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Chapter LXVI: Epilogue.

Last Time.

"Having stopped the Reach Invasion, and broken the Light in half. The Team will now operate out of the Watchtower. Side by side with the League. Not because Mount Justice and the Hall of Justice are destroyed, but because you earned it."

The League then walked away after both Wonder Woman and Black Canary kissed Naruto on both cheeks.

"This Team has had it's fair share of successes, but there's still much to do. Superboy, Miss Martian, Mary Marvel, and Beast Boy. You're Alpha. You're going to Mars to help Green Beetle. Black Bat, Kid Flash, Bumblebee, Guardian, You're Beta. You'll search for proof that LexCorp is bringing out the Reach's drink under a different name."

"Everyone else, you're Gamma. You'll look for any leads on what's left of the Light and their plans. Move out!"

As the Team left, Nightwing with Starfire looked on from a doorway. "Business as usual." He said before leaving.


The Watchtower July 4 2021, 12:01 EDT.

"AAH!" Kage, in a different costume screamed before falling down as he and Flash appeared on the Watchtower through a portal.

Naruto is now wearing a black uniform-style jacket with an orange zipper that has several buttons on the waist and sleeves, dark orange pants, and his black boots. He has a red trench coat, a half mask covering his lower face, and his quiver.

(A/N: So there's no confusion, I'll put a D. in front of Naruto and Flash from the DCAU story when they share a scene with their counterparts.)

"What the hell?" Naruto asked looking at a the memorial forest. "When did we add these?"

"Oh my God." Naruto looked to the Flash as he looked on in shock.

He's wearing a more armored version of his suit with a lighter red and yellow.

"Kage? When did you change your costume?" Naruto smiled before turning to see Batgirl.

"Barbara? I could say the same to you." Naruto replied with a smile.

"Well, doesn't matter. You look good in anything." Naruto said standing up, took his mask down, and walked to her as Flash turned to them.

"Naruto! Don't!"

"What are you do-HHMPH?!" Naruto pulled Batgirl in for a kiss having her eyes grow wide and blush, especially after he licked her lips.

She closed her eyes and opened her mouth to battle his tongue with hers as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

As the two were lost in their own world, two women walked in.

The first is Troia, and the other is Black Bat.

"What the hell are you doing, Dad?"

Naruto blinked as he pulled back from the kiss, and turned to face his Daughter. "Dad?" He looked back and widened his eyes. "D-Donna?"

"Barry? I thought you went back home?" Black Bat asked as Naruto blinked as Batgirl rests her head against his chest.

"Barry? Who's Barry?"

Flash, ignoring Naruto, slowly walks to stand before Black Bat.

"Barry, why are you looking at me like that?"

Her question makes Flash realize he's still wearing his mask, so he nervously removes it. Revealing an older Wally.

"W-Wally?" Stephanie stands there in shock before fainting.

At this point, Naruto saw Fury walk in right before Aquaman ran in with Aqualad and Nightwing.

"Well, at least it's not a mullet." Naruto muttered under his breath

The three heroes walked walk over to a passed out Stephanie being held by Wally in a Flash suit.

Fury then goes over to Naruto and crossed her arms.

"Dad, what happened?"

Naruto gets an irritated look on his face as he looks to Donna, then Barbara, then Meg, before setting sight on the group looking over Stephanie, while also looking at Wally with disbelief before shouting,

"Alright! Will someone in this room please explain to me what the hell is going on?!"

Later, Naruto sat at the conference table as Wally was explaining that he's was from this universe after saving the Reach Invasion.

"The Reach? Sounds like a dental hygiene brand." Naruto said as he placed his head in his hands. Looking over to Batgirl who avoided his gaze.

Before anything could be said, Superman flew in as Superboy ran in with him.

"Recognized: Kage, 17."

Naruto D. saw another him walk in wearing a different costume.

"W-Wally?" He asked pulling his hood down showing short spiky hair.

"Yeah, I was finally able to get back home." Wally said before J'onn flew in with M'gann, and Wonder Woman.

"I think I like your pants uniform better." Naruto D. said as Naruto looked at him. This caused her to raise an eyebrow at him.


"The Diana in the Universe I went to switched to a pants and silver version of your outfit." Wally explained.

Later, Naruto D. looked at his counterpart's team composed of the earlier proteges he met with Tim before looking to Beast Boy, Bumblebee, Blue Beetle, Guardian, Impulse wearing Wally's old suit, Lagoon Boy, Static, and Rocket.

