Disclaimer: I don't own High School DXD or the Naruto elements. I own the OC though.

So in this particular fanfic, this story revolves around an OC of mine. He has the unique powers not commonly found in the DXD-verse, and has become a certain servant of a crimson-haired devil, while becoming the next wielder of the Boosted-Gear.

Now, this story is inspired from two ideas (or plot factors, how story is written, etc.) from two fanfics: Hollow Dragon Devil and A Flash of Hope. Be sure to read those. They're really interesting. But I'm not copying their story or writing. That will be just cheap, not to mention copyright violations.

But anyways, lets move on with the story!

Chapter 1: The Start of a New Life...literally (Rewrite)

The morning sun has streamed through the window, flooding the entire room with its bright light. Now, most people will just be hit by the sunlight and wake up to it and just get out of their beds and move on with their lives...This is not the case. This guy, in particular, just got REALLY bothered by it and covered himself in his sheets while trying to get more sleep. But unfortunately, the sun has bothered him enough to be wake up and not enough sleep-energy to go back to dreamland.


A long groaning noise first filled the room, followed with a thud of a body hitting the floor. Yep, that is the beauty of getting out of bed. Isn't is wonderful?

"Oooooowww...I fell off my bed...again," muttered the young man. "How many times did this happen...I starting to lose count," spoke the teen.

"*Sigh*...well, no use in moping in my own pain. Better get ready for school."

Yes, this is the new life of a that this man has to follow from here on out. The life of Takuya Bouken


(First Person POV)

Play: Naruto OST: Naruto's Daily Life

So you're probably wondering on who I am, considering this is focused on me now (N/A: Yes, I did break the fourth wall). My name is Takuya Bouken, and I am 17-years old. I am tall for your usual teen, not too tall or not too short, but just the moderate size for a regular teenager. I have jet-black hair, and my hair style is quite a bit messy, but not too messy. I have a moderate muscular frame, but no like those muscle builders that you see on those live wrestling channels. And...I have forest green eyes. I think that is good enough description about my person. Anyways, moving on...

I just finished cleaning myself, made myself breakfast, and packing up my stuff and leave my apartment for school. The usual works. As I walk towards school, I begin to reflect a little on my life...

You see, I'm not your average teenager who just likes to stay in bed do whatever the hell that usual teens do...well, I may be similar, but that is not the point. I am a shinobi from another world who just so happens to end up in another world, of should I say alternate reality or dimension? Well, all I could say is that I am in a new place with new principles. And now you ask, how did this guy end up here? Well, it is a funny story actually...oh wait, I am in front of my school already.

Indeed, because he was now in front of Kuoh's most esteemed high school: Kuoh Academy.


(Third Person POV)

Play: One piece Ost: Hungry Luffy

As Takuya walks through the school, his ears begun to pick up the whisperings around him...

"Isn't that Takuya? One of Kuoh's top student in education and athletics?

"Yeah, but for a guy who is strong and intelligent, he sure likes to just gaze at the sky all day and write in his notebook of his."

"Do you think that he is a novel writer? I wonder what he writes in that notebook of his"

"I bet he is writing a erotic novel...I hope not"

Takuya's cheeks went red a little and silently sighed at the comments about him. Yes, for he is one of Kuoh's top scoring students in his class, and not to mention in sports. Well, when you're trained to be a shinobi who must climb walls with his own feet, fight enemies with hand-to-hand combat, and analyzing the situation around you and make up strategies...lets just say he is better in the basic fields of what usual people do. But he is also one of Kuoh's minor mystery: what does he write in that notebook of his? Students tried to figure out on what he writes in that book, but no avail. Because somehow, Takuya manages to avoid everyone's efforts on what it is, while sometimes not even being aware of it. And thus, people stated to make rumors about him trying to be a novel writer or a perverted erotic author. But that is a case that we will focus on later in this story.

When Takuya is walking through the school, he has in sight of the two school idols. Rias then spoke up, "Akeno, who was that?"

"Oh, that is Takuya Bouken. He is one of Kouh's top scoring student in both athletics and education, not to mention a little mystery that students are trying to solve. Is this one of you feelings, Buchou?"

"Possibly...I will keep an eye on you, Takuya."


(The Park)

Takuya decided to take a stroll in the park, seeing that this was best time to just do it, and he felt like it. He sighed, as it began nearing sunset.

"Well, another day spent at school...doing absolutely boring stuff," spoke Takuya. "I get that gaining knowledge of this world is important, but this seems kind of boring and repetitious..." Terra muttered. Unknown to him, a shadow began sneaking up on him.

And with instincts still within him, he stopped in his tracks, and slowly turned his head to see who was behind him.

It was a girl. But it just wasn't any girl. It was a girl...who had dark black wings her back, and had some kind of S&M clothing.

"..." Takuya stayed silent when he saw that, and rubbed his eyes to see he wasn't hallucinating. Unfortunately, it wasn't.

"...So..." Takuya said slowly to the person. "Can I help you?"

The girl merely smiled at him, and produced a spear of energy within her hand. "No. But could you die for me?" the girl said, and threw the sphere, thinking it was an easy kill.

But he wasn't that easy to kill.

Takuya merely dodged to the side, avoiding the incoming sphere, and charged in towards her.

