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The door unlocked and I was upstairs in a flash. I showered quickly and climbed into bed. If I was already sleeping when he got home he wouldn't wake me to chastise for earlier. And he'd see that I'd come home without company. That was always a plus in your brother's eyes right?

As I lay there breathing slowly to encourage sleep I wondered when I had become so submissive to my brother's rules. Kyle was a good brother. That was usually my reasoning. Well, if I thought about it he hadn't been for quite a while now. Ever since –

Well, he used to be. He was reasonable and so were Dad's rules. They were to keep us safe and keep us surviving in the world. Even when Kyle started street racing he was always looking out for me. Keeping guys away from getting too interested for the wrong reasons. Teaching me how to drive. Not racing but still, he was loving. I mean, he always had a bit of an ego but that hadn't affected the way he'd treated me. Now…Well that seemed like such a long time ago. Just now, huddling in bed just to try to keep his temper in check, I realised how far we'd come from that stable happy family we'd been. It made me sad.

My thoughts wandered to Dom's sad eyes. Dom was a surprise tonight. Not exactly what I was expecting. Not so sure what we were all supposed to be so wary about. He was actually specifically one of Dad's rules, (not sure if that was solely for my benefit – Dad had instructed me about that privately). Dom seemed so lost. Without an anchor. He looked…just human. As vulnerable as the rest of us fools out there. So very not the untouchable racing king the streets knew him as. I hoped talking to him wasn't too much of a stir to Kyle. I'd resolve that tomorrow. I'd pull him aside and try and talk to my brother, about everything.

Kyle Parkley's bad attitude was what stuck out the most. It seemed about fourteen months ago he started boosting cars and got done for more than he wormed out of. Twice he went away a few weeks at a time for drug possession. Speeding fines, some misdemeanours and a destruction of property charge. Not an angel. Though Gemma Parkley had no record to speak of. According to the info she'd recently stared working at an ink shop.

Huh. Wouldn'ta pegged her for a tattooist.


I closed down the computer and headed downstairs for coffee.

"Hey," Mia gave me a kiss and handed me a plate of eggs. She motioned towards the bacon on the table. "So, you had a pretty early night." I dug into my food. She placed a steaming mug in front of me and sipped at her own.

I groaned internally. Really Mia, already suspicious? She caught the look I shot her.

"Oh Dom, come on. I have eyes and ears. You weren't even tipsy when you came in. And you look -" she stopped but sighed with a small smile.

I swallowed my mouthful of eggs. "What?"

Peaceful, she thought. "Dom, ever since -"

"How you gonna get pregnant if you're drinking that much coffee?" I was not talking about Letty right now.

She scoffed and frowned at me pointedly. I raised a hand and conceded. "Sorry." She lowered her mug anyway and glanced down at her flat stomach. Shit. "Hey d'you know anything about the Parkley's?"

"The Parkley's?" Her absentminded frown turned to curiosity. Excellent distraction.

"Yeah. Kyle and Gemma Parkley?"

"Hmm," she looked to the ceiling, thinking. "Yeah I think Gemma's a year younger than me and Kyle's a few years older." She moved towards the frying pan to start clearing up. "Kyle races often but he's not really great. Gemma's sweet. She's not really in the scene I don't think. I haven't seen her around lately. Why? He want to race you or something?" She asked, twisting the faucet on.

I grunted and shook my head. One last piece of bacon and I put my empty plate in the sink. "Thanks for breakfast." I gave her a kiss on the cheek. She nodded.

Mia sighed as he left the house. He'd be at the garage all day again.

"Where'd all the bacon go? I could smell it!" Brian wandered in, his hair still damp from the shower.

"Hey," Mia Drew her arms around his neck, mindful of her wet hands. Her worries about her brother faded a little. "If you'd have gotten up when I woke you..." She grinned seductively.

"I happened, to be a little distracted."



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