Eternia Evolved

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The original He-Man cartoon series is owned by Filmation. X-Men Evolution is owned by Marvel. This takes place just before Apocalypse rises in XEVO, and after the Last Episode of the He-Man series.


Chapter 01: Broken Hearts


Lance was miserable. Kitty dumped him, and the whole Brotherhood was OVER! Pietro was gone, terrified of Wanda. Toad was in hiding, after ticking off the same Scarlet Witch. Fred was gone. He simply went back to the Monster Truck Shows. Even Tabby had stopped coming around. Mystique was flat-out missing.

Truth to tell, if Mystique hadn't been so abusive, Lance would have made a 'move' on her already. He was SO done with teen girls. An older woman would be better. Still, Lance knew that he was out of options. No money, no girl, and no respect. Nothing was really left for him here.


Evil-Lynn was sick of it! Skeletor was beaten! Really beaten. And to think that Evil-Lynn had been hoping to acquire Skeletor's powers. Once his powers would have been added to her own, Evil-Lynn had planned to rule over the world of Eternia! Now Evil-Lynn knew that that was NEVER going to happen! Disgusted with the whole thing, and lonely as all Heck, she knew it was time to simply go. Even if Bone-Head went looking for her, she could handle him, as long as she was properly prepared. Gathering her personal powers, Evil-Lynn began mystically searching for a place to settle down….


Lance filled his jeep with everything that he wanted to keep. Then he went to see the mutant called Forge. Getting out of his jeep, Lance went to the door, and rang the doorbell, like a normal guy. Sure enough, a teenager answered the door.

"Hello? May I help you?" Said the younger looking teen.

Lance answered "Hey. I'm looking for a guy named 'Forge'. I wanna use an invention to help me move. I can pay."

As he talked, Lance had a fist full of cash. Forge knew that money meant more materials to invent with!

"Groovy, man! Come on in!"

Ten minutes later, Forge had heard the whole thing, and Lance was hoping that the Mutant Inventor could help him.

"Bummer, man. I understand the need to move on. I have something that may help, but I have to tell you, man...It's not stable. The Dimensional Warp Belt has never been tested! It SHOULD take you safely to another dimensional world, but there are no guarantees that it will be a safe spot, man."

Lance thought about it. For maybe five whole seconds. "Just how much of my stuff can I bring with me?"

Forge answered with a question of his own "How much stuff can you carry?"

Five minutes later, Lance was loaded down with his essentials, and had handed over the keys and title to his jeep. After fiddling with the coordinance controls, Forge was confidant that the target zone was sufficiently Earth-like. Then it was all in Avalanche's hands: To push the button and leave Earth behind, probably forever. His mind was momentarily in turmoil. Then he recalled how Kitty would not even take his calls, letters of apology, or anything. His mind was made up. Lance pushed the Big Red Button on the weird, Sci-Fi looking belt. Once that happened, Lance Alvers AKA: Avalanche, vanished from the face of the Earth!


Evil-Lynn's POV;

It has been weeks and still, Evil-Lynn had not found a place that she felt was both private, and livable. It was intolerable! Skeletor was ranting worse than usual, and the lesser minions were of NO help whatsoever! Still, she could not stay any longer! Not ONE more day!

Evil-Lynn waited until Skeletor was in a fine rage, blasting Beast Man across the Throne Room of Snake Mountain, before making her move. As the pained cries of the orange-furred henchman echoed throughout the mountain fortress, Evil-Lynn had slipped into her chambers, and gathered her things. As she had magically prepared them for a fast getaway weeks ago, it was the work of moments to transform her entire collection of personal effects into a single brick of magical stone. As soon as this was done, Evil-Lynn took up her magical brick, and turned herself and her possessions into a flying ball of fire!

Flying away as fast as she could, Evil-Lynn made excellent time. As she had made speed and stealth her top priorities, she had little choice but to head for the Valley of Sorrows. This darkly mystical place was very difficult to spy into with magic. The Valley lay closer to Greyskull, than the Palace did from Snake Mountain. However in order to get there from Snake Mountain, one had to pass by the Palace. This meant that Evil-Lynn had to be very, very careful not to be seen!

Fortunately for Evil-Lynn, it is much harder to spot a smokeless fire in the day, than it would be in the dark of the night. Arriving in the Valley of Sorrows, Evil-Lynn turned herself back into her living flesh and blood again. Just as she had made camp for herself, her mystical senses alerted her to the effect of Dimensional Travel nearby! Fearing Skeletor had found her and was using a powerful Teleportation Spell to surprise her, Evil-Lynn took up her crystal wand and prepared herself for a fight!

A flash of white light occurred over the hill in front of her, causing Evil-Lynn to re-think the situation. Skeletor's Teleportation Magic was red, not white, so who or what had arrived?

Crafting a mystical field of protection upon herself, Evil-Lynn walked up to the top of the hill, and looked down upon the arrival.

It was definitely NOT Skeletor! This was a human man! He seemed distressed from the Dimensional Travel, but that was not uncommon for beginners. He stood just under two meters tall, and seemed to be of thin, but well muscled build. He seemed young and handsome, if lost. His brown hair was oddly styled, but otherwise normal. His eyes were not easily visible from her current position, but seemed to be a dark color. His lightly tanned skin was clean and healthy looking. The stranger was dressed oddly as well. Wearing a black vest over an off-white shirt, as well as trousers of a style unfamiliar to Evil-Lynn. His boots were also dead giveaways to the stranger's off world origins.