Naruto blinked at the man beside Rocket. "Virgil?"

"You know me?"

"I know your other self. Got your powers during an explosion with a gang war." Naruto replied getting the others to blink.

"He was experimented on here about five years ago. By the same 'dental hygiene' alien race." Flash D. replied as he stood near Black Bat.

"Oh. I'm not sure if that's better or worse." Naruto said as a Wonder Girl walked over to Robin.

"Z-Zatanna?!" Naruto D. yelled as he saw Wonder Woman, Dinah, Killer Frost, Miss Martian, Talia and Zatanna stayed near his counterpart.

"You got with Zatanna? Or... is this her sister? The Zatanna on my dimension is pushing past double D-!"

"Htuom sih esolc (Close his mouth)!"

Naruto D. stopped talking as Naruto nodded. "Yep, plus there's Jade, but she's at home watching our daughter."

Naruto D. fixed his mouth before looking at Talia.

"What?" she asked.

"Nothing. I'm just surprised at you being with me as well. You drugged Bruce and had a son in my dimension."

Talia blushed at that as Naruto laughed. "She tried that on me right before we went out!"

"Where's Mei and Anko?" Naruto D. asked getting his counter to raise an eyebrow.

"This you never went home." Flash said before looking to Naruto."This Naruto has Supergirl, a cousin to Superman who was able to escape the destruction of Krypton, Batgirl, Cheetah." Flash stopped seeing Wonder Woman's eyebrow twitch slightly.

"Diana, Shayera, a Thanagarian, Mei Terumi, and Anko Mitarashi, from his world, and Galatea, a clone of Supergirl."

"Oh, so this is where everyone went."

The heroes looked to see Jumper walk in.

"JUMPER!/JUMPER!" The Naruto's yelled out together.

"How did you get in here?!" demanded Conner. But Jumper ignored him and continued looking over the group in front of her.

"Why are you here?" Naruto asked as Jumper raised her hands.

"To send them back with this." She threw a remote to Naruto D's. feet before continuing. "You left yours at the Watchtower, that'll break after using it though, so Flash you can stay here. If he so chooses, that is. Later!" She finished before dropping a smoke bomb down and disappeared.

"Hey, wait! How do you even know that?! First she attacks, then she helps out? What the hell are we dealing with." Naruto D. asked while looking to his counterpart, who could only answer with a shrug. He then picks up the device before turning back to his world's Flash.

"Wally..." Black Bat said as Flash D. looked down to her.

"I don't know if I should stay, Stephanie. The Justice League of the other world... They still need me-!" he stopped when Naruto D. cleared his throat.

"Uh, sorry to interrupt, but it sounds like you already forgot. We've got a portal remote back home Wally, remember? You don't have to choose." Suddenly, Flash ran in and saw Wally before dashing over to him. As both Flashes enjoy their reunion Naruto extends his hand to his other world counterpart.

"I just wanted to thank you for looking after Wally this whole time. This is going to be a hell of a commute, but keep looking after him for all of us here. Okay?" Naruto D. looks to his counterpart's hand and shakes it with a grin.

"No problem! You have my word on that. And you know what that's worth."

Naruto returns his own grin in response.

Naruto D. and Wally then left as a blue portal opened up showing seven people.

The first is Wonder Woman who swapped out her gold for silver, and still has her red bustier but with an Eagle, and star replacing her 'W's', and star outlines stitched on the sides. She has an armband on her left shoulder in the shape of two W's.

As well as a choker shaped like two 'W's', dark blue pants, also with outlines of stars on the legs, and dark blue boots.

A blonde haired woman who looked to be twenty, wearing a blue armored long sleeved unitard that's red on the bottom, a shield design of the House of El on her chest, a long red cape, and red knee high boots.

Superman wearing a more armored version of his suit with darker shades of blue and red.

Batman has a more armored suit with a moving chest plate, and armor over the shoulder of his cape, neck, and an armored cowl with black lines going across the suit.

Martian Manhunter who looked the same.

A Thanagarian with shoulder length brown hair in a yellow and black trimmed track suit.

And John Stewart with a mustache goatee combo and is bald.

Naruto D. and Wally then walked through the portal, having it close.

"An on that note, I give you the new leader of the Team." Naruto said while gesturing to his daughter.

"Thanks, Dad." Troia replied over her shoulder and left.

