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Chapter 29:

I Heard About the Things You Said

October 31, 1985

The influx of fighters for the light immediately made Voldemort regret his choice of joining Wormtail. Unlike his followers, the man didn't have to respond to a summons via the Death Eater tattoo. His face was bleeding profusely, where Lord Black's spell had hit him in the middle of his face. Dumbledore had cast a binding spell that Voldemort nearly fell to because he was so preoccupied with his injury. At that moment, Bellatrix and Rodolphus Lestrange entered the room, confusing the Anwen and James from the actual timeline. The Death Eaters were mostly killed in the castle's collapse, although a few had gone to the new Wizarding prison. The Lestranges were among the dead. Greyback entered the fray, and Anwen felt Remus' hatred even though her friend was halfway across the room.

Dumbledore, James, and Lord Black were now all fighting Voldemort. Sirius had taken on Bellatrix while Lady Black was quite intent on taking down Malfoy. This left Anwen to begin picking apart Voldemort's protections. Layer upon layer of spells was designed to keep not only his physical body safe but to also keep him from having his wand taken. One spell looked like a snake curled on Voldemort's arm and then down onto the wand. She chose to leave that one alone and instead peel off some of his other protections.

"You know, you're going to die," Sirius said to Bellatrix. Their fight resembled a well-choreographed ballet.

"Already did," she replied. To her dismay, another version of Sirius and Anwen appeared, this one younger and glowing strangely.

"I'm sorry it didn't take," young Sirius said before sending a powerful Full Body-Bind Curse at her. Soon Bellatrix was covered in chains and writhing on the floor, her mouth covered. This timeline's Sirius took her wand and snapped it. Her husband had been attempting to free Wormtail, but Anwen's magic was much too strong. Winnie had retreated to help her slightly older version pull at the remaining layers of Voldemort's shield.

"It seems to hug him, like it's in plastic wrap rather than around him like a shell," Anwen explained.

"Right, I can see that. Want me to work on that snake-like spell with his wand?" Winnie asked.


The two Anwens, so alike and yet different, worked together. Occasionally, one would sense someone's need and fire off a spell in that direction, but Lord Black and Sirius had taken Rodolphus Lestrange down, sent all three Death Eaters to the Ministry holding cells, and were now assisting Remus in his battle with Greyback. The latter was physically more robust than any of the three, but three against one would usually lead to the one going down. Which Greyback did.

All that remained was Voldemort. There was desperation in his face, as now the two Siriuses and Remus had joined the fight. Suddenly his wand flew from his hand, shocking Voldemort. Feeling his protections crumbling, and with no way to do any offensive magic, he pressed his hand to the Dark Mark on his arm and was gone.

"Dammit," Winnie said. "We were almost there."

"We have his wand!" Anwen said, handing it over to Dumbledore. The wand was white, somewhat crooked and the handle appeared to be a claw. "That is one very dark wand. There is just horrible looking magic oozing out of it." Sirius came to hold his wife. Young Sirius did the same with his Winnie.

"How are you two here?" the elder Sirius asked the younger version.

"I think Lady Black pulled us here," Winnie said, looking like she might pass out.

"Are you okay?" Anwen asked as Winnie sat down on the floor.

"I'm pregnant, and this has been more excitement than I'm used to," she answered. "Lady Black, can you send us back, please?"

"Of course," the eldest Anwen said. "Take care of yourself and that baby." With a woosh of light, the youngest pair were gone.

"Pregnant? She's what fourteen?" Anwen asked Lady Black.

"Voldemort is after her there, so they married while still in school – he in his sixth-year, she in her fourth, which of course should only be her third. Voldemort does not touch his followers' children or wives, so being under Orion's care was vital to her survival. I only brought her here in hopes that we might trap him and seal the time rift. Alas, we will need to wait for another opportunity."

"James, do you think you can leave for home? I have the file, and we need to do a debrief. I learned quite a bit about how Tom is protecting himself." Technically, James was still on the clock, but he was sure that Kingsley wouldn't mind if he left the office a bit early today.

Within an hour, the family was gathered at James and Lily's home. Anwen had the file they'd taken from the Ministry. "Mona Bamford attended school with us, although she left two years before the lot of you did. She has an affinity for Time Magic and doesn't require a Time-Turner to slip between timelines," Anwen explained. "She wasn't a particularly good student or a nice person."

