There was nothing holding him down. No regrets, no weapons, not even the guilt of murder dared to hold him back at this moment. Not when the world's fate hung in the balance. Pushing himself to leap across the gap between the buildings even as his legs shook from the mere effort of keeping him standing.

Jumping had been so much easier than landing, nearly slipping and righting his footing at the last second was what saved him from plummeting three stories down onto the unforgiving concrete floor. Grinding his teeth together, Alex knew he can not keep up this game of cat and mouse.

Choosing a alleyway to be where he confront his chaser, the spy halted, turning just in time to see the man draw his weapon.

Brown eyes darkened with hate as chapped lips formed a name.


One week ago.

School work was something he enjoyed. The idea of simply doing equations and writing essays soothed him. They were normal for a teenaged boy. Every teacher who had the displeasure to be teaching his class had ceased to pay attention to him. In a way, it angered him yet oddly, another part of him, basked in the lack of attention focused on his person. Perhaps it was the part he hid away during the 'break time' he is gifted between missions.

Or maybe it was the part Ian had created.

At the thought of his uncle, Alex tightened his grip on the pen until a resounding crack filled the room. A few heads snap towards his direction, their judging eyes drawn towards the blood leaking from the puncture caused the fractured end of the writing utensil. Tom's worried gaze sent his stomach churning. Avoiding his best friend's gaze, Alex kept his eyes glued to the liquid. Until the rational part berates him for sticking out.

Putting on the best pained expression he could without it looking fake, the spy called to the teacher.

"Mister Howard, may I be excused to the nurse?"

Without a verbal reply, the man nods, signalling his agreement before calling on another student to help him to the nurse. Making no eye contact with his guide, Alex walked towards the door, disposing of the remains of the pen before grasping the door knob with good hand and turning. His guide let out a aggravated huff from behind him, not used to being ignored by someone lowered than him on the social ladder.

As the two left the classroom, door shutting them off from the growing commotion within the room.

Just as the pair turned the corner, the guide, now identified as Richard launched himself at Alex, fist poised to strike down the spy. Shrinking into himself, Alex adapted a stance where he would take the least damage while looking defenseless. Blow after blow rained down on his form, his attacker spitting insults at him.

The only reason he held back and took it was the overwhelming fear of losing the last place where he can be normal.

Counting the punches to reel in his wandering thoughts, Alex focused on the pain of every impact. By the end of the beat down Richard was breathing heavily, a satisfied grin etched onto his face. Another insult, the same as the others was directed at him. The words bounced off but Alex curled up anyway. Showing his attacker that he was weak, pathetic, powerless. Without another glance, Richard left, no doubt thinking of a way to tell his friend about how he just kicked the druggie's ass.

Bruises began to blossom as Alex stood, no longer able to hear the footsteps of the other.

Making his way to the nurse's office was a short process, her office having been only just around the next bend.

Knocking twice before opening the heavy metal door, he pushed and entered the medical office. The scent of disinfectant filled his nostrils, dragging unwanted memories from the dark pit he called his mind.