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I stopped to grab a change of under-garments and one of Sean's shirts as well as a pair of black cotton pajama bottoms that had silver wolves on them before walking into our master bathroom and grabbing a shower. I stayed in longer then I normally would have as I was trying to get my emotions which were all over the place in order.

I walked downstairs to find Nick with a strange new scent that smelt a lot like him only female covering him. Sean was standing next to Adalind who was protectively holding the baby close to her chest. "So what did I miss?" I asked standing at the base of the steps, my body tense as I could smell the lingering scents of fear, anger and distrust.

"Adalind was followed by an FBI agent who was a Hundjäger and he seems to be working for the Royals. Thankfully he was knocked unconscious before he called for back-up but we need to leave." Nick said as though trying to convince me which he seemed to have given up on doing with the Sean and Adalind.

I turned around walked back up the steps, grabbed my full and ready backpack as well as the one I had Sean make from their place inside of the large walk in closet that I had and didn't use and walked back down stairs pulling on knee-high black socks that had red and white candy canes on them and walked over to the door and pulled on my combat boots. "Alright let's go." I said as I held Sean's backpack out for him.


Juliette, Nick, Kelly, Sean, Adalind and Venom gathered into the living room:

"So Diana needs to be protected and kept out of the reach of the Royals." I said bluntly causing everyone to look at me. I saw Sean's face start to morph into realization of what I was about to say but he was too late to stop me, "I have been avoiding the Royals for years. I'll go on the run with Diana." I said.

Immediately everyone started to speak at once including Adalind who was freaking out not wanting to be near me or Diana and swearing up and down that she would never leave her baby. I rolled my eyes and rubbed the bridge of my nose as I felt a headache start to form from all of the emotions I was smelling and the noise everyone was making.

I wanted to ignore everyone grab Sean and just march out the door but I knew that even though he was with me now, he had at one time been with Adalind and that little baby she was holding was innocent and was Sean's blood so I had to do something. I didn't want to stay still though so I got up from the couch I was currently sitting on and walked several feet away from everyone to stare out the window.

Not seeing any movement or sensing anything I let my head fall forward softly and rested it against the cool window. I heard movement coming towards me and out of habit was immediately on the defensive until I noticed it was Nick. I gave him a half-smile and took the glass of wine that he offered me, I was about to down it in one gulp when my stomach gave a sudden lurch at the smell so instead of drinking it like I had planned I just held it in my hand swirling it around.

Plans were then made and Sean took Adalind and the baby to a hotel where they would stay in adjacent rooms in case of any trouble. After Adalind left other plans were made, one's that didn't include Adalind just the baby and Kelly, whom I learned was Nick's mom, and myself. Those plans were set into motion the next day.



I could smell the large amount of Hundjäger stench that was surrounding the area around Nick's and Juliette's house and immediately pulled back, making sure to remain un-noticeable as I headed back to Kelly, Diana, Jace, Ajax and Alena who were waiting in the black SUV I had got from a guy who owed me.

After making sure I hadn't been followed, I climbed into the truck, "It's a trap. There's at least thirty Hundjäger's waiting in the surrounding houses. I don't want to be the bearer of bad news but I think Juliette is trying to set you up." Kelly refused to believe that Juliette would ever set her up and nothing I said could convince her otherwise.

I knew that she wasn't going to listen to me so I told her to call Nick, giving her the burner phone I had been carrying with me. With me urging her she called Nick and left a message on his cell including the number to the burner phone then we sat and waited.

Nick called back not five minutes later freaking out slightly telling us not to go to his place because Trouble, who from what I gathered was another Grimm, had just killed a Hundjäger that had the mark of the Verrat on its palm. Thankfully all four of the kids were asleep so there was no background noise as I took the phone and asked Nick if he was close to Sean.

Almost immediately I could hear the phone being transferred and Sean's voice came over the line. We talked for a few minutes and I reassured Sean that the jewels were safe, jewels being the word we used for our three little ones, before I told Sean to put Nick back on the phone.

I didn't want to but I had to tell Nick why we were back in Portland in the first place. When Nick took back the phone I told him about Juliette's email to Kelly and about the large amount of Hundjäger's I had smelt. Nick told me to meet them back at the Spice Shop and I immediately agreed and we hung up. I told Kelly how to get to the Spice Shop and we were there in the next twenty minutes.

As always we were extremely cautious and I checked out a five block radius before going back to the SUV and giving the all clear. We pulled next to the Spice Shop and Kelly got out and went in first, when she came out again she was followed by Nick, a heavily pregnant Adalind, and Sean. I was out of the SUV and in Sean's arms as soon as he got within five feet of the SUV and we hugged and kissed and whispered to each other like there was no tomorrow.

Then Adalind who had opened the back door gave a small noise of surprise which caused me to pull away and at the same time remember that I hadn't told anyone about the triplets which I had given birth close to sixteen months ago besides Sean. "Sean, Nick, Adalind meet Sean and my pups, Jace Alistair, Ajax Sean and Alena Zahara." I said with a warm and slightly watery smile as I introduced Sean to our kids for the first time.

When I had left I had no idea I was pregnant and then I was un-able to contact Sean for the duration of my pregnancy for fear that the Royals would find out. Thankfully though I managed to get him a message from a Chelonian Wesen I knew telling him about the triplets. Since we now had four kids Kelly and I had been extremely cautious which saved our lives and kept all four of the kids out of danger many times in the past two years.

"I can't wait to have them in my life." Sean said quietly to me, I heard the emotion in his voice as he gently lifted up Jace's baby seat while Nick took off Diana's seatbelt and carried her with Adalind right next to him. Kelly took Ajax leaving him in his baby seat and a diaper bag I carried Alena in her baby seat and grabbed the other diaper bag before we all walked into the Spice Shop. Rosalee and Monroe who from their matching wedding rings were married greeted us with smiles and love for the four little one's we had brought inside with us.

Kelly and myself were then caught up on what had happened in the two years that we had been hiding from the world and constantly on the move. How Adalind was now pregnant with Nick's baby and no longer a Hexinbiest at least for a little while, how Juliette was now a Hexinbiest and had burned down Nick's Aunt Marie's trailer, causing irreparable damage to many of the books and weapons and poison's and antidotes that had been placed inside. And how there was information that the King was in Portland somewhere hidden away.

I knew that there was a lot of danger yet to come but I could just feel that everything would be alright as long as we stayed together. So as the world continued outside of the Spice Shop undoubtedly filled with malicious plan's against many of us if not all of us within the Spice Shop's walls there was a moment of peace and joy in just staying together. Sean holding each of our children for the first time, Diana finally being with her parents, Nick and his mother having a moment together and I had a large family that accepted me for who I was and who I knew would protect our children and love them.

~The End~

Jace means healing in Greek

Alistair means defender of the people in Greek

Ajax means powerful eagle in Greek

Alena means torch of light in Greek

Zahara means Raidiance in Latin