kept changing as well. He looked like he was having a conversation of some sort but no sound left his lips.

'Is he... talking to himself...?'

Kyd continued his mental rant for a few minutes before he suddenly stopped moving all together. Something wasn't right...

He turned around and scanned his surroundings. Nya held in a gasp and moved behind one of the crates as quickly as she could, hoping to Kami that he didn't see her.

Kyd looked around, looking for...something. He didn't know what but he knew it was something. A few crates here, boxes there, nothing out of the ordinary. Still, something just didn't sit right with him. He could swear that something was here. Perhaps it was some sort of demon thing that warned him in advance or maybe he was being paranoid but he could swear that something was watching him.

'Great, I'm losing my mind. That just what I need.'

He sighed and decided to return to his previous mission of finding SeeMore. 'The sooner I find SeeMore, the sooner I can go home and pretend that none of this ever happened.'

Nya let out a breath that she didn't even know she was holding. That was too close.

'But now he's suspicious. He knows to be cautious.' She thought. But if he now knew he was being followed, why didn't he call her out on it.

'Is he waiting for me to strike first? Does he honestly think he could beat me single handedly?'

The very idea made her angry. How dare he think he could beat her. He dare he insult her by waiting for her to strike first. Well, if he wants her to strike, then that's just what she'll do.

'Let's how tough you are batboy.'

She stalked a little closer before moving into a crouch, balancing her weight on her arms and legs. Her head hovering low, a very faint growl echoing from her chest- like a predator hunting helpless prey.

Kyd didn't get far before he heard something. It sounded like something was vibrating. No, not vibrating- growling. His eyes widened and he let out a gasp before turning around just in time to see a pink blur crash into him.

'Where are they?' Thought SeeMore.

He had been leaning on the crate filled with the targeted video games, tapping his foot against it while whistling show tunes for about ten minutes now. It really shouldn't have taken them so long to find him.

Now, SeeMore was usually the patient one of the group. He never really had a problem with waiting but he did have a problem with not being able to play video games.

'Just how long does it take to find a green person with one eye? Not that long!'

He continued this mental rant with himself a moment before hearing near by. 'Well it's about time.' He thought.

He turned in the direction of the sound; about to make a joke about him being the slowest teleporter ever but held his tongue when he saw no trace of Kyd. Instead, he saw a rather troubled looking dark haired alien walking towards him.

"Uuh...You okay there Blackfire?"

She clearly hadn't noticed that he was even there because as she heard his voice, she let out a small gasp and looked him in surprise before shaking her head, hoping that he hadn't noticed.

"Uh...yeah, I'm fine. I was just...thinking about...stuff."

It wasn't technically a lie; it was more like a half-truth. After her little...experiment with Kyd, she was left rather confused. At first, she wondered how far she would've gone if Kyd hadn't run off. Would she have taken him there or would she have realised what she was doing and stop? If she HAD come to her senses and realised that she could stop, would she want to? She had only wanted to tempt him. Let him know what he could have and then never give it to him like she had done with so many others. Sometimes without even trying. So why was she willing to go farther with Kyd then every other male she tempted.

'Then again, Kyd isn't every other male is he?'

All her life, Blackfire had never seen a man actually resist her advances before, more or less run away from them. It was mildly insulting. After all, she was usually the rejecter not the rejectee. Just what had she done wrong?

'Did I move too fast and scare him off? Is he gay? No, no. From what I felt in his pants, he definitely enjoyed the attention of a woman. So just what di-'

"...yd is?"

She was brought out of her thoughts at the sound of SeeMore's voice. She almost blushed in embarrassment. She had been so busy thinking about Kyd that she totally forgot that he was there.

"Huh? What?"

"I said, do you know where Kyd is?"

"What? You mean he isn't here with you?"

"No. I thought he was with you."

Now that was strange. Didn't Kyd go ahead of her? Surely he would've gotten here before she did. Then again, this isn't exactly the smallest human transportation vessel on this planet.

