Chapter 1:

The loud chiming of the doorbell being rung over and over again probably wasn't the best way to wake up the elite independent assassination squad, more specifically, the Varia. Especially when it was 4:00 am in the morning and they had just gotten back from a mission.


"Whoever might have woken up boss will be punished"

"Ushishishishishishishishishi. Who dares to wake the prince?"

"Whoever is there better be prepared to pay me money for waking me up at this time…"

So as they stormed to the front door, it was to their great surprise when they found a small girl standing on their front porch. She was of about 13 years or so, dressed in all black leather and was sporting a light pink hoodie on top. She was blonde and was sporting a pixie cut, showing her sparkling emerald eyes. However, the most interesting part was that on her head was a small tiara made of diamonds that looked just like Bel's.

"Hello," she sung much too cheerfully for it being 4:00 am. "I'm here to visit my dear beloved Aniki. Well, I'm here and I've completed the mission that you gave me. It's been five years and I've done just like you told me. Do you recognize me, Aniki? I've grown up a lot, haven't I?" Her eyes sparkled as she look expectantly at the group.

The group looked at her, completely and utterly confused. However, after a moment, Bel stepped forward. "Ushishishi… Could it be… Tamako? Is my beloved little sister here to join me again?" He grinned, all of his teeth showing as the girl jumped up and down while nodding excitedly. He then grabbed his sister's hand and quickly pulled her inside, leaving the rest of the Varia to stand around, confused and wondering what the hell was going on.

"Voooiiiii…. Since when has Bel had a younger sister?"