Part 4! Enjoy!

Meeting the crew

"So, commander, it seems your hunt for Saren has come to an abrubt halt. Before it even started."

Jane was standing in the com room. Before her was the holograms of the three ambassadors of the Citadel Council. The Turian ambassador had become quite upset when he found out that Jane had left the mission and headed towards Earth instead.

"Admrial Hackett said it was an emergancy. We had to intervene." Jane answered.

"What was the "emergancy"? Some monsters showing up in one city on Earth? I don't see why you had to leave your mission for that." said the Turian.

Jane cleansed her fist behind her back. She knew the council would react like this, but that still didn't made her feel better.

"Now, now, I'm sure that the commander would have come to our aid in case one of our planets was in danger" said the Salarian Council member.

"Of course I would. I might be of the Alliance, but I'm also a Spectre who follows the will of the Council." said Jane.

"Hmpf. And what about this new crew member of yours? Why did you bring that one in here?" asked the Turian.

Jane knew he was talking about Vergil. Again, she knew that the Council would not like that she brought in someone they knew nothing about.

"Vergil is an expert on "demons" as he calls them. They seem to be some kind of primitive alien species that travel through portals." she explained.

"How does he know that? What is his history with these demons?" asked the Asari.

"I don't know. It seems he has amnesia, he can only remember small fragments of his past. The demon-part is on of these."

That was the explanation Vergil had given Jane, but she suspected that he probaly lied to her. He had not explained what Yamato was, more than a simple steel sword. She would look more into that later, but right now wasn't the time. She needed to get to Noveria and if there were demons there, Vergil could be of great help.

"Well, if that's all there is to it, there is nothing more we need to discuss. Get back to the mission now commander. Report back after Noveria." said the Asari.

"Yes sir." said Jane.

The council members dissapeared. Jane walked out of the room, head spinning with thought. Thoughts of the future. She didn't notice that Kaidan was waiting outside and they bumped into each other.

"I'm sorry commander" said Kaidan

"Kaidan? Don't worry, I'm fine." answered Jane.

"Commander, there is a thing I want to ask you.

Jane meet Kaidans eyes. She had a pretty big hunch of what it might be about.

"It's about Vergil, isn't it lietunant?" asked Jane

"Well, yes. How could it not be. I gotta ask you, do you trust this guy?" asked Kaidan back.

"Is there a reason I shouldn't? More than the other not from the alliance?"

"He rubs me the wrong way. He says he has amnesia, but still remembers how to best fight these demons. Doesn't that seem a bit conveniant? It just makes me think he is hiding something. What if he's with Saren?"

"I understand your concern Kaidan, but he is the only one with any knowlage of these new enemies. Besides, Saren hates humans. It's a bit unlikely that he would seek aid from one."

Kaidan nodded.

"I understand sir." he said.

"But keep an eye on him anyway, we don't want your suspicion to be true." commanded Jane.

Vergil was standing in the main battery. One of the first things he asked for when entering the Normandy was books on the world he was now in, as a means to cure his amnesia. The crew had first laughed at him and then the guy named Kaidan had showed him these glowing, data-papper to him instead. Apparently, in the future people did not use papper anymore, but that didn't really matter as long as he got the information he needed. The amnesia thing was bullshit, he had just used that as en excuse to avoid stupid questions.

"Milions of articles on guns, but nothing on Yamato..." muttered Vergil.

He had been reading for hours but still nothing on his sword. Luckily he was a patient man, reading was sort of relaxing for him and he had no problems holding the information. The automatic doors opened up and Vergil recongniced the alien as a turian.

"Oh, I didn't know there was someone here! Am I disturbing you?" he asked.

Vergil didn't look up but continued reading. The turian looked around and walked in.

"I'm sorry, but this gun needs to be calibrated... and it can get a bit noisy at times." he said.

"Calibrated?" asked Vergil.

"Yes, calibrated. Believe me, I have to get up here several times a day to fix this thing."

Vergil took his stuff and walked past the turian.

"The name is Garrus by the way." said Garrus and held out his hand.

Vergil ignored Garrus and walked towards the elevator. Garrus stod still and looke after him.

"Hm, I could swear this is how humans say hello. Don't tell me I insulted him?" Garrus thought to himself.

Vergil took the elevator down to the shuttle bay. The doors opened up and he found himself face to face with the Krogan on the ship.

"Human" said the krogan.

"Krogan." answered Vergil.

They passed each other without looking at each other. Vegil noticed that Ashley was also down here. The glared at him for a second and then went back to cleaning her weapons again. Vergil mutterd.

"Is there no place private on this damned ship?" Vergil thought to himself.

He walked through yet another door and came into the engine room. Not even here was he alone, but at least there was only a human here. Adams, as Vergil had remembered before, nodded politly at him and then went back to work. Vergil leaned back in the corner and started reading again.

"Oh, hi there! I didn't see you."

Vergil looked up and saw an alien with a purple visor looking at him. At least he thought she was looking at him.

"You're that guy from Earth, right? Hearded you saved the group there, even if Ashley doesn't admit it. I'm Tali" she said.

