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Garden fight and Party time

Arkham Island

Batman, manages to find his way out of the caves after almost being trapped by Poison Ivy. He was told earlier by Oracle, that Ryan left to find his wife who was taken by Ivy. He knew he had to get there, before they got hurt. He knows Ryan is good, but he doesn't know Ivy.

"Batman! Down here," he looks down and sees Michael nearby. He glides down and lands near the young man. "I'm glad to see you made it. Did you make the cure?"

"Just enough for one," said Batman as he sees the destroyed plants. "I take it you took care of them?"

Michael nods. "It wasn't easy, especially when they fire those spores. Anyways, Ryan took off to get his wife back."

"How long ago?" Batman asked.

"Fifteen minutes ago," he replied. "Sorry for not keeping him here. Ivy warned us if we went near the building he would kill her."

Batman begins contacting his Batjet. "Head back into Gotham and find Gordon. We need to take the island back before it gets worst."

"I thought Joker warned us about some bombs?" Michael asked.

"They were fake," Batman replied as he hands the young man the plant samples from the sewers. "Take this to the Batcave and so the computer can work on making more of the antidote. Once you do then find Gordon."

"I will," said Michael as he takes the vial. "And be careful. Knowing Joker, he'll have something for you after you're done with Poison Ivy."

"I know," said Batman as he heads towards the Gardens.

Michael sees the jet coming towards him and puts the vial away. "Good luck, guys."

Botanical Gardens

Ryan makes his way towards where Ivy is at. He managed to get past the plants and mind controlled men. He figures Ivy wants him to make her way towards him, without fighting anyone.

That actually left him confused. Why is Poison Ivy, a woman who hates males, not trying to have him killed? It didn't make sense. He pulls out his guns and sees the large vine plant appear motioning for him.

He then hears Ivy's voice calling out for him. "You're almost there, come on in."

Ryan takes out the Line Launcher his partner gave him and makes his way across the pit. He sees the plant is gone and the door is nearby.

Walking towards it he sees slowly opens the door. He makes his way inside and sees no one around. A lot of plants, but no signs of his wife or Ivy. He then hears someone groaning nearby.

Looking at the direction of the noise he sees his wife, hanging in the air with a vine wrapped around her body. Ryan takes out his gun and is about to fire when he hears Ivy's voice.

"Drop it, or your wife becomes plant food," he looks over and sees the plant lady appear.

He does as he told her and drops the gun. She has her plants take it away as she walks near the fountain.

"I thought you were going to help us," he said keeping his guard up. "Now you're helping the Joker and you kidnapped my wife?"

"I'm not helping Joker," she replied. "I am helping my babies. As for your wife, I brought her here to thank her for what she did."

"If you want to thank her, then free her," he ordered.

"I will, if you pledge yourself to me," she replied.

"What are you talking about?" he asked confused by what the woman wants.

"When I first met you I could tell you were different just by looking into your eyes," she replied as she walks towards Ryan. "You are strong, caring, and you're willing to go so far to protect the ones you love. You are not like those other men who want to destroy, like Joker. That is why I brought you here. So you can join me and together we will rule this planet with me as its mother, and you as its father."

Ryan knew the woman was nuts, but he didn't think she would be nuttier than Joker. He then turns towards his wife, who is still unconscious.

"What about my wife and my children?"

Ivy sighed as she walks up to him. "They have no place in my new world. But don't worry, we'll make new children, together."

As she goes to kiss him, Ryan stops her. "Sorry, not interested."

He opens pushes her out of the way and pulls out another gun. He shoots at the vine freeing his wife and he runs towards her saving her from falling. He gently puts her down and checks on her. He sighs in relief when he sees she's alive, but then hears a loud scream from Ivy.

"You will regret choosing her over me!" she shouted as large vines begin appearing from the ground. "You see, I thought the plants were in pain. Now I realize they were evolving, growing stronger!"

Suddenly two large vines begin wrapping around the woman as they lift her up. More tremors begin to shake the ground as a large plant monster appeared. Ryan moves out of the way with his wife, as Ivy is moved towards the plant. It engulfs her and when it opens its mouth, Ivy is inside protected by some sort of shell.

"And now we'll grow together. Gotham will be mine!"

Ryan jumps out of the way as a large vine tries to hit him. He puts his wife near the entrance and begins opening fire on Ivy's plant to lead it away from his wife. The plant begins to roar, before it grabs the gun with one of its vine and tosses it away. Ivy appears and speaks to the human.

"How dare you try to hurt my baby!" she shouted. "I was a fool to think you were different. You're not and now I will kill you."

