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Chapter IV: Schooled.

Last Time.

Naruto smiled before he picked up. "Good news is that you cost Bane at least a few months from making Venom. Along with cleaning up Gotham for a bit." He walked to Batman and brought up a screen. "Recognize this?" He asked bringing up the new Venom.

Batman's eyes widened at the recipe. "It's like-!" Naruto interrupted him bringing up a similar recipe.

"Yeah. It's like 'Titan'. The one Joker tried to make in Arkham last year." He finished looking at the screen.

Unknown Location.

Sportsmaster looked to several screens as outlines of people looked at him. "Only one vial of Kobra Venom survived. "

One of the people spoke up with a French accent. "Maybe it can be reversed engineered. First Cadmus. Then Mr. Twister. Now Santa Prisca."

Another spoke up with a deep voice. "Three times is enemy actions. And enemies of the Light... Will not stand."


Gotham Prison, July 31, 17:00 EDT.

Naruto and Artemis in their street clothes stood outside the prison as a slender, Vietnamese woman in a wheelchair came out. She has black hair that runs down to the nape of her neck, dark eyes, and pronounced cheekbones and lips. Her hair is combed to either side behind her ears, though she has bangs that hang near her eyes and beside both her ears.

She's wearing an open, royal-blue, cardigan-sweater with the sleeves rolled to her elbow and a white shirt beneath it, and dark-green trousers and black sneakers.

This is Paula Crock, Artemis' mother.

"Hello Artemis, Naruto." She greeted them with a smile.

"Hello, mom." Artemis greeted hugging her.

"Hello, Paula." Naruto greeted her walking over. "Ready to go home?" He asked her as he picked her up.

Artemis rolled the chair over to the trunk and folded it up before popping the trunk and setting it in. She walked over and got in the back and Naruto set Paula in the passenger seat. "Naruto, why you didn't come to the last visiting hours?" Paula asked as Naruto started driving.

He started sweating a little before replying. "I was spending time with my... Daughter."

Artemis winced as Paula glared at Naruto. "You're what?! I'm too young to be a grandmother young man!"

Naruto almost swerved off the road at that. "I did not get Jade or Artemis pregnant! Donna's a clone of mine, and Wonder Woman's D.N.A."

Paula just glared at him harder. "I know that you didn't get them pregnant! They're too young. Maybe when they're in their twenties... I'm talking about you! You're my adoptive son."

Naruto told her about Donna as they passed a run-down building. "Hey... That's my place."

Naruto smirked as they drove down the road to a nice hotel. "Not anymore." He stopped, got out, and helped Paula out as Artemis got her wheelchair out, and they took her to her new home.

Metropolis, August 03, 7:38 EDT.

On a bridge, two wires snapped having cars skid into the concrete barriers with a few leaning on the edge of the bridge. Up in a building with 'Wayne Enterprise' on the front Bruce Wayne watched what happened. He walked over to his desk, and pushed the face of the bust-up revealing a button, and pressed it.

A secret drawer opened up and the Batsuit was in it. Hearing something, he turned and saw Superman fly under the bridge, and started repairing it as Superboy jumped down rather hard. On the bridge, Superboy pulled several cars before dashing to a bus that was about to fall. He struggled in till the bus flew up, causing him to fall.

Looking up, he saw Superman holding the bus, and sets it down. "I had it."

Superman looked to him before replying. "Couldn't take the chance. As is your jump could have destabilized the bridge."

Superboy narrowed his eyes at him. "But it didn't" Superman narrowed his eyes at him.

"But it could have. We don't know the full capabilities of your powers."

Superboy looked down for a second before looking at Superman with hopeful eyes. "Maybe you can help."

Superman sighed before putting his hand on Superboy's shoulder. "Batman has that covered." Superboy sighed before Superman puts a hand to his ear. "Superman. Whoa, Green Arrow slow down, what's attacking? OK, I'm on my way." He turned to Superboy before speaking up. "I've got to go."

He flew off as Superboy looked down in sadness before glaring up at him, and dashing away.

Mount Justice, August 03, 13:06 EDT.

Aqualad and Kid are playing virtual air hockey as Naruto is training Donna in 'Sage Mode' by balancing on a spike while sitting on a board.

(A/N: Like his training by balancing on a board in the Toad Summon Realm.)

The tunnel suddenly lit up as the computer spoke up. "Recognized: Superboy, B05." Superboy roughly walked through the air hockey board before another Naruto walked in with Black Canary and J'onn.

"Uncle J'onn!" M'gann flew over and embraced J'onn in a hug as the 'Naruto' with Donna poofed away revealing a clone.

