In the year or so since the signing of the Treaty between Earth and Equus, life for the Equusians was never the same. Top priority was placed in the establishment of the Equusian Armed Forces. Thanks to the weapons, technology and training provided by the S.G.C., the Equusians would become more capable of defending themselves against a Goa'uld attack on their home world; especially since a new System Lord, Lord Ba'al, emerged onto the scene. He has made it his heinous objective to conquer every Stargate world in the galaxy, and place them under his control. Many wondered if he was in collusion with Apophis, and they intended to conquer and rule the galaxy together.

In the meantime, Graduation Day would come for the young pony friends SG-1 befriended just two years prior! Colonel O'Neill, and the other members of SG-1, was invited to attend the ceremonies. They all watched as their young pony friends proudly accepted their High School diplomas in a modest ceremony held outside the school they attended since 10th grade. Miss Hackney cried tears of joy as she handed out the diplomas, one by one, to the students she had worked so hard for three years to mold into fine representatives of pony society.

For the young ponies, though, fun times were over! Now was the time for them to stop being kids and become the adults they were meant to be. That means that the time has come to make a choice as to what they wanted to do for the rest of their lives. For some, that choice was made long ago!

Starlight decided to pursue her dream of becoming a Teacher, like Miss Hackney, whom she looked up to quite a bit. She's already made plans to attend College in the fall where she was to study for her Teaching Degree. In the meantime, she still planned to enjoy her summer vacation as much as she could with her friends all while working part time at her mother's ice cream shop. Since the College she planned to attend was in Ponyville, she would still work at the ice cream shop while she studied.

Bright Eyes always had aspirations of becoming an Environmental Journalist upon graduation. Her father would be a big help for her in that area. He secured a job for her at the newspaper he owned where she would write a weekly environmental column all while studying towards her Journalism Degree at the same local College Starlight attended.

Patch decided to put off her idea of becoming a Circus Clown to pursue a possible career in Soccer. She joined a mare's soccer team for the summer, and was hoping to make a professional soccer team in a year's time.

Clover decided to follow in her big sister's footsteps and become a Dancer, despite her ongoing awkwardness. She was still the Understudy for the local dance troupe where she actually performed on stage as a Harlequin one time; but she hoped that one day, with a sheer amount of luck, she would perform on the big stage; like her big sister and her husband, Cheval Leblanc, do.

Bon Bon dropped the idea of becoming a fashion model to pursue a career in what was her main talent: Baking. She found work in a local bake shop as an Apprentice Baker. She hopes to open up her own Bakery once she fully masters the profession.

Ace decided to pursue a career in sports, as was his true talent. He joined a male's soccer team for the summer, and planned to join a male's hockey team in the winter. He hopes to rise to the professional ranks in a few years' time.

Lancer decided to pursue his lifelong dream of becoming an Archaeologist. He made plans to attend a special University to study towards his Degree. He hoped to join the Stargate Program upon graduation and follow in Dr. Daniel Jackson's footsteps to become an Interstellar Archaeologist.

Melody didn't waste time in pursuing her lifelong dream of becoming a rock star! The day after her graduation, she signed a deal with a local record company to publish two albums. The first one was called "Sweet Music" and featured songs that she and her band, The Rockin' Beats, wrote. The second one was titled "Out Of This World", and featured their renditions of songs from Earth; including the ones they performed for SG-1 during their concert on the night of the Treaty signing, as well as a few others. Of the original members of the band, only Half Note, the drummer and the piano player decided to follow Melody and become a part of The Rockin' beats. The bass player decided to go into a different career outside of music. Melody, however, was easily able to find a replacement for the band member that left. Both albums were already touted to be a huge success!

Teddy finally decided to join the newly formed Equusian Armed Forces where he aspired to become a Drill Sergeant, maybe even go beyond that. He and Sweetheart had become engaged and planned to get married in the summer of the following year. SG-1 was already invited to attend the wedding!

Speaking of Sweetheart, she had always hoped to put her talent for kindness and helping others to good use; and was actually thinking of becoming a Nurse or a Medic in the Equusian Armed Forces. For now, however, she was perfectly content to be Teddy's fiancée as she slowly planned for her big day roughly a year from now.

In the meantime, all four members of SG-1 were still very much a part of the Stargate Program; and they were making new and interesting discoveries almost every week as they continued to explore newly discovered worlds; all while protecting Earth and other defenceless Stargate worlds from Goa'uld attacks. What the future holds for all those involved is, of course, anybody's guess.