Bel POV:

The years passed slowly for Tamako. She did as was promised, but she no longer did so with enthusiasm or longing for blood like she used too. She simply did the job, knowing that it was necessary. Bel would never admit so, but at times, he would feel a speck of guilt, knowing that it was his fault.

"Ushishishshishishi. My darling sister. Why do you not sparkle anymore? Do you not love me?" the boy once asked. The girl looked at him with horror.

"Of course I do" she replied, sure of herself, looking him straight in the eye. However, then she would think of what her brother had done and at times, she would wondered, looking away. She still loved him, but was the same loyalty there? And the prince would watch as she fought with herself. As she mourned for her lover that she knew she would never see again.

A year had passed and she was still not the girl she used to be. Finally, one day, the prince snapped. Grabbing her by the throat, he pushed her up against the wall, watching as she simply stood there, not fighting back. And finally, he watched in horror as she simply accepted her fate. After that day, he avoided her, simply giving her the mission and watching at a distance. And when the day came for the inheritance ceremony, he decided what he was going to do.

So when the Varia sat at the table reserved for them, he quickly took his sister's hand and looked her straight in the eye. She stared right back and when he saw her emerald green eyes, he smiled softly. A smile that was reserved for her and her only. Then, leaning forward, he hugged her tightly, feeling as she stiffened in surprise. The prince laughed and breathed in deeply, memorizing her scent. "My dear darling sister. The jewel of my life. I let you go." Then, he leaned back and nodded and Xanxus. He nodded back and with that, the prince started laughing.

"Ushishishishi. My sister, you have officially been kicked out of the Varia. He watched, amused, as the girl simply blinked in shock. Then, he pulled out a knife and flicked it at her. Dodging it, she stood next to the chair, still in shock. He sighed, seeing that she hadn't gotten the clue. "Tamako, you are no longer part of the Varia. Therefore, I suppose that you will have to find somewhere else to go. Your possessions are outside already. Go, I talked to the boss and it was decided that you are no longer useful in the Varia." He then pointedly sent a look from her to the skylark. She stared, then slowly smiled. "Thank you" she said quietly. Then, she walked over to the skylark and they embraced.

"Awwww, it seems that you do have a soft side, don't you?" Lussuria cooed to the prince. The prince glared and then smiled. "Ushishishi. The prince is surprised too."

Yeah, so that is the official ending. I hope you enjoyed it because I did! Also, thank you to Allen94 for giving me the idea of how to end it. So, that's it. Thanks for reading!