Black Canary spoke up putting her arms on her hip. "Alright. Time for training." As M'gann talked to J'onn, and Naruto talked to Donna, Superboy started to leave before Black Canary stopped him. "Stick around. Class is in session."

She walked forward as the floor underneath her lit up in a circle. "I consider it an honor to be your teacher. I'll throw a lot at you. Everything I've learned." She took off her coat and winced rubbing a bandaged elbow. "Including my own bruises."

M'gann looked worried at her. "What happened?" She asked as Naruto walked over, took his right glove off revealing a white circle, and touched her elbow.

"There you go." He said taking the bandage off revealing a healing bruise. Canary looked wide-eyed at him for a second. "What? I do have powers that I keep secret."

He went over to the others as she continued. "Combat is about controlling the conflict. Have it be on your terms. Acting, never reacting." Canary looked ahead to the teen heroes. "Who's first?" Kid raised his hand as he finished a banana.

"Right here."

He walked over and winked at Canary. "Maybe later I'll show you my moves," Canary smirked before punching him.

Kid blocked it, but not the follow-up sweeping kick having him fall on his back. As soon as he did, the computer spoke up. "Winner Black Canary. Flawless Victory."

Everyone looked to Naruto who was chuckling. "Oh come on. I had to put that on the computer." Black Canary helped Kid up before looking to the group

"Anyone guess what he did wrong?"

Robin raised his hand. "Oh, I know! He hit on the teacher, and got his butt kicked."

Kid looked at him rubbing his shoulder. "Dude!"

Naruto smirked at that. "Yeah! That's my job." Canary sighed as she raised her hand, and continued.

"He allowed me to dictate the fight."

Superboy snorted before speaking up. "I don't need it. With my powers, the battle's always on my terms."

"What if the enemy has kryptonite?"

Everyone turned to Naruto who spoke up. "You wouldn't be able to fight anyone then. Or face someone as strong as you? That talk is the Cadmus programming talking. You're more than that." He walked over as he looked to Canary. "Wanna dance?" He took off his shirt getting M'gann to blush as Canary got in a stance.

She dashed to him and threw a punch that he blocked before throwing a punch of his own. She dodged it before kicking Naruto who jumped over her, turned around, and dropped kicked her. He kipped up as she ran to him. Naruto grabbed one arm, and flipped her over his shoulder before putting a knee on her back and twisted her arm.

Suddenly, a screen with Batman came on, and he cleared his throat.

"Batman to the Cave. Five hours ago, a new menace attacked Green Arrow and Black Canary." A picture of a tall, muscular bare-chested machine that looked like a man came up. It has pointed ears and lacks eyebrows. Its face is stern, with chiseled cheeks, a square jaw, and a narrow, aquiline nose.

Most of its outer surface is formed from untextured metallic segments with visible joints and edges. The segments resembling exposed skin on its face, arms, neck, and chest are pale gray; the crown of its head is orange to imitate close-cropped hair; segments resembling clothing its legs, and bands around its wrists are colored dark green with red eyes.

The screen went to a video of it beating the Justice League. "It has the ability to study, and duplicate the powers, and ability of its opponents,"

Naruto smirked before he crossed his arms. "Yes. But then I had hit it with an E.M.P. and shut it down in... Ten seconds. Seriously, why doesn't anyone think of this?" He asked before walking away and pulling out a phone as Robin spoke up.

"That's an android. Who made it T.O. Marrow?"

Batman shook his head before continuing. "Good guess but no," J'onn spoke up after Batman finished.

"The technology bears a resemblance to Prof. Ivo."

Aqualad's eyes widened before speaking up. "But Prof. Ivo's dead." Canary looked over her shoulder at him.

"So we thought. And hoped."

They turned back to Batman who brought a map of the East Coast. "To make certain this threat is neutralized. We're sending three trucks to three Star Labs location in New York, Gotham, and Boston. Along with decoys in case someone tries anything. We want you to guard the three real trucks." Superboy snorted before looking to Batman.

"So we're picking up the trash?"

Batman just stared at him for a moment. "You have something better to do?" Superboy just looked down as Naruto came back.

"OK, Artemis and Starfire will meet us there." He said before glancing at Batman. "I won't be with you as... Something else has come up that needs my attention. So be careful."

As the others left, Canary grabbed Superboy's shoulder. "When you're ready. I'll be here."

Litchfield County August 03, 20:08 EDT.

The League was loading the android as the Team hid in the trees on motorcycles.

"OK, that's the last of them," Naruto said as the trucks left in three groups as Wonder Girl, Starfire, and Artemis followed one group, Miss Martian, Aqualad, and Kid followed the second, and Robin, and Superboy followed the third. Superman was about to fly until he felt a hand on his shoulder.

Turning around, he saw Batman and Naruto staring at him. "I told you. We need to talk."

