Captain Samantha Carter was in her laboratory at Stargate Command working on her laptop. Stargate Command, or the SGC, was located at the Cheyenne Mountain Fortress Complex in Colorado Springs, Colorado; and has been her home away from home for the last 3 years now. Ever since the new more powerful laptops were approved for military use, she has been able to store more information, and get more work done, a lot quicker and more efficiently than ever before.

Samantha Carter, or "Sam" to her friends, was a relatively tall blonde woman in her early thirties who has been in the Military since her early twenties, and has a long track record for distinctive service. She joyfully accepted her latest posting at the SGC with a certain sense of adventurism, but also for the chance to apply her knowledge in Astrophysics to the wonderful job of space exploration.

Her posting at the SGC was no ordinary one, however! Whoever was posted at the Cheyenne Mountain Complex was given a unique opportunity to be involved in something very special in the U.S. Military: The exploration of the Milky Way Galaxy by the means of a special porthole called The Stargate! The way The Stargate worked was pretty complex! It was essentially a device that opened up a wormhole to another planet that happened to have another Stargate. Once the wormhole was established, one simply walked through; and within seconds, they were transported hundreds, sometimes thousands, of light years to another planet, where they would simply emerge through the other Stargate. Captain Carter herself had been on several exploratory missions as part of the elite SG-1 Team, and she had encountered many interesting things, as well as met several friendly humanoid alien races.

But while most of the humanoid and non-humanoid alien races they've encountered were friendly, others were not! Such was the case with the Goa'uld, who were a race of really scary snakelike aliens who lived in symbiosis with humanoid hosts. Almost as soon as The Stargate Program was established, it was discovered that The Goa'uld had a long standing history with earth, going as far back as the times of the Great Pharaohs of ancient Egypt; where the Goa'uld portrayed themselves as some of the ancient Gods in order to control and subjugate the Egyptian population. The most notorious of these "false gods" were Ra and Apophis, who ruled with iron fists as they enslaved the Egyptians under their power.

Their rule would not last for long, however. Eventually, the Egyptians they had enslaved revolted, and drove both Ra and Apophis off of Earth. Shortly after Ra was killed, Apophis took over as the main Goa'uld System Lord; and has led a campaign of tyranny and destruction as he sought to take over the galaxy with his Armies of Jaffa soldiers. So far, Earth has not been a major target in his plans for conquest; but those at the SGC were fearful that that would soon change.

As great and wonderful as The Stargate Program is, the U.S. Government and The Military have decided to keep the entire operation top secret. They felt the general population of the United States; and the world, for that matter, was not ready for the revelation that there was confirmed life on other worlds. They also did not want to have widespread panic over the notion that the hostile Goa'uld may be out to conquer and enslave them someday. So far, their efforts to keep everything a secret have been successful, and they intend to keep it that way for as long as possible.

"This'd better be good!" came a serious voice from outside the doorway of the lab. Samantha Carter looked up to see the figure of her Commanding Officer, Colonel Jack O'Neill, leaning up against the door frame with his arms crossed, and an angry look on his face.

Col. O'Neill was in his early 40s with short greying hair, and has been the Commander of the SG-1 Team since the very beginning. He and Sam Carter haven't always gotten along, even though Jack thinks that Captain Carter is an invaluable member of his team. Col. O'Neill's life hasn't been the same since his only son accidentally shot and killed himself with his own loaded gun while playing with it. Since that day, Jack blamed himself for not making sure the gun was not loaded before leaving it lying around. His wife divorced him soon after that, not wanting to deal with his constant guilt after that freak accident. His posting at the SGC would give him a chance to rebuild his life.

"Nice to see you too, sir." She said in reply, forcing a smile.

"You realize that I had to cancel an entire weekend of fishing just to partake in your 'recent breakthrough'!?" he complained as he walked in the room. He was wearing his olive green SG-1 uniform to match that of Captain Carter's. Matter of fact, they almost always wore their SG-1 uniforms while on base!

