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Sherlock POV

We're pumping our legs as hard as we can, down the dark, damp and freezing alleyways of London, jumping over bins as if they were hurdles, while all along the beast, who is trying to kill us, is keeping up without any effort. We have pains in our sides like bullets, ripping straight through them, but we continue to run.

Harry and I had just come home, to 221 B Baker St, with our regular fish and chips from our regular seller for dinner. We had a long and quite boring conversation with Mrs Hudson, something about 'Not to burn eyeballs to pass the time instead of smoking, and do not keep dead specimens in your fridge where you horde food.' We tried to hurry things along because I felt something was wrong up in the flat. Harry and I ran upstairs as quickly as we could, glanced at each other, burst open the half broken door, and saw a most alarming sight.

An Octopus: as big as the whole flat, breaking and smashing priceless pots and presents from clients. Harry managed to drop his calamari rings and salty chips on the floor in fright, went as pale as a ghost and then I, of all people to do this at the sight of an oversized octopus, fainted.

A slimy, sticky tentacle with hundreds of suction cups, had brushed past and I awoke with a start. I heard two pairs of footsteps running up the stairs and Mrs Hudson scream in terror. Harry helped me to my feet and I finally got a good look at the orange and blue ringed octopus in our flat.

"Darn!" I muttered. "We were so close to catching onto what Moriarty is doing and now this! I recon he has done this." It was Mrs Hudson's turn to faint now.

We stood there for what seemed like hours then ran back down the stairs. We were so worried about getting out that we completely forgot about Mrs Hudson lying unconscious on the floor upstairs. We got outside and heard crashing, three slimy tentacles stuck out of the doorway- IT WAS CHASING US! It was the middle of winter and we were outside running for our lives, wind nearly ripping the flesh off our cheeks.

We're getting chased down a dead end. All of a sudden Harry's face changes from scared to blank, before he face-palms himself and suddenly pulls out his wand.

"Sherlock duck," he whispers, then shouts: "Reducio!"

A blue light shoots out of his wand and hits the octopus square in his oversized head. It slowly shrinks down to a normal size.

Harry names the octopus, now in a tank, 'Sherlock Jr', and thinks that the name suits him well, but being me, I overlook the childish humour of the comparison. Mrs Hudson has recovered from her temporary black-out and is screaming at me; honestly, I prefer her when she was unconscious. We turn to each other.

"Now let's get Moriarty!" we say together.

Harry and I run outside for the second time tonight, but this time not running for our lives from a giant octopus. We suddenly hear a cruel voice from out of the shadows, as we turn around the corner from Baker St.

"Did you like my little prank, Potter?"

Someone steps out of the shadows down an alleyway, to the left.

"Our prank." Moriarty said annoyed, staring at us as Voldemort steps out next to him.

Harry and I are in shock, we point at the two men, at each other and then face-palmed ourselves.

"No nose is mine!" exclaimed Harry, who still had a red mark on his forehead. "Is the other one yours?"

Voldemort pulls out his wand while Harry is talking to me, after Harry finishes Voldemort yells,

"Avada Kedavra!"

A green light shoots out of his wand and Harry deflects it with a red light, surprise evident on his face. They start a red and green light battle with dangerous looking sparks shooting off them.

Moriarty and I quietly slink off into the shadows, we sit down on bins and he starts to talk about how he owes me a fall and boring stuff like that.

I have finally had enough of the light show outside and walk out of the dark alleyway, leaving Moriarty to himself.

I tap Harry on the shoulder and he waves me back, I sidle over and tap Voldemort on the same shoulder but he calls on his pet snake and then disapporates with Moriarty hot on his heels, running off to god only knows where.

We stand their shocked.

"Well" sighs Harry, "what are we to do?"

Harry and I walk off, back to the house wondering why we went out in the first place, he punches me in the arm but being a socio-path I don't understand the physical contact or why he did it.

Mrs Hudson sets down 3 cups of tea, intrigued by Harry's history with Voldemort, I got slightly interested when he starts talking about his 5th year in Hogwarts and how he had witnessed Deloris Umbrage get dragged off by Sentors in the Forbidden Forest.

Voldemort POV

Nagini and I arrive at a safe house that Moriarty calls our 'hide-out'.

Moriarty arrives hot and puffing a while later.

"Mugles." I whisper to Nagini in parseltounge, "Soon they will all be where they should be, AT MY FEET!"

"So…" Moriarty puffs, not under recognising the langue that Voldemort was speaking, "when will we kill them?"

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