"I'm not like the others Ivy, but I wouldn't try to kill innocent people," Ryan replied as he ducks out of the way of another attack. "You've allowed yourself to believe you are different from men, but you're not. You are like them."

"And how do you figure that?" she asked.

"You crave for power, you want to destroy this world, and you don't care who you hurt," he said as he takes out some batarang that his partner gave him. "Face it, Ivy. Despite all your attempts to be different from men, you are still like them in every way."

"Shut up!" she continues her attack on Ryan, who continues dodging the attacks.

He sees an opening and throws a batarang at Ivy hitting her as soon as the shell opens. She lets out a painful yell, but continues fighting. She fires spores at Ryan, who ducks out of the way. He throws more batarang at the woman every time she opens the shell. Ivy, getting sick of the attacks uses her plant to bring out her mind-controlled slaves.

"Protect me from the horrible evil man," she said as her men charge at Ryan.

Ryan ducks the men's attacks and manages to knock them out, while avoiding Ivy's attacks. He takes out a batarang, fills it with some Explosive Gel, and throws it at her. Ivy's shell protected her from the attack, but he pulls out the detonator and causes the batarang to explode injuring the plant. It then falls to the ground, allowing Ryan to run up to it.

He begins spraying the shell with Explosive Gel. Once the plant recovers he moves out of the ay and detonates the gel destroying the plant. It begins to fall back through the hole it came from, and takes Ivy down with her.

However, Ryan grabs some vines nearby and wraps them around the door. He then uses it to jump to the hole and grab Ivy before they hit the ground. He begins to pull himself up with her and sets her down gently. He checks and sighs in relief when he sees that she is alive, but is going to need to be checked anyways.

"Ryan," he looks over and sees Batman approaching him. "I see you took care of Ivy."

"I did," he picks her up and sets her down near the door. "She may be a villain, but it doesn't mean I want her dead."

"That's good," said Batman as he picks Dr. Young up and hands her to Ryan. "You should take her out of here. I'm going after Joker."

"I'm going with you," said Ryan refusing to leave. "He has hurt my wife and my family. I need to make sure he is stopped."

"I won't let you kill him," said Batman figuring out what he wants to do.

"No," Ryan replied. "I want to make sure he gets his ass kicked before we lock him up. Come on, you know you'll need help."

Batman sighed. "Fine, but let's get her to safety first."

"Got it, but we may want to take her too," said Ryan pointing to Poison Ivy. "It wouldn't be smart if we leave her here with her plants."


Michael has the computer begin working on a cure, while he tries to find Gordon. He has been trying to call him since he got back, but nothing.

"Barbara, has your dad called?"

"No," she replied and sounds concerned. "I have been trying to call him too. He hasn't replied."

Michael decides to try calling someone else. "Bullock, it's me. Have you seen Gordon?"

"No, isn't he still on the island?" Bullock asked.

"Batman got him on a police boat after the island was taken," Michael replied getting worried himself. "He should have been back by now."

"Kid, it never came in," Bullock replied.

Michael sighed. "I'll look into this, thanks."

He hangs up the call and figures that if Gordon never made if off, then that means one thing.

"Someone got to him before he left."

"Do you think it was Joker?" Oracle asked hoping her dad wasn't taken.

"It looks that way," he replied. "Can you call Batman and let him know this? I'm going to head to the city and help out in any way."

"All right, I'll let him know," said Oracle.

Arkham Island

Batman and Ryan make their way towards the west side of the island after dropping off Penelope at the Mansion. They then began heading towards the source of the fireworks that begin going off. They heard Joker telling them where to go and that he is waiting for them. As they make their way towards the other side of the island, they begin to hear some music being played.

"This guy sure loves the drama," said Ryan.

"Just keep your eyes out," said Batman as they make it to the other side of the island where they see four of Joker's men outside what appears to be Joker's face made of wood.

"Looks like we now know what Joker's men were building," Ryan said as they walk up to the men.

"Guest list only," said one of the thugs holding a clipboard. "If your name's not on the list, you ain't going in."

The man begins going over the list trying to find the name of the two men. "Ah! Here it is, Batman," the man shows the name is Batman, but in big letters. "Hey! Looks like you're the guest of honor. "Give him a big welcome, guys. Oh, but sorry Mr. Mathews, but you're not on the list. Better luck next time, bub."

Ryan turns towards Batman, who nods his head. The two men begin beating up Joker's men before making their way inside to find more of Joker's men. The two easily take down the thugs and knock them all out. They then make their way into the building where they see in the far end of the room, behind the glass, there appears to be Joker's with a TV on his head.

"This doesn't look right," said Ryan as the two men approach the glass, with the TV turning on and Joker appears on the screen. "Yeah, nothing good about this at all."