"She frequently was in my office for using illegal spells on other students," Dumbledore reported. "I think her older self may have been teaching her Dark spells. She was only in her sixth year when we had to ask her to leave. I don't believe she completed her schooling."

"It must have been bad if you were the one who was doing the disciplining," Sirius mused. "We only ended up in your office three times."

"While that may be true, Professor McGonagall had no problem dishing out appropriate punishments to you four. Professor Slughorn was less capable of doing so to his own students."

"Do we know if she's still alive in this timeline?" Anwen asked. "There's nothing in the file, but it's only about special skills, not life experiences." Anwen shifted uncomfortably, wondering what her official Ministry file said. There were quite a few skills she had that no one knew about, and she preferred to keep it that way.

"I went 'round to the last known address we had for her family," James said, "and the house was completely empty and looked like it had been for a while. I can talk with the DMLE about putting a track on her magic since she has a rare skill and is likely using it to aid Dark Magic."

"Why do you think she might be using it to assist Dark Magic?" Remus asked.

"The only way that Wormtail would have found his way into that area of the Ministry was if someone who practices time magic was there to open a rift for them. I think Voldemort could follow, but only because of the nature of the Dark Mark. I'm suggesting that Bamford opened the rift, and I can make a case for that. We can trace her if she casts a spell in the UK. We can also ask our sister Ministries to do the same, and they can apprehend and extradite her."

"Sounds like it's a good thing you didn't leave your job just yet," Lily said quietly from next to her husband.

"Maybe, but I'm sick of us getting pulled into this war that no one else even knows is going on," James admitted.

"I think I should contact Lady Black in twenty-sixteen and see if she has any knowledge of this Bamford woman in her timeline. I also want to make sure the young Anwen is okay, she was expending a lot of magic, and she's pregnant.

"Wait, why the hell is like thirteen-year-old you pregnant?" Lily asked. "What did you do, Sirius?"

"I didn't do anything!"

"She's pregnant on purpose as some sort of protection for her. We have vague memories of a little girl by the name of Violet, which would fit their timeline. Obviously, we don't have her, so it's a single timeline kind of thing," Anwen explained. "What she's going through is unfair. What we're asking of her is unfair, and don't remind of all the reasons why we must do this, James, I know. I just…one of the things that is happening is my having echoes of all these lives in my head, including the future sometimes. Hers isn't a pretty life, and it isn't filled with friends and pranks and trips into Hogsmeade. She's not playing Quidditch or dancing ballet or singing. She's been turned into a weapon hiding in plain sight, and since in some way it's me, I'm not thrilled about it." Anwen then rose and went to another room to contact her other-self.

"I didn't realize," Remus muttered, holding onto Eva.

"I know," Sirius said. "We've kept rather quiet about it, but…she's just sensitive to it all. MY Winnie will be okay, happier when it's over, but okay. She's just seen a lot in the last year."

"Unfortunately, too true," Dumbledore said. "Your wife and her younger counterpart did a remarkable job pulling apart Tom's defenses. That we have his wand at all is remarkable. Wherever he came from, or whenever might be more correct a phrasing, he's going to be lost without his wand."

"Anwen said something about it being like plastic wrap?" James said. "Care to enlighten us, Lils?"

"Plastic wrap is thin sheets of clear plastic that Muggles use to cover the tops of dishes they want to keep for another day, so nothing falls in or picks up other flavors from the fridge. It can be called cling wrap too." She explained. "I have some in the kitchen I use in a pinch."

"It's very telling that she called it that," Dumbledore mused. "It means that instead of a rounded shell of a Protection Spell, he has molded it to his body. Much stronger protections. But Anwen can unwrap them." The others weren't sure if Albus knew he was speaking aloud. "I need to return to Hogwarts and speak with one of the former Headmasters there." Then he was gone.

"Why can he Disapparate from anywhere?" James asked bewilderedly. "There's supposed to be an Anti-Apparation and Disapparation charm on the house."

"He's Dumbledore, dear; I don't think normal rules always apply to him," Lily said softly.

"But, if he can get in and out, I worry Voldemort could too."

Thankfully, they were saved from thinking more about James' statement's ramifications by the three five-year-old boys coming into the room. Sirius looked into the Moses basket at his side and saw that his youngest was still asleep and decided his very real children were more important than worrying about what might happen next in a war he couldn't even see the front lines of.