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First day

Gotham City

James Gordon arrives to the Gotham Police Department after yet another long night at work. In the past it got to him at how long he had to work, but after doing this for a few more years it became natural for him.

He wonders if this is how the Batman has been able to get used to doing what he does all night. It wouldn't surprise him if it was.

As he walks towards the office he passes by the break room where he sees his officers setting up the Christmas tree. It wouldn't be long before Christmas arrives and he knew that was going to be the busiest day for them. He managed to give some of his officers' time off to spend time with their family. The rest volunteered to continue working so they can help keep the city safe, which he is thankful for.

He makes his way towards his office where he sees his lieutenant waiting for him. He walks in and closed the door behind him.

"Getting here a little early aren't you Ryan?"

Ryan nods softly while taking a sip of his coffee. "Yeah well I needed to talk to you about this rookie you're putting me with. I'm still not sure about this decision."

Gordon sighed knowing that this is the third time his lieutenant has brought this up to him. He sits down and hands him the files on the rookie he is putting him with.

"The kid is good, he passed his tests, his skills are all praised, and I think you'll be able to teach him how to use them on the street."

Ryan reads the file for the third time in a row and was still not convinced. "Look, I get it we need some good cops out there. I just think this kid will survive somewhere else. You know what happened to the last kid. He didn't last even a week."

Gordon knew that was true. New recruits that are send here think it's going to be a walk in the park. The day job isn't much of a challenge, but by the time the night job comes they end up losing it in just an hour. Some of the kids even end up freaking out and get themselves killed.

Those who survived are the lucky ones, but that number is slim. That is why Gordon had every senior officer who he trusts and has experience to have them work with these kids to make sure they are ready for the job. Ryan is the only one who has never gotten someone to train. That's because he doesn't like rookies and thinks his skills are better without a rookie slowing him down.

However, Gordon didn't care what he said. He trusts Ryan and that is why he picked him to train this rookie, especially who he is dating.

"This kid can handle it. Just give him a chance and if it doesn't work out, I'll buy you dinner."

A sly smile appeared across Ryan's face as he begins to talk in a southern accent. "Well, Commissioner Gordon I didn't know you role that way. I would love to go out to dinner with you."

Gordon rolls his eyes and sighed. "Why do you do that?"

"Just for fun," he replied laughing. "Fine, I'll keep an eye on the kid and keep him alive."

"Good, now go meet up with him he should be here soon," Gordon replied.

"You got it," Ryan soon left the room and sighed in annoyance. "Why, oh why did Gordon do this to me?"

"Maybe because you're the only one who didn't get stuck with a partner," Ryan looks over and sees Detective Harvey Bullock nearby drinking coffee. "Seriously, how long did you think it was going to last before Gordon?"

"I was hoping it would last at least until I retired," which Ryan knew was not going to happen unless he won the lottery or something. "Anyways, I have a sneaky feeling the old man knows the kid and that's why he asked me to look out for him."

"I wouldn't put it past him," said Officer Jones who joins in the conversation. "I have heard a rumor the kid is dating his daughter."

"Oh yeah? Who said that?" Bullock asked.

"I don't know, Best said it I think," Jones replied.

"Eh, that guy is full of it," Ryan replied as he sits at his desk. "One of these days he is going to say something that might get him shot in the back."

"I doubt it," Jones replied as he walks away.

Bullock sits down next to Ryan and finishes drinking his coffee. "I say train the kid and see how things go. Who knows? He could end up being as good as you if you train him right."

Ryan sighed knowing Bullock could be right. The way things are going with him getting older he could use an apprentice to pass on all he knows on to.

"Fine, but if the kid ends up being a hot shot I am beating him up."

"I don't really care what you do with him," Bullock replied.

"And that is why I am more liked than you," Ryan finished drinking his coffee and dunks it in his trash can. "Now if you excuse me I'm going to go find this kid so we can get going."


Michael walks into the locker room where he sees it's empty. He figures everyone took off for work. He goes towards his locker and opens it to see it's empty but looks brand new. He takes a look at the other lockers to see they look beaten up and old.

"I guess mine will be like that after a couple of years," he said to himself as he puts his stuff inside.

Once he finished he sits down and looks at the communicator his girlfriend gave him. He can tell she is worried about him and wants to make sure he stays safe. A part of him feels he is confident that he can handle anything that is thrown at him, but at the same time he wonders if what he learned will be enough to bring down criminals like the Joker.

As soon as the thought of facing the Joker entered his mind he began to feel his hands balled up in anger. He recalls what he was told about how Barbara got paralyzed. How the Joker shot her, humiliated her and her father, and how she can no longer fight crime because of him. Why he is not put on death row he doesn't know.

He does know one thing. He has to control his emotions and make sure he doesn't try killing the Joker. If he did he will let his girlfriend down and will end up losing everything. So after breathing in and out he begins to calm down.

He puts the communicator away and puts on his gloves. "I promise Barbara, I won't let you down."

"So it's true," Michael sits up and turns over to see someone standing nearby. "You are banging the Police Commissioner's daughter. I guess that explains everything."

"Who are you?" Michael asked.

"My name is Ryan, Ryan Mathews," the man replied as he walks over to the young man. "Your partner and the guy who has been assigned to keep your ass alive."

Michael was a bit surprise that they assigned him with someone who looks as young as him. But from what Barbara told him the guy is 35 years old, and is eleven years older than him.

"So, what is it like?" he asked.

"What is?" Michael asked.

"To get this job because of your relationship with the boss's daughter?" Will asked.

This ticked Michael off a little, but he kept his cool and replied in a calm manner.

"I didn't get the job because of her, I got it for busting my ass just like everyone else, and if you got a problem with that I can show you what I leaned."

The room got quiet as the two men just stare at each other without the other making a move. It was after a minute since the room got quiet that Ryan began to laugh then pats the rookie on the back.

"Good, you're going to need that attitude of yours to survive. Now, get your things and let's get going."

That's the end of the chapter. Think those two are going to get along? What will happen on their first day together as partners? Will it end in disaster or will they survive?

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