As Naruto walked down the hall, he glanced to the memorial forest, glanced to Jason's and frowned. 'It's close to the anniversary of his death.'

(Flashback.) (1.)

Gotham City April 4, 2012 16:46 EDT.

Kage, in his old costume stood with Batman and his new protege Jason Todd on a rooftop in front of the Gotham museum. Naruto saw a wall being built a few blocks over before jumping down and followed after the others.

Once inside, they saw the Riddler and a bunch of men stealing artifacts before dropping down. Robin dropped on one man before flipping up and kicked two more.

Naruto shot several arrows that opened to wrap men up in rope before Robin ran after the Riddler, kicked him in the groin, and had him fall down the stairs before jumping on him.

(Flashback End.)

Naruto walked to the Zeta-Tunnel putting his hands in his pockets before remembering Jason started to get more violent on the thugs they fought after the Arkham City incident.


Gotham City June 18, 2013 19:18 EDT.

Robin ran into a man that shot at him in a run down building before they both went through a door.

Kage ran on the walls knocking out several men as Batman followed to see Jason had the man lying on a table. As well as two more men knocked out on the floor.

"20 rounds a second and you're still too slow!" Robin said before another man came out from the other room, aiming a pistol at them.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Robin dashed to the man as Batman disarmed him and elbowed the man's shoulder.




Batcave June 18, 20:15 EDT.

"I had to take him down." Robin said to Batman as he, Batman, and Kage had their mask, cowl, and hood off.

"You shattered his collarbone!"

"He's a drug dealing pimp! I didn't think I had to prop him up on pillows before I took him out!" Robin yelled back.

"We needed him to talk! Now he's in shock!"

"Sorry." Robin said before walking off. "But he deserved it!"

(Flashback End.)

Gotham City June 4, 15:02 EDT.

Naruto walked up to a jewelry store in jeans, black shoes, and a green shirt.

'Mine and Dinah's anniversary is coming up.' Naruto thought, walking in to buy said wife a gift. 'What to get, what to get? I know I know what to get her!'

As he came out with a bag in hand, he past an alley before remembering Jason was stealing the Batmobile's tires as soon as Batman came back from a mission.

Naruto smiled at that before looking up to the sign.

Crime Alley

Naruto's attitude became somber as he walked past the alley before remembering Jason's death.


Bosnia July 3, 2013 20:49 CEST.

Kage, riding his Tomahawk, drove beside Batman down the snow covered rode as they raced to save Robin after learning that the Joker took Robin after stopping him from robbing medicine.

They came up to a warehouse and jumped up in the air from the bank before sliding to a stop.


Only for the warehouse to blow up as soon as they got off their bikes.

Naruto pushed a piece of a wall off of him before looking to see Batman hold Robin's lifeless body in his arms.

(Flashback End.)

Naruto then sighed before walking to his Charger and got inside. Turning the car on, he signaled before pulling out into the street and left for his home.

Gotham City; Naruto's Penthouse July 4, 15:53 EDT.

As Naruto was getting Dinah's gift she was in a conflict every wife/superheroine had which was raising a 2 year old girl! She thought it was going to be easy now with Naruto fully invested in the family plan but noooo, he said that he was going out for a bit.

But that was 15 hours ago just then she heard the door opening and closing then laughter from her husband.

She was thinking some not so nice thoughts and she wished she could say the words but couldn't with their daughter there. As Dinah walked in with their daughter in her arms who is currently sleeping. 'Finally.' She thought walking in to see her husband at the door, smiling like nothing's wrong and not a care in the world.

"And where the hell were you?" She whispered holding her daughter's head to her shoulder.

"Out." Naruto replied putting his keys in a bowl on the small table by the door.

"That does not answer the question."

"OK, I was outside."

She wanted to get angry and yell but she had to stay calm.

Naruto rolled his eyes as he took his daughter from his wife. She yawned as she hugged her father who walked into one of the new rooms to put her in bed.

"Do you know what today is?" Dinah asked as Naruto pulled the covers up.


"No, it is a special day."

"Paula's birthday?" Naruto could feel her stare at the back of his skull.

"No." She replied with a tick mark.

"Oh did the Justice League get a holiday, Chairwoman? Oh! It's the Fourth of July!" Naruto asked walking out to let his daughter finish her nap.

She teared up a bit and mumbled to herself. "It's our anniversary!"

As Naruto left the room Dinah had to talk to someone she can confide in like Jade, Diana, or Paula before silently giving up as she walked out with a sigh.