"He was but he went ahead. Maybe he got lost." She said.

"Well that's just great! He's probably the only teleporter in the world without a sense of direction. I guess we better go find him. Hopefully he didn't forget his communicator at home." SeeMore said as he whipped out his Communicator. "Aha! Found him! Come on, let's go get him."

*( I suggest listening to "Battle! Zinnia - Pokmon Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire Music Extended" for this fight)*

"Ugh!" Kyd yelled as he took another kick to the chest. The kick had no much force behind it that it sent him flying for a moment hitting the ground again.

Honestly, Kyd had no idea how this had happened. One second he was walking along, just minding his own business and the next; his fighting off some weird pink furry thing. The worst part is that she's actually kicking his ass. Not that he'd ever admit that though.

"Oh man, I'm definitely going to be feeling that tomorrow."He said as he struggled to get up. When he finally managed to get himself to his feet, he looked up just in time to teleport out of the way of a flying kick to the face. He reappeared behind her as she landed and tried to punch her only for her to spin around and catch his fist before pulling him in to a swift jab to gut followed up with a knee to the chin that sent him stumbling back, just barely regaining his footing in time to block a roundhouse kick to his right side. He then grabbed her knee and span three hundred and sixty degrees before throwing her, hoping to at least get some distance between them. "One day; I would like just ONE DAY where some girl ISN'T trying to beat the crap out of me!"

Nya simply rolled into a crouch before charging at him again, running on all fours. Kyd readied himself to defend against whatever attack she was planning. When she got within striking distance, he quickly moved to deliver a hard roundhouse kick to the side, only for her to jump into the air, placing her palms on his leg and do a flip, landing directly behind him before sweeping him. She then span around as he fell and delivered a hard knee to his gut before slamming both of her fist into his back and slamming him into the ground. He struggled to get up only to have a foot push him back to the floor.

"Anata ga battobōi o ushinatte shimaimashita."

Kyd just looked at her with a smirk on his face before responding. "I have no idea what you just said but I'm guessing it wasn't "I surrender." "

She gasped in surprise when he suddenly fazed through the floor- vanishing without a trace. 'What? Where did he go?'

She suddenly heard a noise behind and turned only to be given a drop kick to the chest with enough force behind it to send her to the floor. She looked up in time to see Kyd landing on his feet, sending a smirk. "Now did that count as woman abuse or animal cruelty? I can't tell." He joked.

Nya let out a growl before charging at him again, fist aimed to give one of the most painful punches to the face he'd ever feel. Just as she was about to hit him, he thrust both his arm forward and set up a barrier of dark magic. She hit it so hard that Kyd almost lost his balance trying to keep it up. This didn't go unnoticed by Nya.

'Every shield has a breaking point. Let's see how long he can keep this up.'

She then began unleashing a barrage of attacks on Kyd's barrier; jumping and flipping around it and hitting it from every direction. Kyd grunted with every attack, straining himself to keep the barrier up. 'Dammit, she's strong. Fast too. There has to be something I can do here!'

He racked his brain for any idea on how to beat her but came up with nothing. His barrier started to crack and after a few more attacks; shattered into pieces. Nya smirked in triumph and punched Kyd in the gut causing him to bend over in bend before delivering a swift kick that sent him to the floor; all before the dark barrier shards even hit the floor.

Kyd then disappeared before reappearing on top of one of the crates and lifting one of his in the air. "Shards Mortem!" Suddenly, all the broke shards pieces began to hover in the air. Kyd then pointed his finger at Nya; causing all of the shards to fly straight at her. She gasped and jumped to the side; just in time to avoid one of the shard stabbing her brains out. She tried to outrun them but no matter where she went, Kyd's finger simply followed her; sending the shards wherever she went.

