[Season 5 finale]

I can't sleep because of how emotionally unstable this season finale left me, then an idea popped into my head.

In this story Elena's father is the incredible Tony Stark, yep that's right this will be a crossover between the avengers and the vampire diaries.

When Elena was young her adoptive parents Grayson and Miranda sat her down and told her the truth about her real parents. Isobel was dead, or so they thought back then so they didn't go into great detail about her. Tony Stark was well aware of Elena's existence and after he knew she knew they spent some time together and bonded. Elena would visit Tony in New York every Summer, of course the media didn't know about Elena and they weren't going to find out anytime soon. When the Wickery Bridge accident happened Elena ran away looking for comfort from her father, Tony Stark. He of course supported her along with the rest of the avengers in that difficult time. After almost a year Elena decided she was ready to go back to Mystic Falls and well the rest is history.

She had always doubted if coming back to Mystic Falls was a mistake, but then she thought of Damon and realized it was the best thing that could of happened to her. Yes, she was neck deep in a supernatural world and she literally died, but Damon made it all worth it.

But now that he was gone, she knew she couldn't stay in Mystical Falls any longer. Every tree, every crow, every street light reminded her of her lover. Elena knew she wasn't the only one broken into the pieces, her brother Jeremy had just lost Bonnie. He needed her, more than ever now but she was going insane in this mess of a town. After all Alaric was back, he would take care of her dear brother.

Wiping away the smudged mascara Elena grabbed her already packed suit case and headed out the door. She looked back at the boarding house with a hole in her heart and lay down her goodbye note on the nearest table. She needed to desperately take her mind off Damon and Bonnie. Every cell in her body was telling her to shut it off, to forget everything and let it go. But no matter how bad she wanted to, she knew she couldn't let herself fall any harder.

"Goodbye, my love." mumbled Elena before walking out and shutting the door behind her.

She was going back to New York.

So there it is, the introduction. How did you all liked it? Please review and give me your opinion on it. :) It would mean the world to me

*hugs every tvd fan* With that season finale I think we deserve a hug!