"Trust me, sir, you'll think it was worth it." Carter said as she typed a few more keys on her laptop. "When I revised the database of gate addresses from the Alpha Sector of the galaxy, I noticed something major that we've overlooked. Once I calculated the known location of Stargate worlds, I've discovered that-"

"Carter!" O'Neill interrupted with some irritation. "You know how much I value the work that you do, and that I think you're an invaluable member of the team; but you should also know me enough by now to realize that all of this… science stuff is WAAAAY over my head! The facts, madam! Just the facts!"

Sam Carter couldn't help but smile lightly at O'Neill's cliché reference. "Yes, sir! Take a look." He typed a few more keys on her laptop, and hit Enter. Her laptop screen showed a star chart, and a circle slowly appeared around a star that looked to be very close to The Sun. "A previously undetected, unexplored Stargate planet! Designated P3X-2G2…"

Col. O'Neill traced a line with his finger from the Solar System to the newly circled star. "Doesn't look very far from Earth, does it?"

"Not as far as Stargates go! It's only 22.5 light years away from Earth…"

Col. O'Neill raised his eyebrows. "I think it's worth checking out…"

"A M.A.L.P. is being prepared as we speak."

"Well, great!" Col. O'Neill said. "Let's head up to the Control Room." He pointed to the ceiling as he walked out of the lab. Captain Carter smiled briefly as she switched off her laptop and followed Col. O'Neill out.

In the Control Room of the SGC, the two other members of the SG-1 Team were gathered, waiting for the final preparations for the M.A.L.P. that was going to be sent to the newly discovered planet P3X-2G2 to be completed. They were Dr. Daniel Jackson, the resident Archaeologist and Egyptologist for the SGC, and the only civilian member on the base; and Teal'c, a mighty Jaffa warrior, and former First Prime of Apophis, and leader of his Jaffa Army.

Dr. Jackson was part of the original Stargate away mission that sent him, Col. O'Neill and a few others to Abydos, a world very much like the ancient Egypt of Earth. He was relatively skinny, had short brown hair and always wore glasses. He holds a PhD in Archaeology and is probably one of the better Egyptologists on Earth, which made him the perfect man for the job.

While exploring Abydos, it was later discovered that that world, and its population, were being controlled by Ra, a powerful Goa'uld System Lord. After Col. O'Neill and his men killed Ra, and freed the people of Abydos, Dr. Jackson announced that he was staying behind, because he fell in love with a beautiful Abydan girl named Sha'Uri, whom he would later marry. He returned to Earth, however, after Sha'Uri was captured by Apophis. He became a part of SG-1 not long after that, but vowed to find his wife and free her from Apophis' grasp.

Teal'c was a big, muscular Jaffa warrior who looked African American. He hails from the planet Chulak, the Jaffa home world, and served as First Prime to Apophis for many years. Like many Jaffa warriors, he kept his head clean shaven. He even had the golden symbol of Apophis embedded in his forehead identifying him as the former First Prime of The Serpent God. He broke rank from Apophis' Army soon after being convinced by Col. O'Neill that the Goa'uld System Lord he was serving was a false god. He came to Earth shortly after that where he would join SG-1 on their exploratory missions. While he did this, he made it his ultimate goal to free all of his Jaffa brethren from the tyranny and slavery of the Goa'uld System Lords.

General George Hammond, the Commanding Officer of the SGC, was also present. He was a balding man in his late fifties, and he oversaw the day to day operations of the base. As a General, he always wore his dress uniform while on base.

Captain Carter and Colonel O'Neill came up the winding staircase that lead to the Control Room.

"Hey, Jackson!" O'Neil called to the resident Archaeologist.

"Hey…" Jackson said as he barely glanced at the Colonel. He was pouring over some of his notes.

"Teal'c! How's it goin', big guy!?" O'Neill said as he slapped he big Jaffa's right shoulder.

"I am doing well, Col. O'Neill." Teal'c replied evenly. He even allowed himself a light smile. He didn't flinch, however, when O'Neill tapped him on the shoulder. He just kept his arms firmly clenched behind his back.

"You see? You gotta admire the guy's enthusiasm! It really brightens up the room, doesn't it?" O'Neill joked.

Teal'c simply raised his eyebrows, but said nothing.

