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Kyle (again)

April 6th, 201X

4:00 PM

We were having another town meeting. It was easy to tell that something bad was happening. Sofia told me she was fine after having gone missing for a few hours, so that was a relief. Then she told me we were having a town meeting, just to let everyone know everything was okay. I saw Isabelle there this time, standing at the edge of the plaza. Victoria was the first one to speak.

"Now, this meeting is mainly to let everybody know that we're all okay. All nine of us," she explained. "There is, however, a definite cause for concern here." She turned to Isabelle. "Mayor, were you previously aware of the hatch leading down to an underground facility behind Town Hall?"

Isabelle looked startled. "N-no, not at all." She looked thoughtful. "Well, I knew that… there was one before," she admitted, "but I'd been told it had been sealed up."

"What was it for?" Jack piped up.

"Storage, I think…?" she said unsurely. "It was supposedly closed up before I was mayor, so..."

"You wouldn't know much about it," Ellie finished. "That makes sense. The real question is how those villainous bastards accessed it."

"Ellie!" Sofia cried.

"Those… dastardly fiends?" Ellie tried again as she smiled sheepishly.

"Those wicked bitches," Jack offered with a smirk.

"No, I think that's a musical," Evy said, oblivious.

"Regardless," Victoria cut in, "Ellie makes a good point. It seems rather odd that they took hold of an abandoned storage facility."

"I have no idea how they got to it," Isabelle sighed, shaking her head. "They'd need another entrance entirely to get past me, and-"

"Are you saying that you, like, never leave Town Hall?" Luis butted in.

"Luis!" Victoria hissed, elbowing him. "That's rude!"

"Regardless," Isabelle said, ignoring the question, "this is a big problem. Until we can figure out what to do, I have to ask you to stay in groups."

"Thirteen isn't exactly divisible by any other numbers," Jack muttered.

"Well, we'll just have to be uneven groups, then," Victoria said. "We're definitely not leaving anyone alone this time, though."

Everyone seemed to gravitate to someone in particular except for Paranoia Leaf. I, of course, stayed with Sofia. A few groups joined together to make larger groups, but I still saw Paranoia not joining anyone else.

"Hey, Paranoia?" I called, to both her and Sofia's surprise. "Do you want to stay with us? You can't be alone."

She looked from me up to Sofia, who nodded to agree with me. "...Alright," she said as she walked toward us.

"Well. That's that, I suppose," Sofia said, smiling warmly.

Evy (again)

April 6th, 201X

4:07 PM

I guess most of us had paired up earlier today, since we all seemed to gravitate toward someone in particular when told to get into groups. As that was the case, I'd of course approached Jack again. After that, Ellie walked up to us.

"Hey, you guys want to make a group of three?" Ellie suggested. "There's safety in numbers, so that would mean that there's even more safety in more numbers!" She paused. "And, uh, I can't find Victoria again. I don't know where she went. She kinda disappeared?" She made a sort of hand gesture. "Whoosh."

"Grouping up sounds fine with me!" I said. "It would be nice to get to know each other better, too."

"Don't think that's really a priority," Jack muttered, rolling his eyes. "Sounds like a good idea to pair up, though. Where are we going?"

"Uh… who among us actually has a house yet?" Ellie asked. "Besides me."

"I have one too," Jack said.

"Wow," I said, "it's been, what, two days? How'd you guys get all that money in that time?"

"Fishing, mostly," Jack said at the same time Ellie said "oh, you know."

"I… don't. That's why I asked," I said, in response to Ellie. She just shrugged.

"Bugs. Fish. Seashells. Anything Re-Tail will buy."

I paused. "Well, whose is closest?"

"Mine's just down the road that-a-way!" Ellie responded, pointing toward the western cliff of the town.

"That's pretty close," I said. "Jack's is further south, I think." Jack just shrugged.

"Only problem is, well, it's a pretty small place to host four people, especially if you guys are planning on staying overnight," said Ellie.

"All of our houses are small. If we even have houses," responded Jack. "So, maybe we'd be better off just chilling at, like, The Roost for now."

"Coffee doesn't sound to bad about now, I think," I replied.

"Hey, yeah, that's a great place to hang out! Wouldn't be surprised if another group thought of that already, heheh," Ellie said.

"Well, now that you've mentioned it," Crimson said from a few feet away.

"The Roost it is then," I said. "That's on the other side of the river, right?"

"Right you are, my spicy lass," said Ellie.

"...Spicy lass?"

"Away we go!" she said, ignoring me, and headed east toward the bridge. The other three of us- the other five, actually, as Crimson and Lucas seemed to want to join us -plus those who were going to that side of town anyway, followed.

"I think I've already just gotten used to her weird mode of speech," Jack sighed.


April 6th, 201X

4:10 PM

Sharon and I were the last ones to leave the plaza.

"Don't really see how the whole 'buddy system' thing is going to help us," I said offhandedly. "I mean, not like it did us any good earlier, right?"

Sharon thought for a moment. "Well… we're more prepared now, aren't we?"

I just shook my head. "Well, whatever. Not much else we can do." I turned to her. "Well, where are we heading?"

"...The museum?" she suggested. "It's pretty close, and I like Blathers well enough."

"Sure," I said, shrugging. "It's just up on main street, right?"

She nodded, smiling. "I and a few others have already donated a few fish, bugs, and fossils."

"Oh good," I said, "it won't be totally boring."

"Exactly," Sharon responded, ignoring the backhandedness of the statement. "I thought I saw a few others heading that way, anyway."

I nodded. "Who?"

"Didn't really see. It was a group of three, though."

"Smarter than us two who got left behind, then."

Sharon sighed. "Let's just go."

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