'Enough of this!' She then stopped and turned to face the shards head on. Kyd watched with in confusion as she took a defensive stance. When one of the shards came in striking distance, she let loose a killer roundhouse kick that completely smash it to pits. She continued to destroy the shards until there were none left, leaving only a smirking Nya-Nya and slack jawed Kyd Wykkyd.

She let out snarl before getting on all fours and charging straight at Kyd at such a speed that Kyd didn't even have time to teleport out of the way before he was tackled off the crate and onto the floor with a loud crash. He silently cried out in pain when he hit the ground. He shut his eyes for a moment, trying to will away the pain, before opening them again. Red met pink.

"I'd call you a bitch but I think that would be too ironic." Kyd said a with a smirk despite the pain he was in. Surprisingly, she gigged at his joke before before bringing her claws near his face.

This was gonna hurt.

"Agh, where is he?!" Blackfire yelled in frustration. She was staring to get tired of this searching. Sure, she could and make this easier but then she would leave SeeMore behind and end up on another search.

"Relax will ya? He not that far from here." SeeMore said, starring at his communicator. "Besides, it's only been like; three minutes. Try being a little more patient will ya?"

Blackfire glared at SeeMore. Fortunately for him, he was too busy with tracking Kyd on the communicator to notice. "Well, unlike you, I have better things to do right now than be on this ship!"

"Like ogling Kyd?"

"Exactl- wait what?"

"Oh nothing. Hey, speaking of Kyd; you sure crazy back at the watchtower when we tried to save him. What was that all about?"

She blushed at the question. "I...just wanted to get back at the titans. They caused me enough problems already and then they had the nerve to try and kidnap Kyd. I could not let that go without punishment."

"So you wanted to punish them for stealing Kyd away from you huh?"

"Yes!" She said before she realised what he had actually said. "No wait, that's not what I meant!"

"So you didn't mind that the titans had Kyd? Then why did you go all crazy?"

"No I didn't mean that either! I just...well I...just shut up okay!"

SeeMore just chuckled at her reaction. There was a moment of silence. Blackfire took this time to think a little. Her mind went back to when Kyd ran away from her advances. She was still trying to figure out why he seemed so freaked out about. Was it her? Did he not find her attractive?

'Of course not! Of course he thinks I'm attractive! How could he not? I have everything a male could want in a female! I've had countless men wrapped around my finger! He has no reason to see me as unattractive! Right?' That's when a thought occurred to her.

"But while we're on the subject; what does Kyd want in a girl?"

SeeMore sent her a confused look (which basically means his eye turned into a question mark). "Well... I don't know actually. After all, Kyd's only ever been in one relationship."

"What?! Kyd has a mate?!"

Was that why he didn't give in to her seduction? Did he still have feelings for this other female? The very thought made her seethe in anger. Just what did this female have that she didn't? Nothing! That's what!

"More like HAD actually. But that ended a while ago. Not sure why though. He never told me."

That piece of information calmed her down a bit. At least now she knew he wasn't taken. She took a moment to wonder why she even cared anyway. So what if Kyd had a mate? It's not like it affected her in anyways right?

'But then...why does it bother me so much...?'

She was about to continue this conversation but when she turned to look at SeeMore, she found him staring at her with a smirk on his face. "What? Why are you looking at me like that?"

"You like Kyd don't you?"

Her face immediately went completely red and she almost choked on her own saliva. The look on her face was so humorous that SeeMore couldn't help but laugh.

"What...I don't...I have no idea what you're talking about!"

"Oh really? Then are you blushing? "

"I'm not blushing! " she yelled.

"Sure. And I'm Batman's twin brother." He countered.

"I do not li-"

She wasn't interrupted by the sound of something crashing. "Woah! What was that?" Yelled a freaked out SeeMore.

"Kyd!" Blackfire yelled, concerned over her telepathic friend. Knowing that the sound probably wasn't anything good, they both followed the sound, hoping that Kyd was alright.

When they finally made it to the source of the sound, what they found wasn't pretty.

