He was standing there, in front of Obito's funeral stone. Another time, he was called a hero of Konoha, killed in action, another time he was burried...at least, this time, his body was there. But for Kakashi, it was exactly the same story...he had to mourned his friend...again. That was far too much for whatever human being.

Sakura put his Sharingan back. Just in the name of Obito...because Obito wanted them to continue his dream. And his dream was to become Hokage, and it was left on Naruto's shoulders now...and he had to protect Naruto...that was the only thing he could do fron now on. His life had been a mess..he was incapable of protecting his friends, incapable of teaching his students, incapable of bringing Team Seven back toghether.

The sky was crying, so was Kakashi. The tears were coming out of his eyes withought a sound. He hadn't cried in a long time...but his hart was to heavy, and his brain was too tired, even his body couldn't support his own weight, so that's when he fall on his knees...

„Gai-sensei, please, do something..." he pleaded, like a small kid.

But Gai shook his head in silence. He can't...this time, he didn't know how to...

„I can't help him this ti,e, Naruto..." he said, his eyes weting slowly. Seeing Gai crying like this was strange...so, so strange. „I can't even imagine how he feels..."

And Naruto knew what he meant. He wouldn't be able to accept Sasuke's death one time...what about twice? If his best friend died he would just...

He gently put one hand on Kakashi's shoulder, soon after Gai left, speachless and disapointed.


„I know."

And they sat there, for the rest of the night, accompanied only by the rain. The next morning, when the sun was rising slowly from the skyline, Naruto woke up. He's head had fallen on Kakashi's shoulders, and when he woke up to look at his sensei, he saw the same expresion: painfull, with eyes covered in tears. He wondered if he cryed all night...'how can he get so much teardrops?' Naruto asked himself.


Since the first time they met, Kakashi kept asking them what were their dreams. Even on the battefiled, he brounght up this subject.


„What's your dream?"

Kakashi looked up at him and smiled.