Tali held her hand out. Vergil looked back down at the datapads again. Tali retracted her hand.

"Did I insult you? I think this is how humans greet each out..." she said uncertanly.

"It is. I just did not greet you back." said Vergil.

"Uh, okay... Excuse me, but why do you carry that thing around?"

Tali pointed at the curved blade Vergil was carrying around. Vergil sighed.

"Because I need some kind of weapon and the guy out there is only selling guns and ammunition. I do not use that." he answered.

"Well, I don't know why you're not using guns, but why don't you use your omni tool?" tali asked curiously.

Vergil looked at tali, this time with legit intrest. He raised his left arm and the omni tool became visible.

"This thing? Can you make this into a blade?" Vergil asked.

"Sure. I can extend the energy and make it permanent, however you won't be able to use any hacking abilities while in that mode." Tali answered.

"Do it."

Vergil reached out and Tali started to work on the omni tool. Vergil had no idea what she did, but tried to memorise the places she pressed. After a few minutes the omni tool changed form and a energyblade sprung out. Vergil moved it up and down and swung it. He looked at it.

"Better." said Vergil.

"Good. I hope it will work for you." said Tali.

"Guess I won't be needing this anymore."

Vergil took his curved blade and tossed it aside. He went back to his corner again. Tali looked at him, expecting some kind of "thanks" but when nothing came she turned and went back to the engine.

"Tali" said Vergil.


"Thank you."

Tali nodded and happily walked back and Vergil was just about to start reading again when Jokers voice was heard.

"All right everyone, we will arrive at Noveria in a few hours. The commander wants to have a little pep-talk in the com-room before we land."


"Ok, a strategic discussion. Better like than commander?"

Vergil rolled his eyes and went to the elevator.

"This better be good." he thought.

"We're looking for Matriarch Benezia down at Noveria, but she might have been here for a while so we should be prepared for hostilities." said Jane.

All the crew member were sitting in a half circle with the commander standing in the middle. Vergil was also among them. He didn't really care about their strategy, he just wanted to get this over with. If there was any chance that Yamato was down there, he had to go there.

"It's gonna be really cold down there, so be sure you prepare yourself for that." Jane continued

"What are we gonna do if we find her?" asked Kaidan.

"Try to capture her. She is a powerful biotic, so it's not gonna be easy. But it is essential if we're gonna have any chance of finding the conduit."

"Basiclly, if you can be ready for anything, be that!" Joker said on com.

Jane shook her head.

"Is he always like that?" asked Liara

"Pretty much. Oh, before I forget, Vergil, we have som gear for you." said Jane.

"Gear?" repeated Vergil

Garrus and Ashley went out and came back with equipment. Ashley brought some weapons and Garrus came with a purple armor for him. Vergil first looked at Ashley and then Garrus and then at Jane.

"These are the standard rifles and gun for you. This is the Kessler pistol, easy to use, perfect for soldiers without experiense." said Ashley.

Ashley picked up the Kessler and showed Vergil how it worked.

"You don't press any button, you grab it and remove it from your hip and it's ready for action-"

"I do not need it." said vergil.


"I do not use it. Or the other for that matter."

"Right. Here is the Lancer assault rifle and-"

"Do you have something wrong with your ears? I do not use guns. Do you understand that?"

Ashley stopped in the middle of her explanation. Vergil stared at her intensly. Ashley looked at Jane for support. Jane herself didn't know how to react. The other members looked confuesed, except for Wrex, who had the same look on his face he always had.

"You can't be serious? Are you gonna walk around without a weapon?" asked Ashley shocked.

"I have a weapon." answered Vergil.

His omni tool formed a blade from his hand. Ashley shook her head and packed her weapons. Garrus lifted up his armor and put it on a table.

"Fine, whatever! It's not like I care anyway, just doing my job." she said.

"All right Vergil, you might not use guns, but you'll need armor. This thing might not be as stylish as that coat you're wearing, but it will stop enemy fire. The Mantis, medium version. It is avalible in light or heavy too." Garrus lektured.

"Hey look, he even painted it purple for him." said Wrex.

"I do not need an armor." said Vergil.

"Come on now Vergil, stop joking around. You don't want weapons and you don't want armor. How do you expect to survive?"

"I have done it so far."

Garrus scrached his head and sighed. Jane observed it all, and for some reason, she actually found it all very entertaining. Whether it was because Vergil was insane or actually could back it up, she didn't know. She seemed to be the only one finding it funny though. Liara and Kaidan just looked confuesed, she couldn't see Tali's face, but she probably felt the same. Ashley looked just as irritated at Vergil as she use to be. Wrex was the only one who seemed uneffected. He simply wanted to go down to the planet.

"Sure, you don't need to use any of it. Is there ANYTHING that you want?" asked Garrus finally.

"Except for Yamato? Give me a breather mask. I have not learned how to breath vacuum yet." said Vergil.

Garrus picked up the armor and walked out. Jane stepped forward.

"That's it folk, get ready. We'll reach Noveria soon." Jane commanded.