Meanwhile, in the Stargate Room, two U.S. Army Engineers were still working on getting the M.A.L.P. ready. The Stargate Room was actually the remnants of an old ballistic missile silo that was decommissioned soon after The Cold War ended. It was refurbished to accommodate the Stargate. When all was done, one of the Engineers went to the intercom. "M.A.L.P.'s ready, sir!" he said into it.

"Understood." General Hammond said in reply. "Start dialing, Walter!"

"Yes, sir." Sergeant Walter Harriman said as he punched up the Dialing Program on his computer console. Sergeant Harriman was a simple, unassuming man who has been a part of the SGC since it began. He was a short man with almost no hair who wore glasses. Many on the base have compared him to Walter "Radar" O' Reilly of MASH fame; not only because he kind of looked like Radar; but like Radar, he seemed to know what someone was gonna say or do before they actually said or did it.

In the Stargate Room, the actual Stargate whined into action as it's symbol wheel started to spin as it dialed the pre programmed gate address. "Chevron One encoded!" Sgt. Walter announced as a lighted encoder at the top the Stargate wheel flashed when the first symbol was locked in. The Stargate would repeat this six more times.

"Chevron Seven LOCKED!" Sgt. Walter announced as the last symbol was encoded on the Stargate wheel. A giant WHOOSHing sound emanated from the Stargate as the vortex opened up. It literally looked like somebody has just dropped a large stone in a deep puddle of water as the wormhole was established. Once it stabilized, it looked like a giant pool of shimmering, rippling water.

"Send the M.A.L.P. through." General Hammond ordered.

"Yes, sir!" Sgt. Walter said as he activated the remote control mechanism to send the M.A.L.P. up the ramp and through the vortex of the Stargate. A sound similar to somebody passing through a sheet of thick, viscous fluid could be heard as the M.A.L.P. disappeared through the vortex.

Then Captain Carter went into action! She sat down at a computer console and activated the M.A.L.P. telemetry program. "We're receiving telemetry!" she announced as the first images from the other side slowly appeared on her computer screen.

"Looks like the Stargate's located on the top of a mountain." Dr. Jackson announced as he looked at the terrain imagery. The M.A.L.P. did, in fact, look to be on a downslope; thus indicating that the Stargate on the planet was on the top of a hill or mountainside. They also noticed lush, green trees all around; and the sky looked to be cloud covered.

"Ambient temperature… 21 degrees Celcius…" Captain Carter announced. "Conventional oxygen/nitrogen atmosphere… Little to no prevalent pollution or toxins in the air…"

"The D.H.D. doesn't look to be very well maintained." Dr. Jackson commented.

The Dial Home Device, or D.H.D., of the Stargate on the planet did not, in fact, look clean; as it was covered with all sorts of forest debris.

"It would indicate that this is not a Goa'uld controlled world." Captain Carter stated.

"Which is always a good thing!" Col. O'Neill said happily.

"Indeed." Teal'c said simply, allowing himself to smile slightly.

"So, whoever lives there mustn't know about the Stargate, or know how to use it…" Dr. Jackson said.

"If anybody lives there…" Captain Carter said.

Col. O'Neill then noticed something on the computer screen everybody else overlooked. "Wait a second!"

"What?" Captain Carter questioned.

"Pan the camera to the upper right hand quadrant and zoom in." Col. O'Neill ordered as he pointed to the computer screen.

Captain Carter did as Col. O'Neill ordered, and was surprised at what she saw. "Oh my God! HOUSES!"

"Human houses!" Dr. Jackson exclaimed.

Teal'c simply raised his eyebrows and said nothing.

General Hammond approached the computer to see what SG-1 saw. He was equally surprised to see the shape of houses at the bottom of the mountainside that looked very similar to conventional houses on Earth.

"We could be looking at another planet inhabited by humans, or humanoids at least." Captain Carter said happily.

"General" Col. O' Neill began. "We've gotta check this out!"

After thinking it over for a few seconds, he finally nodded. "All right, SG-1. You have a go. Go get ready!" He then ordered.

With this, the entire SG-1 Team left the Control Room to prepare for their away mission to the planet P3X-2G2 to discover what was there.