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It had finally been a month. One month since that fateful day with the gods. Kastor had managed to balance readying the Recovery Legion as the soldiers named themselves with his own kingdom. It had been hectic, especially since some of the more Purists nearly started a full-blown war with the natives on the new continent. That business took at least a week to sort out. But now he had it all smoothed out, the materials were waiting on the docks, he had finally found several families willing to go on the expedition, he had organized several groups of his military that were well trained in dealing with the Nordic Giants, the Titans had provided several 'Myth' Units to assist them, and even the Gods of the other pantheons had joined in. He could count off everything in his head, but his part was done. Now he could just rest from that project. It was in someone else's hands now, and he had a ceremony to get to.

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Oculus was stressed. He had been the individual to which Kastor, King of Atlantis had entrusted with the organizing of a very important project. That alone made things stressful, not to mention all the numbers and orders that were made. Just remembering brought up stress. But Oculus knew not to worry, not until he could do so with dignity. That meant a full check of his body.

Oculus was by no means an old man but he has lived past the expectations of most active soldiers at the prime age of thirty eight. He was about six feet (just putting measurements in for explanation's sake) and well toned. He had a bushy head of hair that was dyed a light green (by some Egyptian Priests of Hathor that he knew) for his Lord Oceanus. Numerous years of work on the field had left his skin bronzed. Like most Champion Fanatics he had light armor, usually an Orichalcum Cuirass and maybe some arm and leg armor. These were painted Green and Gold.

What set him apart from the other Fanatics though was his Rank as a General, his custom Orichalcum blades which were shaped like a shark and serrated, most importantly though was the aura about him. He literally glowed a soft gold; this signified him as a Hero. Someone who had been favored by the gods and granted unnatural strength and prowess in the battlefield, this truly shows when one is capable of defeating a Cyclops with little effort.

After putting on his armor and making sure that it wasn't muddled in anyway, Oculus began walking towards the designated area and began mulling things over in his head.

Oculus was making sure that nothing was being left behind. He knew that the Titans could take them to this world, but he knew that until their influence grows not even his Lord Oceanus could make the trip a second time. They had several metric tons of Orichalcum for making new weapons. They had brought at least twenty to forty metric tons of the highest grade Iron and even a new material called Steel made up at least half of it, these were to be made into walls and buildings. They had also brought about thirty to fifty metric tons of wood, this was composed of Cedar wood traded to them by the Egyptians and Gaian Birch which was fewer in number but stronger and more resilient than any other wood.

All of that was put into specialized wagons which counted at about thirty. With an extra five just for carrying the gold bars that were needed for trade. The food was being carried by an extra three wagons which numbered their group at about thirty eight wagons with at least three of their best Theian enhanced work horses pulling each one. The Recovery Legion's numbers were already up to one hundred fourteen and that's not even counting the cattle and military that was being brought in!

Oculus had forty of his men join the Legion of which only ten were Heroes, Acheron insisted on bringing ten of his cavalry in of which four were Heroes. Then the Murmillos caught wind of the Recovery Legion and thirty of them joined only about five were Heroes, and then the Destroyers not wanting to be out done by the Murmillo joined with twenty of their count, ten were Heroes. They had tried to bring in more to out-do one another until Oculus put his foot down and prevented them from adding anymore than the original group they had brought in. That in total brought in about one hundred military men.

Then came the reason why they needed so much food, the Mythical Units. There were four Heka Gigantes or Minor Hekatonkheires. While they ate considerably less than their hundred handed brethren, they still needed a full cattle for one day. The Satyrs (Panes were actually the ones used in game, but I'm just going to say Satyrs for simplicity's sake) thank the Titans mostly ate plants; also bless whoever trained them as these Satyrs were actual warriors and they were given about ten of them. The Caladria ate like humans and were much easier to deal with; they were given eight of them. They were also given two Lampades who didn't appear to eat anything, or at least not anything Humans ate.

The other pantheons contributed minorly in the form of two Anubites from the Egyptians, two frost giants from the Norse, and the Greeks gave a single Pegasus.

Lastly the families, they had recruited five of them. There was the Corvus Family who were renowned blacksmiths, the Kamuzu family who were excellent doctors and priests for both Atlantean Titans and Egyptian Gods, the family of Gunnar the Green who could make farms flourish no matter what soil they had, The Tekton family were well known carpenters and stone masons, and the Argyris family who were merchants. With at least five in every family this bumped it up to about a grand total of two hundred fifty five mouths to feed. He would include the cattle but they could graze.

Oculus just mentally sighed "so much for a low count of numbers, I guess 'Legion' is a proper title" he mumbled to himself. They had all been gathered into the Grand Plaza. The Recovery Legion barely fit into it. Fortunately there wasn't to be a grand parade or anything like that, as there wouldn't be any room for it. Instead they got a simple cast off. It was to begin sometime soon, though no one knew whe- right as he thought that trumpets blared and Oculus cast his eyes towards the road to the Palace.