Paris France, July 4, 19:02 CEST.

Dinah was in a fancy slim black dress sitting at a table in a fancy restaurant.

She was asked by Naruto to go undercover with him in the restaurant, but he wasn't anywhere to be seen. She tapped her foot as she was wondering why she was on a mission on her anniversary to begin with.

She waited for about 20 minutes and was about to leave but the lights dimmed down and there was Naruto dressed a tuxedo singing Elvis Presley – Can't Help Falling In Love.

Dinah was so surprised by this. She actually thought he forgot their anniversary but in fact he remembered and what was even more perfect was that he was singing to her and this was her favorite song.

After the song was finished, he was kneeling in front of her with a necklace that says.

Then Now forever

"Oh my God, Naruto. You remembered"

"Of course I remembered I love you. I remembered everything about what we did. I remembered we went on a date in France and you were wearing a cut sleeveless dress and I gave you a diamond ring and proposed to you and you said yes."

"Naruto. I-!" Dinah was silenced by a kiss from Naruto.

Gotham City, July 6, 22:48 EDT.

In a warehouse, eight men stood around a large round table where five men and two women sat discussing who called the meeting.

"The hell you say!" One man yelled standing up from the table. "If you didn't set this meeting up, who did?"

"I thought it was you East Side losers' who already rolled over for Black Mask and I figured you would as for him.." Another man in a blue suit and white scarf replied.

"Roll over?" A heavy set African American asked the man he sat beside. "The Mask whacked six of my crew in a month!" He slammed his fist down on the table.

"So you set up this meet?" A man asked him.

"No, I thought it was him." The man pointed to the one sitting to his right wearing a red bandanna and sunglasses.

"Wasn't me."

"If you guys want to wait around, go ahead." The man with the scarf said standing up. "But I-!"

"Sit down, Freddy. I called this meeting."

"Who is it?"

"Is it Batman? Or Kage?"

"We didn't do nothing!"

The group looked to see Red Hood walk out of the shadows on the catwalks holding an AK-47.

"Oh, we all know that's a lie."

"Who the hell are you?!" One man asked as they aimed up at him.


Only for Red Hood to open fire, tearing the table and several chairs.

"I said SIT DOWN!"

"You want to die!" Freddy yelled up at the Outlaw. "There's easier ways to kill yerself!"

"Yeah, like yelling at the guy who's holding the AK-47?" Red Hood asked leaning on the railing. "Listen to me you drug peddling scumbags. I will be running the drug trade from now on. You eight are the most prosperous drug dealers in Gotham. I'm offering you morons a deal. You go about your business as usual, but kick up 40% to me."

The dealers looked up as Red continued. "That's a much sweeter deal than the scraps Black Mask is offering you. And in return, you will have total protection from both Black Mask, and any heroes from the Justice League… Mostly Batman and Kage. But you stay away from kids and schoolyards. No dealing to children GOT IT?! You deal to kids, you're dead."

"Okay, crazy man. This is all very generous. But why the hell should we listen to you?" One man asked as a duffel bag was dropped on the table.

"Open it."

Freddy opened the bag as it started to turn red. Several men puked as they looked at eight heads in the bag.


"Those are the heads of your Lieutenants. That took two hours. Imagine what I can do in a whole evening." Red Hood said reloading his rifle. "Make no mistakes, I'm not asking you to kick in. I'm telling you!" He opened fire again before disappearing as the group ducked and covered their heads.

"40% works for me!" Freddy said as they looked up.

Gotham City July 7, 20:33 EDT.

In a building an African American man walked with a young Caucasian man through a lobby to a door.

"I know you never met him before, but be cool. This here is Black Mask. The first boss to gain control of the entire city in twenty years. Whatever he wants in Gotham, he gets." The first man said as they got to the door and paused. "And his… appearance takes a little getting used to."

They went inside to see several men lined up in front of a desk with the chair facing the large window.

Beside the desk is an Asian woman in a grey business dress.

"HE DID WHAT?!" A man yelled from the chair. Throwing his fist out showing he's Caucasian with a white dress shirt sleeves over a purple undershirt.

"Oh good. He's pissed." The man said as they walked inside.

"Our concern is the one who ordered the theft of the android." The woman said looking at her clipboard. "He goes by the name, Red Hood."