Kyd was being held against one of the crates but some kind of cat creature He costume was torn in many places and he was slash marks were bleeding. Blood trickled from the corner of his mouth.

"Ima, anata wa kyōryoku shite yorokonde imasu ka?"

"I don't...know what...you're fucking saying...!"

"Kyd!" Yelled Blackfire.

Both Kyd and the cat creature turned they're attention to them. Kyd looked relieved while the cat creature simply raised an eyebrow. Blackfire's eyes started to glow again and flew straight straight at the creature.

Nya quickly dropped Kyd and jumped out of the way. SeeMore ran to his friends side while Blackire started throwing her Black bolts at her from the air. Nya dodged them and run to one of the crates. She ran up it's side before jumping off delivering an axel kick the sent Blackfire to the ground. Nya landed on her feet just in time to see Blackfire surprisingly get up and brush off her attack like it was nothing.

Blackfire flew at her again, this time much faster than before and tried to punch her only for her to catch her fist. She tried to punch her with her free hand but she caught that too. She smirked at Blackfire only for her to smirk back before floating off the ground and sending both feet to her chest cause to stumble back and let go of her hands. Blackfire took this opportunity to deliver a swift uppercut followed by a close range Black bolt that sent her flying through one of the crates.

"SeeMore, get Kyd away from here! I'll handle this!"

SeeMore nodded and put one of Kyd's arms around his shoulder and started carrying him away from the fight. Nya, who has now recovered, charged at Blackfire before delivering a roundhouse kick to her left. Blackfire blocked her attack and jabbed her in the gut causing her to bed over in pain. Nya then delivered an uppercut causing Blackfire to stumble backwards before kicking her hard enough to send her flying back. She saw SeeMore carrying Kyd, trying to escape.

'Oh no you don't.'

She headed straight for them, flipping over Blackfire tried to get in her way and landed in front of SeeMore.

"Woah!" Yelled a surprised SeeMore as he backed up. This only caused her to stalk closer until eventually, he was backed up against one of the crates.

"Mā, mā, watashitachi wa koko de nani o motte imasu ka? " Said Nya as she got really close to him causing him to go very red. Hey, it wasn't every day a real life neko gets close to you.

"Mā, sore wa anata dake no kyūtī arimasu ka? " She said, gently stroking her finger under his chin, being careful not to cut him. This caused SeeMore to go even redder and start stuttering like an idiot. (AN: I suggest you translate that specific sentence so that the rest of this makes more sense)

"Well I uh...you...I mean I...uh...thanks."

"Oh, you speak Japanese?"

"Oh, NOW she speaks English!" Said Kyd who was practically forgotten at this point.

"Well...ahem I uh...I picked up a few things over the years." Said SeeMore, trying- and failing -be smooth causing her to giggle.

"Well, sorry about this but I'm afraid I'm going to have to take you friend. He has something I need."

"Huh? What are you talking about?"

However, before she could explain, she was suddenly grabbed by her tail and thrown into another crate by Blackfire. "SeeMore, NOW!" She yelled.

SeeMore, acting on impulse, quickly pressed a button on his helmet and launching his eye at her. The eye expanded and the next thing Nya knew; she was trapped inside of a giant eyeball.

"Are you two alright?" Asked Blackfire as she went over to Kyd.

"Yeah, I'm good." SeeMore said as a new eyeball formed in his helmet.

"I'm not." Said Kyd as Blackfire lifted him bridal. "My hero." He said in a girly voice causing Blackfire to giggle before turning her attention back to the caged feline who was currently beating the eye-barrier in an attempt to escape.

" Koko kara watashi o kika sete!"

"What did she say?" Asked Kyd.

"She told us to let her out." Answered SeeMore. Both Kyd and Blackfire sent him a look of confusion.

"You speak Japanese?"

"Well, not fluently but I know enough to hold a semi-decent conversation. "SeeMore said, pride clearly noticeable in his tone. "I guess watching all that anime finally paid off huh?"