With Robin, and Superboy.

Robin turned to Superboy and spoke up. "If dislike is the opposite of like... Does that mean disaster is the opposite of 'aster?" Superboy stared blankly at him for a moment. "See instead of things going wrong they go right." Superboy stayed quiet causing Robin to sigh. "Clearly you're not feeling the 'aster what's wrong?" Superboy kept an eye on the truck before answering.

"Canary. What business does she have teaching combat to a guy with super-strength?

Robin raised an eyebrow at him. "Taking out stronger guys is part of the job. Canary learned that the hard way. Same with Batman. Naruto... And me." With that, Superboy sped faster with Robin being far behind.

With Wonder Girl, Artemis, And Starfire.

Wonder Girl sighed as she drove behind the truck causing Starfire to speak up. "What's wrong friend Wonder Girl?"

Wonder girl shook her head before replying. "It's nothing." Artemis drove closer to her.

"It's about Superboy isn't it?" Wonder Girl stiffened before looking at her.

"Wh-What are you talking about?" Artemis smiled at her not noticing the corn move as they passed it.

"I've seen the way you look at him. You're crushing on him."

Wonder Girl blush, and as about to speak up until green monkey robots flew out, and attached to the truck. Artemis cursed before putting a hand to her helmet. "Our truck is being attacked." After a second, she heads Robins, and Aqualad replies at the same time.

"So is ours."

She suddenly heard Superboy growl in her earpiece. "I hate monkeys." She grabbed a hand-held crossbow and started shooting at the monkeys as Kori's eyes glowed before shooting beams out at them. Several attacked Wonder Girl having her fly off of her bike, and to the roof where two monkeys made a hole. Suddenly, the truck served as the monkeys shot out the tires.

Wonder Girl flew in front and got the driver out as Starfire flew and grabbed the two guards in the trailer out. When she landed, she saw the monkeys fly with a red box. "Friends. I'm sorry but the monkeys got away with the parts." She said sadly before Robin spoke up.

"So did ours. Superboy's gone after them."

Aqualad spoke up after Robin did. "Superboy. Give us your coordinates. We'll help."

"Don't need help. Don't want it!-!" All they heard was static.

"Hey. The monkeys have G.P.S. I'm sure we can track them with that... They're headed to... Gotham." Robin said as Wonder Girl flew up.

"I'll catch up with Superboy." Starfire flew after her as Artemis sighed before taking off down the road to Gotham. "I'll catch up when I can. Be careful. If that android gets put back together, we'll try to take it together. That may keep it guessing."

Metropolis August 03, 21:18 EDT.

Naruto in his street clothes, Bruce in his suit was talking to Clark as they ordered their food. Clark is wearing wears horn-rimmed glasses, a fedora, and a loose-fitting suit that hides his natural physical figure He also has his hair in a different style without the curl.

The group had ordered their food as Naruto leaned back before speaking up. "I'm guessing you know why we want to talk to you?"

He shook his head causing Naruto to sigh. "Superboy needs you."

Clark stiffened before shaking his head. "No... He has you and Bruce."

Naruto shook his head before speaking up. "But he needs his father." Clark was about to stand up, until Naruto grabbed him, and slammed him back down. "Don't worry. I cast an... Illusion on us."

"Anyways, Superboy does need you, Clark... If for no other reason then to help him with his powers." Naruto sighed before he continued. "Remember that guy who attacked us in our dreams right after the League formed? That your nightmare was losing control and killing Lois... Your parents?" (1.)

Clark looked down before Naruto continued. "Well... That could happen to Superboy. He may not have flight or heat vision but he may get them later with no control whatsoever."

"Remember. You got heat-vision on a hot day, and you were crushing on your high school teacher and as she showed a film, you burned the screen down while... Thinking of her." (2.) Clark blushed at that. "And the media would have a field day when learning that your son's killed innocent people because you didn't want anything to do with him."

"I work Donna to the ground so she doesn't lose control of Kurama's chakra, and kill people like I almost did... Three times." Clark stood up and asked for his food to go before leaving.

Gotham City, August 03, 21:22 EDT.

Superboy jumped down on a train before opening the car in front of him to see a short middle-aged man with the Monkeys.

He has a rather formal appearance, inclusive of a white dress shirt beneath a green, sleeveless sweater and a red bow tie. His dress shirt is tucked in his pants, and the sleeves are rolled up to his elbow. His sleeveless, green sweater has a pocket, holding two pens. He's wearing black pants that reach to his ankles, revealing his white socks.

He has visible wrinkles on his forehead, beneath his eyes, and marionette lines. He has high cheekbones. His hair is auburn, with a streak of gray hair on the sides.