"I don't care what he's calling himself. Do you idiots know how many bidders I had for the A.M.A.Z.O.? Dictators and psychos as long as my arm. Millions shot right to hell! And whose money is that?!"

"Yours." The woman replied as the man turned around showing his head looks like a black skull with red eyes.

"My money! Mine! This was a game changer! I was going to buy my way up to high-end international trafficking!" Black Mask yelled as he walked to the front of his desk, the young man trying not to look at his boss's disfigurement.

"Now I'm forced to keep rooting around this local leg-breaking garbage! And he gives me Bat and Ninja trouble, who blows the damn head off! I could have sold him for scrap. But they kept it."

"Yes, the Justice League likes to keep things." Ms. Li said as Black Mask turned to his men.

"This circus act. This Red Foot."

"Red Hood." Ms. Li corrected as looked to her.

"Whatever. He's dead. Take care of it." Black Mask said before he walked to the one trying his best not to look at his head.

"You. New guy."


"Don't be nervous kid. But if you keep staring at me like that, I'll cut your eyes out."

The man tried to look away only for Black Mask to punch him and walk to his desk. "Give me the specs on tonight's shipments."

The man groaned as he got up. "Sir, it's ten cases of assorted SMGs, and PDWs." He said missing both bugs on the desk, and support by the window

Gotham City July 7, 23:48 EDT.

A helicopter landed on a rooftop with men in white hooded coats.

One walked on and saw C-4 and guns before He took off his coat revealing he's Red Hood before aiming his gun at the pilots and pushed them off having the group fall down revealing they're tied up. Red Hood started flying up, only for a large hook to go through the door, keeping him from moving. He looked to see Batman and Kage who was holding a launcher.

"You wanna dance?!" Red asked before pulling away from the building and plummeted.

"Damn!" Naruto cursed as Batman took the launcher and dove after Red Hood.

"Oh, don't worry, I got this." Naruto said before shooting the cable with staple arrows right before it went taut having two pop out from the snap.

Naruto jumped down and followed Batman as he chased Red Hood. They ran along the ledge before jumping to a building under construction. Red Hood dodging the arrows and batarangs flying to him. Red Hood took an oxygen tank before jumping out of the building, threw the tank back, and shot it with his pistol.


The two heroes took cover before giving chase to an unfinished building. Red Hood jumped down on to several beams before jumping to a nearby building, landing in a roll. As they continued, Red Hood turned and shot at them just as he turned a corner.

"Well, he is good." Naruto said as Batman touched his cowl, having lens come over his eyes.

He recorded the chase before throwing a cable at Red Hood's feet. Red Hood turned, and pulled a knife out before cutting the cable just before it went taut. Red then jumped down and crashed through a train station as the heroes followed.

"Think we lost him?" Naruto asked seeing Red Hood was nowhere to be found. Only to see bombs on the support near them.

"… Shit." Naruto cursed before they jumped away.


The heroes groaned as fire covered the area before seeing Red Hood on a motorcycle.

"You haven't lost your touch-!"


The rest of what Red Hood said was masked by a train that came in around the bend. Hiding Red Hood as the heroes jumped off the tracks.

Gotham City; Batcave July 8, 01:12 EDT.

Batman and Kage watched the footage of the chase before Naruto stopped it at the scene of Hood cutting the cable.

"There! He cut the cable right before it went taut. That's something that's practiced, learned."

"Then there's the knife. Know any ordinary blade that can cut through my lines?" Batman said as his cowl was off.

"Not that many." Naruto replied before Batman played the scene of Red Hood on his motorcycle. He took out the train's whistle before hitting play.

"You haven't lost your touch, Bruce!"

Batman stood up, knocking his chair down as both heroes eyes widened.


Watchtower June 25, 14:44 EDT 2016 EDT.

The six Leaguers with Naruto stared at the Outlaws as Fury introduced them.


Only for Red Hood to shoot Batman in the chest, right on his logo.

"Meg, what the hell?!" Naruto yelled as Red Hood dropped a smoke pellet and disappeared.

"Don't worry, Dad." Fury said pointing to Batman who pulled the bullet out of the metal logo. "Let's just say that you're going to get some LONG overdue closure."

(Flashback End.)

Naruto looked at Batman's costume display and focused on Jason's Robin costume before looking back to the screen.

Gotham City July 8, 21:46 EDT.