"I guess so. So what do we do with her?" He asked, referring to the pink neko who had finally given up on escaping through force and was currently watching them.

"I say we eat her." Said Blackfire

"Oh, I call her kneecaps!"

"What? No! We are not eating her!" Said a crossed out SeeMore.

"Then what do you supposed we do? Just let her go?"

"Look just... let me talk to her alright. Maybe I can sort this whole thing out." He said as he walked over to the barrier. Nya-Nya watched his every move until he stood right in front of her.

"Hey there. I think we got off on the foot earlier. How about we start over? My name's SeeMore. And you are...?"

"Seriously? You're going to try the nice guy approach? Will you be making her some tea while you're at it?" Kyd asked sarcastically. SeeMore sent him a blank stare before turning his attention back to the neko.

Nya starred SeeMore in the eye for a moment before choosing to answer. "Nya-Nya."

SeeMore smiled. Okay, he got a name. That's a start right? All he had to do now was take it from there.

"Well, nice to meet ya Nya. Hey, you said that Kyd has something you need right? What exactly would that be?"

Everything was silent. SeeMore waited for an answer while Nya-Nya just stared at him. As if deciding wether to answer his question or not. Eventually, the silence was broken.



"He has magic. Magic I need to become real."

"Woah woah woah, hold up! What do you mean "to be real"? "

"(Sigh) I suppose I should explain. You might want to sit down; this is going to be a long story."

And so she told them everything. About how she was made by the magic of Brushogun, how she was used to make Uehara Daizō look like a hero, how the titans stopped him, how all her brothers disappeared and the reason she came to jumpcity.

"And that's why I came here. To find Raven and use her magic to make me real."

"Okay, I get that but that still doesn't explain why you attacked me." Said Kyd.

"Well, I saw you and your friends arive and heard your friend say that you could use magic. I figured it would easier to get it from you than Raven."

"And you thought of just ASKING me never occurred to you?!"

"I didn't think you'd do it just like that."

"Sure he would!" Said SeeMore.

"He would?" Replied Nya-Nya.

"I would?"

"Sure! I mean, it ain't too much trouble and I don't see any harm in it."

"That's because it in my chest, arms and spine." Said Kyd, giving SeeMore a blank stare.

"Aaw come on man. Can't you just do this one thing?"

Kyd looked at SeeMore then at Nya-Nya. She was given such a hopeful look. He then looked back at SeeMore who was giving the puppy dog eye. "Ugh fine! I'll do it. But you owe me!"

"Deal!" And with that, he pressed a button on his helmet causing his eye to glow bright green. The eye barrier also glowed before popping.

Nya-Nya gave SeeMore a weary look before speaking. "I harmed your friend and probably would've harmed you as well if you had gotten in my way. Despite that, you're still helping me? Why?"

"What can I say? I'm just that kind of guy." SeeMore said with a friendly smile. Nya stared him for a moment before giving him a smile of her own. Stood there for a moment, simply staring at each other before Blackfire, who had been silent up till now, decided to speak up.

"If you two are done starring at each other, I would like to go home please. I've had quite enough of this place."

SeeMore and Nya snapped out of whatever they were in and blushed ( or at least SeeMorw did since Nya-Nya didn't have any blood.) awkward. "Uh, yeah. Let's go." He said awkwardly.

With that, Kyd snapped his finger and they all disappeared.

Back at the lair, there was a flash of dark energy before the four of them stood there. Nya took a look around. They appeared to be in the living room. The place didn't look bad. Homey at least.

SeeMore took a look at the clock on top of the T.V. "Woah! 20:30 already? Guess we were gone longer than we thought huh? Well, guess we better get started that started on that spell right?"

"No." Said Blackfire.

"Huh?" They all turned they're attention to Blackfire who was still carrying Kyd.

"Uuuh...you can but me down now."