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Lord Kastor, King Ajax, and Queen Amanra strode down the road being flanked by various beasts and myths from their kingdoms. They halted just before entering the Plaza. Lord Kastor spoke first, and although there was a rather large crowd his voice spoke over and silenced all of them. "Good men and women of my kingdom, I thank you all for your contribution in this endeavor. But be warned, the path ahead is fraught with more danger than we can fathom. You are heading to a land plagued with monsters that eat humans and have had the strength to push past their mighty walls."

Before any arrogant soldiers could comment Ajax's voice boomed out. "The gods have shared his vision with mine; these walls were far bigger and mightier than the Walls of Troy. Any enemy that can get past those is one that shouldn't be underestimated." Amanra quickly followed up. "We don't know how long you shall be there, but know that so long as you keep your wits about you and work as a whole. Nothing shall stand in your way."

Both Ajax and Amanra looked to Kastor to finish this off. "Now we must bid you farewell. May you succeed in this daunting task" with that Kastor turned and began to walk away. Amanra followed suit and Ajax did the same. But not before shouting one more thing. "Also, if any of you even think of running away. I'll find some way to get over there and tear off your head!" Those that knew him visibly shivered from the threat while even some of the Mythical Units edged slightly away.

There the Recovery Legion awaited their inevitable departure. Oculus himself knew that he shouldn't expect anything to happen that he would notice something like moving an army no matter how small is something you do in one swoop. So he was one of the few that didn't look up to see the storm clouds. What he did notice though, was the sudden feeling of weightlessness which was the familiar feeling of a Vortex spell. One moment Oculus saw the ground and the next thing he knew he was past the clouds and then everything went black.

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Oculus had been one of the few dozen men to survive Kastor's campaign from beginning to end. So he was one of the few dozen who knew what it felt like going through a Vortex. It was a mixture of feeling like you were being stretched to where your bones feel like they're going to snap and the feeling that you were just shoved through an impossibly small hole. This time felt no different, if anything it felt worse. Not only did he feel like he was being stretched he also felt like he was being thrown around the whole universe.

One thing that was definitely the same was the exit. One moment there's excruciating pain and then the next it's like it was never there. Oculus always found this jarring but thanked his Lords and Ladies that the pain never returns. Another difference was that Oculus nearly plummeted to his death. He realized this when the glow of Vortex wasn't present and that he was falling MUCH faster than he should. Disaster was barely avoided by a strong glow that stopped him and his subordinates' moments from a bloody end.

They were still dropped to the ground though. If it weren't for the fact that Oculus knew that his Lord's powers were weak here, he would have probably assumed that he displeased one his Lords in some way. Thus regardless of whatever his face landed in Oculus immediately tried to get back up. The first thing he saw were a lot of people trying to get back up from the drop. The only ones who didn't get a rude introduction to the ground were the Flying Myths who stopped their fall the moment they came out and the cattle and wagons that appeared to be given special treatment as they were gently lowered level to the ground

Oculus wouldn't admit it but he had absolutely no problem with a beast of burden having a higher priority than him. There were less injuries that way and a lot more food.

Deciding to survey the land around them he found that he was in some fairly barren grasslands and that it was about midday. Further observations included there being no water nearby and no identifiable land marks yet. However the feeling that something was on the back of his neck just wouldn't leave, and he knew what this meant. It's the reason he's reached the stature of Hero.

"Everyone, hurry up and get back in order. We've got to find some form of landmark before dark. I don't even want to think about what might be lurking out here. I want one Hekagigantes at each corner of the formation with our two Frost Giants flanking the group. Two Satyrs will be posted at the rear and front of the formation each. All non-military members will be at the center of the formation with Heroes forming the outermost ring." Oculus shouted. Then he spent about two minutes re-arranging people who were getting lost most of them being civilians.

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Then the march began. If the sun went across the sky the way theirs did then they were heading north. It was about ten minutes in that Oculus who was leading the march heard wings flapping and approaching him from behind. He turned his head to find that three Caladria were heading towards him. All three of them had the wings of a sparrow although one of them had bark brown wings while the other had a grayish-black color to them. The gray winged ones had long black hair tied into a ponytail and looked quite a bit older than the bark brown one who had short dirty blonde hair, possibly of Nordic descent. They landed (rather awkwardly) and started walking with him as they folded up their wings into their linen robes.

The bark brown one gasped for air while the other two merely breathed heavily. The bark brown one then gasped then tried to talk and failed at first then tried again. "Sorry about that, the air is a lot thicker down here than we're used to. Anyways we were wondering if you would have any work for us. We were literally bored out of the sky. Don't you have any scouting you need us to do?" Oculus thought for a moment as he never really had any airborne scouts and actually almost forgot about the Caladria.

He finally found the right question for this. "That depends how far will you be able to travel before nightfall miss?" he just realized the fault in his question as he had no idea what her name was. "The name's Adria Ysmillindotter and I could go from New Atlantis to Egypt in a day!" She said and her wings started unfolding. "Oh and can I bring my sisters with me?" Oculus looked at Adria and her sisters then nodded. "If you don't return by tomorrow noon at the latest we will be moving on without you. I hope that you'll be able to find us."

Oculus barely had time to get out of the way as Adria's wings sprang out of her back and she nearly rocketed into the sky. Her two sisters were just as surprised and quickly went after her. Oculus watched her as she flew away and heard a faint "Thank you, I'll be sure to find something!"

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