"Are you excited, Bats? I mean, we've been building up to this point all night. Don't tell me you've not been looking forward to it. I know I have, surprise!" the Joker reveals to have be in the room the whole time as he moves the TV from his head. "Everyone always said I should be in television. You two don't want to miss this. Really. It'll be a blast."

Ryan and Batman look on confused, until the Joker on the TV begins counting backwards. The two men take cover as the countdown makes it to one. The TV then explodes almost knocking the two men down. They both recover and look over to see the Joker is gone.

"I guess he figured you would make it past everyone," said Ryan as he begins coughing.

"It was part of his plan," said Batman as they go through the hole that the bomb left and see a door nearby. "Get ready, Joker is waiting for us."

"I know," said Ryan as they make their way through.

Inside in lockup they see Joker sitting on a throne chair. In his lap he is holding the Scarface dummy, which the Ventriloquist uses. Near the throne there are two Titan monsters, with a collar wrapped around their necks, and a long chain to the wall keeping them from breaking free. As they approach the Clown, the Joker's thugs try to take out the men from behind, but are all knocked out by them.

"Why didn't you stop Batman?" the Joker asked the dummy, which has red and white face paint to look like the clown.

"Me?" the dummy respond with Joker controlling it. "It was your plan, you goofy clown."

"Ahh. I'm sending you back to the Ventriloquist where you belong!" he throws at the dummy down towards the men as Joker's monsters charge at them, but are held back by the chains.

"Man they smell awful," said Ryan covering his nose.

"You two had to spoil everything, didn't you?" said Joker who sounds upset. "Beating up Bane, feeding Scarecrow to Croc, slapping around Harley—my hobby by the way—and ruining all my lovely Venom plants."

"It's over, Joker," said Batman.

"Over? Why, my dear delusional Dark Knight it hasn't even begun," said Joker as he pulls the lever and frees his monsters. "Get them, boys!"

"I'll take the thugs and you take on the monsters," said Ryan as Batman turns towards him. "What? You took out the last one with ease."

The monsters charge at Batman, while Ryan fights the thugs. He dodges a punch from one of the men an elbows him in the back of the head. Two grab him by the arms and slam him to the wall. One charges in with a knife, but Ryan kicks his feet up and hits the man in the chest. He then head-butts one of the men freeing his arm, and punches the other in the face.

He grabs both men by the head and bangs their heads together. Another man charges at him, but Ryan moves out of the way as the man hits the wall. He is then kicked in the face knocking him out. Three more men charge at him, but he jumps over and sweeps kick the men.

He jumps over and knees the thug in the middle in the gut and punches him in the face knocking him out. The other two men get up, but Ryan punches them in the gut, and then kicks them in the face knocking them out.

He looks over and sees Batman finishing off the last Titan monster before walking towards him. "Nice work."

"Thanks," the two men then refocus on the Joker, who begins applauding their performance.

"Nicely done, boys. You two deserve a prize," Joker pulls another lever and nearby Gordon appears, tied up. "Your old pal, Commissioner Gordon."

"I thought you got him off the island?" Ryan asked.

"I did," said Batman not sure how Joker got him back.

"Say, he looks all run-down. Let's pep him up," Joker takes out his gun and fires a dart filled with Titan at Gordon.

"No!" Batman jumps in the way and takes the shot.

"Batman!" shouted Ryan and Gordon.

Batman removes the dart, but he can feel the Titan flowing through him.

"Get away…"

Joker climbs down and approaches Batman, but is stopped by Ryan.

"Back away, clown," he said until one of the monsters regained consciousness enough to hit him towards the wall.

"Thanks," he then turns towards Batman. "Ooh, here we go! We're going to have some fun now, kiddies."

He then noticed when Batman lifts his head up, that he is fighting the change. This made the clown upset.

"You're trying to resist the change! That's not fair. Come on! Give in!" Batman punches Joker in the face, but the Clown recovers and pulls out a feather. "So, you wanna play hardball, Bats? Do ya? Your call."

He tries tickling the Batman, but it doesn't work either. This made the Joker upset and disappointed.

"You're running my big night! Months of planning down the crapper. I just wanted to bring you down your grim façade and for once see the world as I see it, giggling in a corner and bleeding. But you've denied me even that. I have nothing to live for."

Joker takes the gun and shoots himself with a large amount of Titan. He falls to the floor motionless, but then a second later he gasps as he opens his glowing green eyes.


Outside of the island, several helicopters are seen flying around the island. Most of them are reporters trying to figure out what is going on.

"Arkham Asylum remains under lockdown, its staff at the mercy of the rampaging inmates. Just then minutes ago we received this taped message," said Jack Ryder as he plays the tape.

