! No Food !

I do not own DBZ so there I said it, even though I wish I was the owner of it.

That's it Gohan you are not going to break another thing in this house again, and to make shur you do not break anything again , I am not going to feed you for a week. What Gohan said, u can't do that I will starve it's not fair goten has broken many things before but you don't stop feeding him. Well Gohan that's because he is younger and if you don't stop talking back to me I will make it a month mister and blow up the gravity room you just got for your birthday (in this fic Gohan does train so he is the strongest person in the world). Now you better hurry up and get ready or else you are going to be late, and if I hear that you were late you better not even come home tonight said chi-chi. Gohan decided to bring out his secret weapon, ok mom if you want to play that way then you can kiss good buy your grandchildren. Chi-chi was mad, no she way beyond mad and she brought out the frying pan of doom and hit Gohan in the back of the head. Gohan was about to cry from anger and was deciding on wetter or not to kill his mom, but he just left it at that and went to school.

On his way to school.

Gohan decided to walk half of the distance because he did not want to be seen flying to school, that might bring problems. Gohan was about to get to school when he crashed into a girl because he was thinking about what his mom had said. Watch were you are going the girl said, and then they both stayed looking at each other for a while they looked into each others eyes and they felt like they were going to heaven. Then they kissed for no reason at all. When they finally broke the kiss Gohan was late and he asked girl her name and she said my name is Videl and yours, my name is Son Gohan. Then they both said to bad I won't be seeing you again, and I am late for school. Then Gohan asked what school are you going too, well I go to orange star high school and by the looks of it you too. Gohan was very happy and he decided to ask videl something, Videl can I ask you something, yes Gohan what is it well I wanted to know if you want to be my girl friend. Videl was speechless she did not know what to say and the first thing that came out was a big YES. Gohan for the first time in seven years was happy, and he was going to make her happy, but they both did not know the chi-chi was only going to accept this for one reason and on reason only grandchildren.

Well what did you all think good - bad, well I need at least 10 reviews or more for me to continue, so lets bring them in ok. This fic is going to be funny, and is going to have action (in which actions covers everything love, sex, fights, killing ext.)