Kyd's request fell on deaf ears. "Kyd is injured. He can do the spell when he has recovered but for now, he needs to rest." She said


"It's alright SeeMore-kun. I don't mind waiting." Said Nya-Nya as she turned to Kyd and Blackfire. "Please, take your time Kyd-kun and Blackfire-chan." She said while bowing. She then put on Ala smirk that she was sure they could not see. "I'm sure you wish to be alone time to continue what you were you were doing back on the ship."

Both Blackfire's and Kyd's faces went completely red. "Y-you saw that?" Asked an extremely red Blackfire.

"Yes." She replied.

"How much of it...?"

"All of it."

Everything was silent once again. SeeMore had an extremely confused look on his face while Nya-Nya simply giggled at them.

"W-well, I'm just...g-going to take to his room now." Blackfire said awkward as she left the room with a blushing Kyd Wykkyd.

"What was that all about?" Asked SeeMore as he watched them leave.

"Oh nothing. Just an inside joke." Giggled Nya-Nya.

SeeMore gave her a questioning glance before shrugging and sat on the coach. Nya-Nya soon joined him. There was a moment of silence before SeeMore decided to strike up a conversation. "So, you excited about becoming real?" He asked.

"Yes. I can't believe it's finally going to happen! It's a dream come true!"

"Well I'm happy for ya Nya." He said, enjoying seeing her happy. "So what ya gonna do afterwards?"

Nya-Nya immediately stopped her mini celebration. "What?"

"Ya know, after Kyd turns ya real? What ya gonna do after that?"

Nya-Nya took a moment to think about that question. What WAS she going to do? Her life's mission up till now had always been to find Raven and have her make her real. Now that she had finally done just that (sort of) what was she going to do next?

"I...don't know actually..."

"Really?" Asked a SeeMore. "Doesn't anything come to mind?"

Nya-Nya simply shook her head and stared at her lap. SeeMore watched her with a frown. He didn't like seeing her so down. (Hey that rhymes! XD) Then he suddenly got an idea.

"Well, why do you stay with us?"

Nya's eyes immediately widened and she stared at him with a look of surprise on her face. "What?" She asked, wanting to make sure she heard him right.

"Why don't you stay with us?" He repeated.

"Y-you don't have to do that SeeMore-kun. I'm sure I find something."

Nonsense! We got three extra rooms so you take up space, you got awesome skills which would really come in handy for us and Blackfire can have another girl to hang out with! It's perfect!"

Nya would've blushed at his praise if she had the blood for it. No one had ever complemented her on her abilities before. It felt...nice.

"Well, I guess if it's not too much trouble..."

"It ain't no trouble at all! So what do ya say? Wanna be an honorary H.I.V.E member?"

"Well..." She trailed off, actually thinking about it. It's not like she had anywhere else to go and the only other people she knew were the Titans and she definitely wasn't going to them. So she really didn't have much of a choice. "Alright, I'll stay."

If SeeMore's smile got any bigger, he would've destroyed his face. "Awesome! Welcome to the team Nya! Oh man I can't wait to tell the othe-" He was silenced when he suddenly felt himself being hugged by Nya-Nya.

"Thank you SeeMore-kun. I hurt your friend and could've easily killed you if I wanted to but you trusted me despite all that. Just...Thank you. " She said softly.

SeeMore blushed at the close contact and when he felt her tail rub up against his side. He sat there awkwardly for a moment before slowly wrapping his arms around her waist and hugged her back. His blush worsened when he heard her purr. "Y-You're welcome..."

They took a moment to enjoy the hug before separating. They stared into each other's eyes (or eye in SeeMore's case) for moment before looking away awkwardly. There was another moment of silence but SeeMore decided to break that too.

"So...you want me to...I don't know...show you around town tomorrow?" He asked.

Nya looked at him for a second before putting on a smile. "I would like that. Thank you."

"Any time."

And with that, SeeMore turned the T.V and watched with Nya-Nya, both content with the silence that now dominated the room, nether of them could wait till tomorrow.