"Maybe I didn't make myself clear." Black Mask said as he sat on his couch. "I want this man dead." He calmly said leaning forward resting his arms on his knees. "And when I say dead, I mean seriously dead. Beaten, broken! HIS HEAD MOUNTED ON MY WALL KIND OF DEAD!" He yelled at his men.

"Understood." Ms. Li said as he stood in front of her employer. "We'll be taking further precautions at every transaction."

"Screw that!" Black Mask yelled as he stood. "Time he learned that this is a contact sport. We're going on offense. Rough up his business. Something big. Something loud! When he shows up to shut us down, have a party waiting for him! And when I say 'party', I mean a whole lot of people who are waiting to kill him!"

"I figured." Ms. Li said as Black Mask walked past her.

"Just being clear."

Gotham City July 8, 23:00 EDT.

Red Hood watched Black Mask's men attack a club under his protection before turning to walk away.

A few blocks over, he saw one of the crime bosses under his protection beaten and was about to have a Molotov thrown at him to give Red a message from Black Mask.


Only for Red to shoot the bottle setting the man on fire before dropping down on a car and his underling run away

"OK, what's the message?"

The last man ran away, having four people drop down, three men and a woman.

Each in green amour reminiscent of a ninja. All but one man having armored half masks.

One man has a mask over his head with a laser on it.

The next man has a forehead protector and a staff with electric ends.

The woman has two katana swords that glowed as well as long red hair pulled into a ponytail.

The last man is tall and muscular.

"A simple one, actually." The woman said. "Guess what it might be?"

"I have a few ideas." Red said before they attacked. He dodged their attacks for several minutes before Brute punched him to the ground.

"I thought you'd be better." The woman taunted as Baton looked at him.

"Just buying time until they get here." Red said as both Batman and Kage dropped down beside him.

"Sweet, I got a fan club." Naruto said looking at the group. "A lot less women than I want though."

The two groups fought as Naruto grabbed Baton and brought his knee to his face as the woman cuts Red's arm with her sword.

Batman slammed Brute down and knocked him out as Red Hood threw the woman head first into a car, knocking her out right before Shot grabbed him from behind.

Naruto pulled an arrow out and aimed it at Shot. Only for Red to take a taser and plugged it in his eye.

"AAHH!" Shot screamed before the device blew his head up.

"Be happy I only killed one of them." Red said putting the taser away. "They're assassins"

"And what are you?" Batman asked the Outlaw.

"I'm cleaning up Gotham! More than you two ever did."

"You're a crime boss. Stealing territories from Black Mask and killing anyone who gets in your way." Naruto said getting Red to stop after he turned around.

"Black Mask is just apart of the plan. You can't stop crime. That's something you all never understood! I'm controlling it. You want to rule them by fear. What about the ones who aren't afraid?! I'm doing what you won't! I'm taking them out!" Red yelled at the duo before dropping a smoke grenade and disappeared.

Naruto looked down at the sword before picking it up.

Gotham City; Batcave July 9, 01:15 EDT.

Batman analyzed the blood on the blade to a sample of Jason Todd's. After a moment, both heroes looked at the screen.

100% MATCH


They looked to see Alfred who dropped the try of ta before glancing to the screen once more.

Gotham City July 10, 21:02 EDT.

"SON OF A BITCH!" Black Mask cursed his men. "Are you telling me that he stole my guns, AGAIN?!"

"No sir, he destroyed them." Ms. Li replied. "Blew up the trucks, the drivers-"

"Damn it. Of all the-DAMN IT!" Black Mask yelled standing up.

"Previously, he was just enlisting those under our employment. Now... he just seems to be killing them." Ms. Li said as Black Mask growled.

"Oh! So now we have another Batman?! One who doesn't mind the blood?!"

"No sir, he's no Batman. He's still taking huge cuts from the streets. But now, he's eliminating the competition. He's coming after you."

Black Mask yelled as he threw his desk to the side and walked to his men. "You want to tell me why this guy ain't dead?!"

"We're trying. We sent the Fearsome Hand of Four after him." Ms. Li said as Black Mask knocked out his men.

"Four?! Guess they're going to need a new name. Why hasn't Batman or Kage wiped this smear off the face of the planet?!"

"Perhaps they're letting you and Red Hood war it out."

"What?! So they can face the winner?! What do you think this is? A tennis tournament?!" Black Mask asked Ms. Li before walking to the window.

"I'm just saying-!"

"You're an idiot! And you don't know them. They can't catch them either! Or… it's something else. Can't you feel it? We're stuck in the damn crossfire!" Black Mask said before seeing a red dot appear on his chest.