"Professor Ivo? I'm whelmed." Ivo looked to Superboy and smirked.

"Since when does the big, blue Boy Scout have a brat?" Superboy glared at him before speaking up.

"He doesn't."

Ivo chuckled before pointing to his monkeys. "Have you met my Mobile Optimal Neural Quotient Infiltrators?" The MONQI's attacked Superboy having him destroy them making Ivo sigh. "And after all the trouble of finding an acronym for 'Monkey'."

Superboy took care of the last one before hearing a voice. "Access: Captain Atom." A blast hit Superboy, who looked and saw the android from the video.

"Maybe my amazing Amazo will suit you better than my MONQI's."

Superboy got up and dashed to him throwing punches that Amazo dodged before he punched him back. "Access: Black Canary." He let out a shriek, causing Superboy to close his eyes, and cover his ears. "Access: Flash." Amazo dashed over, and quickly attacked him out of the car.

"Access: Superman." He picked Superboy up and hits him into a school building. He flew to him and hits him into a schoolroom. Superboy looked up to him and spits a little blood.

"That all you got?" Amazo lifts his hand, and a hole opened up.

"Access: Captain Atom." An energy beam hits him to the gym and Amazo jumped in. "Access: Superman."

Suddenly a yellow flash went by and grabbed Superboy out of the way.


Amazo used its copy of Black Canary's Cry at Kid as he dashed before phasing through arrows, and shurikens that were shot/thrown at him. He hits the ground creating a crater as Kid dashed at him before grabbing Wonder Girl's hand and throwing her away. Superboy glanced at Ivo who was sitting in the stands.

'Combat is about controlling the conflict... Have it be on your terms... Acting, never reacting.' He looked to see Amazo squeezing Kid before suddenly phasing as something shone from the moonlight and landed near Robin. Robin glanced and saw a silver shuriken beside him. Superboy dashed over, only to be thrown to the stands. He got up and glanced around before speaking up.

"Access: Black Canary."

Ivo yawned before speaking up. "Amazo studies and copies your abilities. But what's the point? You all are just poor versions of the originals."

Superboy glared at him before speaking up. "Everyone keeps saying that... THAT MAKES ME ANGRY!" He jumped over and attacked Ivo having the others fight Amazo.

"Access: Martian Manhunter."

Both Superboy and Wonder Girl hits his head and chest having him blow up. "Quick, let's disassemble him!" Robin said as Aqualad, and Miss Martian ran/flew in.

"Yes. Let's not take any chances." Kid looked around not seeing Ivo.

"Hey, where's Ivo?" Wonder Girl helped Superboy up and kissed him on the cheek. "You did great." Superboy blushed before glancing at Robin.

Mount Justice, August 04, 1:06 EDT.

The team was standing in front of Naruto, Batman, Green Arrow, Black Canary, and Red Tornado as Aqualad gave them the details of the mission.

"The android is safely being studied at the three separate Stars Lab. But Ivo's escaped." Batman nodded before Canary spoke up.

"Capturing him will be a League priority." J'onn nodded crossing his arms.

"But we understand that your mission came across. Complications."

Batman walked forward and addressed the Team. "Complications come with the job. Your ability to handle them has impressed the League."

Superboy looked up to him with a hopeful expression. "All the League?"

Naruto smirked as Batman nodded. "Yes in time. Kryptonian's have... Hardheads."

Superboy smiled before Donna puts a hand on his shoulder, and smiled at him.

"There's no shame in asking us for help. That's why the League exists... We can't handle everything by ourselves." Robin snorted before getting the silver shuriken out.

Please. We never got the chance. You were following us."

Naruto took the shuriken out of his hands before reaching in his pocket and pulled a black shuriken out with a silver edge.

"These are mine." They looked at him, and Kid quickly took the silver one.


Naruto glanced to Batman before Donna looked to Superboy. "Hey, Earlier... You said you hated monkeys. Why?" Superboy sighed before he started explaining.

"During the first week here... A G-gnome came here because he missed us, and recreated why the League doesn't use this base anymore. It involved Joker and monkeys." (3.)

He walked up to Canary, who looked to him. "I'm ready for your training."

Canary smiled before replying. "Good... Because I'm here for you."

To be Continued.

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1. That's an episode from the Justice League show Season 2. Episodes 5, and 6 Just a Dream.

2. It's an episode from Smallville. Not sure of the episode but I think it's was in the first-3 seasons I know the earlier one's dealt with him gaining his power/training them while dealing with a teen who gained powers from the kryptonite that fell with him, and that's what happened when he got heat-vision. He burned a screen down on a heatwave while thinking of his teacher.

3. Again it's from the tie-in comics with that issues dealing with M'gann's, and Conner's first days in Mount Justice.

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