This is my official goodbye to this fandom. For my friend, Ali.

Many years had passed. The sun was shining. Flowers in bloom. The sky and the grass as blue and green as they could possibly be. Nothing could ruin this day.

A mother and daughter were headed to spend a day at the beach, but... they had to make just one quick stop. To the old summer home that was abandoned a few years ago.

"Hurry mommy! We're almost there!", yelled Lily. She so resembled her mother, being only 7 years old. Blonde hair, green eyes, adorable.

28 year old Angela Joanne Shoemaker laughed as she watched Lily run down the path they had frequently visited once a year. "Slow down, Lillian Marie Shoemaker!"

"Mom! The flowers are wilting! Come on!", yelled Lily. She was carrying two bouquets of roses, trying her best to make sure they looked neat.

A few moments later, the two made it to their destination. Lily had already laid the flowers in front of the crumbling tombstones that read:

Pinocchio: Beloved Son, Husband, Father, Friend, Grandfather.

Liesel: Beloved Daughter, Wife, Mother, Friend, Grandmother.

A stone tablet that lay between their graves read: "A love so everlasting, it's too amazing to be a miracle."

A moment of silence.

Angel, tearing up, smiled, kneeling beside Lily, hugging her. "Hi, mom. Hi, dad."

"I wish I could have met them", said Lily, hugging her mom back. "From what I heard from all of your stories, they seemed great!"

Angel wiped her tears away. "I wanted them to meet you, too! And they were the best parents I could have asked for!" She stood up, holding her daughters hand. They stayed for a few more moments, before saying their goodbyes and leaving back down the path. "Come, darling. Your Aunt Claire and Godmother Ali are waiting for us at the beach."

In the sky, down from a cloud, Pinocchio and Lee sat together comforted in each other's presence. Heaven had been good to them.

Lee teared up watching her daughter and granddaughter leave the summer home and their graves until next year.

Pinocchio was also very emotional. "Lee, after all we went through, I know we did something right."

Lee nodded and kissed him. "Life is full of miracles, Pino. Now we can watch the new world full of them unfold."

They both smiled tear stained smiles and kissed, passionately.