He looked up to see Red Hood across the street holding a rocket launcher.

"Oh hell!" He said as the dot moved to his forehead.

Everyone ran out just as Red Hood fired the missile.


And blew up the office as Black Mask, Ms. Li, and his men got out to the stairwell.

"You OK, sir?" Ms. Li said as Black Mask looked at the flaming door that just missed him.

"I'm not dead, that's a start. OK, time to change up the ground war."

"How so, sir?"

"I'm being forced into negotiating with a psychotic!" Black Mask replied.

"That doesn't sound good."

"No... It's going to be a nightmare."

Gotham City; Arkham Asylum July 11, 02:01 EDT.

A group of masked and armed men killed a guard at the entrance to the more dangerous side of the Asylum.

"You didn't have too kill him." Another guard said as he, and another opened the door for the men.

"Yes we did. We're paying you two good money to let us inside." The man said as Black Mask and Ms. Li walked in after them.

They went to the Joker's cell where he was in a straitjacket before releasing him, and put a table and chairs inside. Joker was eating potato chips as Black Mask looked to him from his seat.

"I hope you understand the trouble I went through to arrange this little get together here. A whole lot of money, a lot of dead meat." Black Mask said as Joker just stared at him eating his chips.

"Look, I got a problem. And you are absolutely the man who possesses the gift that can… Take care of this problem. I need you to murder the Red Hood. You think you can handle that?"

Joker swallowed his chips before speaking. "May I have some water?"

Black Mask nodded at his men who reached for a glass of water on the table and handed it to the Joker. The Joker took it and slammed it on the table, breaking the top before swinging at the man.


And cuts his throat before grabbing his gun.


And shoots everyone but Black Mask and Ms. Li before pointing the gun at them.

"He-Heh-Heh-Heh!" He chuckled as he looked at the two. "I'm going to need... Something to wear. And a very big truck."

"Sure. Anything else?" Black Mask asked.

"I'll need some guys." Joker said before looking around. "Not these guys, because well... They're kind of dead! He-Heh-Heh-Heh-HA-HA-HA-HA!"

Gotham City July 11, 03:05 EDT.

At the cemetery by his mansion, Bruce and Naruto dug up Jason's grave as Alfred held up a LED lantern. They opened the casket, and saw Jason was still inside.

"Wait, it's been close to a decade. He looks like he was just buried yesterday." Naruto said before Bruce lifts the body up, having the hair fall off revealing a mannequin. "Son of a bitch!"

Infinity Island July 11, 05:30 ECT.

Batman and Kage took out the guards in Ra's home before finding him in a study and tackled him to his desk. Ra's called off his men, and stood up before apologizing to the duo.

"For what?"

"For bringing that blight onto your house."

Ra's reveals that he switched Jason's body and revived him in his Lazarus Pit because he felt responsible for the boy's death; Ra's was the one who hired the Joker as a distraction for them in Bosnia while he tried to cripple the world economy by destroying financial districts in Europe.

Following his resurrection, Jason went mad and escaped. Ra's went to explain he had been trying to find Jason for years, until he heard the news from Gotham of him becoming the Red Hood.

"As penance. I chose not to go at war with you again. And to attempt to rectify the disservice." Ra's finished looking out the window.

Only to turn to see no one was in the room.

Gotham City July 11, 19:33 EDT.

At a bridge in Gotham, the Joker has abducted all eight of the Red Hood's crime bosses, including Black Mask and his assistant, inside a large truck container. The Joker starts to pour gasoline on the hostages, and as he is trying to light it, the Red Hood appears on top of the bridge.

"Hey… Look at you! Mr. Hood!" The Joker said looking up at the Outlaw. "Or do you prefer Red? You know, I used to wear an outfit like that! But mine was a little more classy! Not some motorcycle fetish! You kids today!" He went back to trying and light his Zippo Lighter. "Hold on a minute! I was just setting fire to your gang!"

"Go ahead! You think I care about them?!"

"Don't know! I just wanted your attention!"

"You've always had my attention! But what I really wanted was an audience with you!" Red Hood yelled down at the deranged clown.

"I'm sorry, that seems to imply that you organized this shindig!"

"I did. Sure, I had lots of plans, but the endgame was getting Black Mask so desperate he would seek you out to help! He was the only one with the money and connections to break you out of Arkham!"