'I don't have any chakra, so I'll just have to resort to taijutsu and my kunai here!' Takuya though, as he pulled out a kunai out of his sleeve, and charged in on the girl who attacked him. The girl scoffed at him as he charged in on her, and prepared another sphere.

"Pathetic. I didn't put that much effort into my sphere. Now I'll make sure not to miss this time!" the girl said, and threw the sphere at him. Takuya dodged again, thanks to training and instincts he had in the past, as he closed in on the girl. The girl gave an annoyed tch, and soon flew in the air, confident that he can't reach her.

Oh how wrong she was.

As soon as she was a bit high in the air, Takuya also jumped into the air, catching her off guard, and then stabbed her right in the stomach.

"GAH!" she girl screamed in pain, feeling the sharp knife embed deep into her stomach. She glared at Takuya, and pushed him off her.

"Get off me, human!" the girl screeched, as she pushed him off. Takuya got pushed off, but landed on the ground, with kunai in hand.

"Tch. So she isn't that easy to kill, huh?" Takuya said, and decided to ask something. "So do you get pleasure out of killing people, because from the way you're dressed, and the way you act...are you some sort of sadistic killer?" Takuya asked. The girl growled at him, as she prepared another spear in hand.

"Don't get so cocky human!" the girl screeched. "I'm killing you because you have something that is a threat to us! If you want to hold a grudge, hold it against the God who put it in you!" the girl said to him, as she closed in on him. Terra just prepared for the kunai in hand.

She first thrusted at him, to which he narrowly dodged while the spear grinded on his kunai. Unforunately, the metal broke in his hand as it did.

"Shit!" Takuya cursed, seeing his weapon break. The girl smiled at this.

"There goes your only weapon. I guess-" the girl sneered at hi, but was cut off when a fist met her face. She stumbled back, while holding her face in pain.

"GH!" the girl writhed in pain, feeling the impact of her face. She glared at him, while holding her cheek. Takuya merely look impassive on her.

"I still have my fist and feet, you know?" Takuya said to his attacker. The seethed at him.

"You...! You trash! I'll kill you! I'll make sure you die a horrible death!" the girl exclaimed at him. Takuya sighed at this.

"Really? Then how come-" Takuya said, but was cut off when he dodged another spear incoming. This time, not from the girl who attacked him. Instead, it came from a person behind him. He then heard her speak.

"Honestly, to be injured for a human. It's a pity to see. But don't worry. I'll help you out." spoke another feminine voice. Takuya immediately turned his head, and his eyes widened upon seeing another person nearby. And this time, it was a person with blue hair, a tight outfit, and black wings like the girl.

"There are more of them!?" Takuya said, before he had to dodge another spear incoming. He looked to see where it came from, and his eyes widened when he saw another girl. This time, she was in a gothic lolita uniform.

"Hah! This is going to be exciting!" the gothic lolita girl said to him. Takuya frowned at this. He was heavily surrounded by three attackers, he didn't have that much power in him, and his only weapon was cracked.

Great. As if life wanted to screw with him a bit more.

'Well, in situations like these...retreat!' Takuya thought, as he took out a smoke bomb out of his uniform, and threw it down on the ground, immediately surrounding the area in blinding smoke.

"What the!?"

"Smoke bomb! Why would he carry that?"

"Stop asking questions and search for that boy! I want to kill him!"

"I'm sure popular..." Takuya muttered, as he ran out of the smoke, hoping for his get away. However...


Takuya felt something that felt unpleasant. It was a feeling that felt like pain. Pain that made him cough up in blood. He slowly looked down, and his eyes widened upon seeing that there was a spear that pierced through his chest. The spear disappeared, but left a gaping hole in his chest. He slowly looked at who hit him, but with his visions blurring, he saw that it was a figure dressed in a dark trench coat. The figure gave a "hmph" at this.

"You fought well, kid. So I did the favor of giving you a quick warriors death." the figure said, this time male. Takuya fell forward onto the cold ground, and felt himself bleeding from his wounds.

"..." Takuya didn't say anything, as he was paralyzed by the pain and coldness that ran through him. As he did, he could hear shouting.

"Do-...! Why di...that!?...I wan...ki...him!" were the screams of the first attacker. He listened on as the four argue amongst each other, but then he had a feeling that they flew away, leaving him to die there.

Play: Naruto OST: Sadness and Sorrow

'Heh...Looks like I'm going to die, huh...Geez, how much life hates me right now...If I'm going to die, then at least give me something...' Takuya thought, as his vision was turning more dark and darker, until he couldn't see anything, but not until he uttered out these words: "I just wish something will go right in my life."

Takuya's body then limped and stopped moving. Dying from his wound, Takuya's life has ended...

"I see. So you're the one who summoned me." spoke a certain girl. "It seems that something unfortunate happened to you. But don't worry."

She began to take out chess pieces, and has spoke, "I'll pick up your life. From here on out, you will live for me."

She then began something that will forever start a new life for Takuya. Something that will forever change his life.


Alright, when I first read this when I first published it, I sort of cringed. So I sort of rewrote this chapter, this time having Takuya fight back this time, and die not so easily. Hope you enjoyed the rewrite.