"Greetings, Gotham, Joker here. Arkham is mine. Soon I'll unleash madness untold onto the streets of Gotham. But first, direct your eyes to the rooftops and witness the final destruction of your dear Dark Knight!"

"We've been circling the tower since…" then Jack Ryder noticed something. "Wait! There! Joker is making his move!"

Out from the roof top of the Visitor's center, a large white skin monster appears carrying Batman. The helicopter gets a better look and it is revealed to be the Joker, now Titan Joker.

Titan Joker looks around and sees the helicopter. "Show time, Batman!"

He throws Batman on the roof where it's painted in the face of the Joker. Batman can see electric cables running under the floor.

"Let's give the rubes something to talk about. Two freaks in a fight to the death!" Titan Joker jumps off and lands near Batman kicking him across the floor. "And for one night only, please welcome our special guest referee."

Gordon is nearby on a chair, being electrocuted to show Batman what else is at stake other than the city's safety. Joker grabs Batman and lifts him up trying to get him transform.

"So…come on! Change! Get Crazy! It's the only way to beat me!" said Titan Joker as he moves the Batman close to his face. "You know you want to."

"Never!" Batman pulls out the antidote and injects himself with it.

"You wasted the antidote on yourself?" Titan Joker throws Batman away and begins laughing. "Now that's funny!"

He jumps towards Batman, who gets out of the way. Titan Joker begins swinging his large sharp claws at the Dark Knight who dodges the attacks.

"Hysterical! But you still spoiled my fun! And for that, I'll paint Arkham with your blood. Let's get ready to tango!"

Meanwhile, Ryan recovers from the attack earlier and climbs up to the roof. He sees some of Joker's men nearby getting ready to help their boss.

Not wanting the odds to be different he charges at the men and takes them out, one by one. One he finished he is about to help Batman, when he notice the Joker.

"Holy shit! What the hell happened to him?" he then noticed the Commissioner nearby and decides to help him first. He climbs up the ladder and takes out more of Joker's men.

He then makes his way to the Commissioner, but is stopped by Titan Joker who jumps in front of his path.

"Going somewhere?"

Ryan looks down and sees Batman fighting some of Joker's men. He runs at Titan Joker, but slides under the monster. He jumps up and kicks the clown in the face backing him up. Titan Joker recovers and swings his claws at Ryan, who dodges them.

He ducks another swing and runs up at Joker. He gets behind the Clown and kicks him in the back of the head causing him to fall on one knee. He tries to get to the Commissioner, but is grabbed by Joker and is lifted up. He begins squeezing Ryan, trying to crush him to death.

"Oh no you don't," said Titan Joker. "You have caused me enough trouble for one night. I'm going to toss you off this roof, then I'm going to find your wife and kill her myself, and then I'll pay your brats a visit."

"Not…going…to…happen," he pulls out a knife and stabs Titan Joker on the hand freeing him. As the monster is distracted with his wound, Ryan kicks Joker off knocking him off to the roof denting it.

His claws are trapped in the roof as he tries to break free. Batman knocks out the last of Joker's men and begins punching Titan Joker, who manages to break free. He tries attacking the Dark Knight. Batman dodges his attacks, but is soon cornered near an electric fence.

"Now I got you," said Titan Joker as he is about to attack, when Ryan jumps over and kicks the monster from behind knocking him into the wall electrocuting him.

Batman sees his chance and begins attacking Titan Joker again. The evil clown recovers and attacks both men. They both dodge his attacks and both work together to beat the clown down,

"Ryan, get Gordon!" Batman ordered.

"You got it!" Ryan runs up to Gordon and unstraps him from the chair.

"Not so fast!" Titan Joker jumps up to the roof and tries to grab the two men, but Batman stops him. He uses his Batclaw and begins pulling the Clown down. "Get off me!"

Batman using all his strength pulls the Titan Joker off the roof and falls through the wooden floor getting electrocuted. Titan Joker climbs out slowly writhing in pain and coughing.

"I can take it. I can take anything you throw at me, Bats," said Joker as Batman pulls out his Explosive Gel and sprays some of it on his right fist. "You can't beat me. I'm actually going to win. Ready for the next round?"

"Always," said Batman.

"What?" Titan Joker asked.

"I'll never let you win!" Batman charges at Joker and swings his right hand. "Never!"

As soon as it made contact with Joker's face the gel explodes knocking both men apart from each other.

"Nooooooo!" Joker shouted as he falls to the floor and passes out.

Batman recovers from the blast and holds his right arm seeing the Joker has been defeated. Ryan helps Gordon down as they approach the Batman.

"Now that, was nuts. Good work though."

"Thanks," the three men see the power is out allowing the gates to open. "Let's get out of here."

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