"So… I've been bamboozled. Oh my!" The Joker said looking up at Red Hood.

"I wouldn't undersell it. It took a lot of work to bring about our reunion!"

"Reunion?! Have we met before?!"

"Yes, we have!"

"Well… here's to warm memories!" The Joker yelled dropping the now lit lighter. "HA-HA-HA-HA!"

The Batjet flew over and drop foam down onto the truck, putting out the fire before shooting a claw at the Joker and picked him up. Only for the Red Hood to grab him, cut the cord, and fall in the river.

Up above, the heroes heard Red speak on the communicator. "You want him? Meet me at Crime Alley."

Gotham City July 11, 20:33 EDT.

Showing up at an abandoned apartment, the Red Hood tosses the Joker on the ground and starts to beat him with a crowbar.

"How's that feel? Does it hurt!?"

"Only when I laugh."

A few blocks away, Batman and Kage stood in Crime Alley as Batman remembers meeting Jason stealing his tires.

"So glad you can make it." Red Hood said from the other end behind them.

"This ends tonight!" Batman said to Red Hood.

"Nobody knows that better than me!"

"Stay out of this." Batman said to Naruto who shrugged.

"It's your fight."

Red Hood and Batman fight it out and end up on a rooftop of a church, Red tearing off Batman's cowl.

"I think it's only fair if I do the same." Red said taking off his helmet.

"Jason." Batman said seeing his former protege with a domino mask on.


"I don't want to fight you."

"On the contrary."

"Please, let me help you." Batman said as Jason threw his cowl back to him.

"Oh, you talked to Ra's? Does it make it easier knowing that his dip made me this way? Or is this just the real me?" Jason said kicking his helmet to the bat themed hero.


And had it explode, knocking a statue down.

Naruto watched from the nearby building as it started to rain before seeing them go inside a building. He jumped down and went inside where Jason had a gun pointed at Batman who had his cowl on.

"Why? Why on God's green Earth!" Jason yelled kicking a closet open showing the Joker beaten and tied to a chair.

"Is he still alive?!"

Joker looked up and at the three heroes before chuckling and hopped out. "He-Heh-Heh! Got to give the boy points. He came back from the dead to make this happen! So, who's got a camera?" He asked before being punched by Jason.

"You be quiet as possible. Or I'll put one in your head."

"Party-pooper, no cake for you."

"Ignoring what's he's done. The graveyards he's filled. The thousands who have suffered. The friends he's crippled. I thought I'd be the last person you'd ever let him hurt. If it had been you he beat to a bloody pulp. If it was you he killed. I would have done nothing but searched this planet for him and killed him!"

"You don't get it." Naruto said as Jason pointed his gun at him.

"Enlighten me!"

"It would be too damned easy!" Batman yelled. "All I ever wanted to do was kill him. A day doesn't go by that I don't think about giving him the same punishment he's inflicted on everyone, and then… End him."

"Aw. You do think of me." The Joker said before Batman continued.

"But if I do kill him. If I go down the same path. I would never be able to come back."

"Why? I'm not talking about killing Penguin, or Scarecrow, or Dent. Just him." Jason said pointing to the clown. "I'm doing it because… He took me away from you."

"I can't. I'm sorry."

"That is so sweet." The Joker said as Jason cocked his gun.

"You don't have a choice."

Jason threw Batman his second pistol before breaking Joker out of his restraints, pulled him up to hold as he pointed his pistol at the heroes.

"If you don't kill this psychotic piece of shit, I will!" Jason pointed his gun at Joker's head before yelling. "It's me or him!"

Batman just turned around to walk away having Jason shoot at him.


Batman ducked under the bullet and threw a small batarang at Jason's gun, breaking it, and cuts his hand.

"You did it!" Joker yelled out with a grin. "You rootin' tootin' goth loving marksman! You actually did it, you found a way to win. And everyone still loses!" He yelled out as Jason hit a switch on a remote revealing bombs in the fireplace. Naruto dashed over, knocked the Joker out as Batman grabbed Jason and all of them jumped out of the building.


The building blew up as the three fell to the ground. When the two heroes got up, they saw Jason was missing as the Joker was chuckling.

Gotham City; Naruto's Penthouse July 12, 22:15 EDT.

Naruto watched the news on the Joker being returned to Arkham Asylum and Black Mask is set free on a million dollar bail before turning the TV off and looked out at the window.

"I really need to have a talk with Meg."

The End.

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