Lance's POV

As his head cleared, Lance found himself in a strange forested valley. It looked like the very bottom of the valley to Lance. The plants were NOT anything he recognized, and the whole darn place felt depressing. Feeling eyes upon him, Lance turned as fast as his full backpack would allow, to find a beautiful woman looking down on him from the top of the hill. Lance was relieved that he could feel the Stone and Soil with his powers. Feeling confidant that he was safe, Lance checked out the lady. Deciding that the only way to get past Kitty was to find someone else.

She was about his own height, and was blessed with a hot feminine figure that any straight guy could appreciate. He could see that her skin was nicely tanned, or perhaps it was her natural coloration. He couldn't see her hair, as she was wearing a headdress of some sort. She wore a tight bodysuit and cape with matching high boots. Her outfit was purple and blue, with black accents and a the cape was black. Her eyes were dark, and bewitching, as her rich full lips were deeply red. That's when Lance realized that she was holding something like a flashlight, and pointing it at him. As it was still daylight, it made more sense that the object was a weapon of some sort.

Addressing the beautiful stranger, Lance asked "Hey. What's shakin' beautiful?"

Evil-Lynn's POV

Relieved that the stranger was not immediately hostile, and even spoke a language that was at least close to Eternian, even if his greeting was odd.

Answering the handsome young stranger, Evil-Lynn said "Greetings, stranger. Welcome to Eternia. This is the Valley of Sorrows. Tell me your name."

The young man answered easily and calmly, despite the crystal wand pointed at him. He said "My name's Lance. Lance Alvers. So what's your name, gorgeous?"

Evil-Lynn answered this 'Lance' just as easily "I am Evil-Lynn. I am a powerful witch, so beware of your tongue, Lance."

The stranger calling himself Lance looked at her, not with fear, but desire, and *winked* at her as he said "Sure thing, Evil-Lynn. Are you a good witch, an evil witch, or just a naughty one?"

Evil-Lynn was beside herself! It had been a long time since any man had been so forward, or even interested in her since she had become Evil. Still, she was in need of an ally, and she had only to tolerate this handsome young man's interest, to get his cooperation. Smirking in the rare pleasure of being considered desirable in her own form, Evil-Lynn lowered her wand.

Addressing Lance, Evil-Lynn said "Well, let's find shelter. This is not an inn. Have you any provisions?"

The stranger asked her a question that made Evil-Lynn do a double-take!

"What do think of mutants?"

Evil-Lynn was caught off guard by the unexpected question "What do you mean? You don't look like any mutant that I've ever seen. No fur, fangs, horns or even scales. What do YOU care, anyway?"

Lance calmly nodded and said "Looks can be deceiving. What if I told you that I had a mutant power? As a self-described 'witch', what do think about mutants?"

Evil-Lynn was now intrigued by Lance, who was showing himself to be confident, without being an arrogant fool. Even better, he claimed some sort of genetic power! The fact that he was both attractive, AND attracted to her, was certainly not a bad thing! Taking a moment to compose herself.

"Mutants, here are never able to 'pass' as human, Lance. If you are a mutant, as you claim, then you are a rare one! Wherever you come from, I assure you that Eternia has many races upon it. I have worked with mutants before, although they have all been simple minded brutes. How do you feel about witches, Lance?"

To his credit, Lance seemed to stop and think a moment before speaking "I only knew the Scarlet Witch, and she had been released from a Mental Asylum! She's NOT a stable person. So, my history with witches is limited, but I can say that I have respect for the powers. Still, you are clearly sane and MUCH more beautiful!"

Evil-Lynn was NOT going to admit it, but she was enjoying the crude, but honest, efforts of this attractive young man trying to woo her.

Instead of letting the conversation get out of hand, Evil-Lynn asked the obvious question "You mentioned a Power? What is it?"

The handsome youth smirked as the ground shook. Now Evil-Lynn knew that quakes happen in these lands, from time to time, but the smirk in Lance's face made her suspect that the quake was his doing!

Lance looked Evil-Lynn right in the eye and said "My Mutant Name is; Avalanche. I make the ground obey me."

With a gesture, Lance made a small table of stone form from the ground. Evil-Lynn noticed that as he did this, his eyes rolled back in his head. She was fascinated, as such a display of power should be FAR beyond a mere mutant! Enhanced strength, senses and the like were normal, but this was...AMAZING! There was NO sign of magical power as Lance used his gift to make a table for two, as well as two simple seats. Evil-Lynn was attuned very carefully to catch even the slightest use of magic from Lance. Nothing.

Evil-Lynn was astounded! "Amazing! You really have a power that isn't magic! How did you mutate? Stange gasses? Radiation? Chemicals?"

Lance answered her honestly "It's inherited. Dormant until puberty. Then all Hell broke loose when I was fifteen. I leveled my school by accident! I didn't mean too, but I was unable to control it for a while. Then my life went weird…Well, have a seat, Evil-Lynn."

Looking at the stone seat, as it changed to be more comforting, Evil-Lynn sat across from the handsome young Avalanche, and listened to his amazing tale!

Lance's POV

It's been about half an hour, and I could tell that Evil-Lynn was entranced by my history. I even kept it mostly honest, instead of trying to make myself seem awesome. I was still heartbroken. Starting with my parents death back in Detroit, and going through the Foster Care System. Then I went on with my emerging mutant power and meeting Mystique. Finished with the X-Men, Kitty and the loss of the Brotherhood. I was down to the last of my tale…

"So, then I realised that I needed to leave. You know? It was all over, and there wasn't anything I could do to change that. So I went to Forge, the Inventor. He had a gizmo to zap me to another world. I gave him my old jeep and other stuff that I couldn't take with me. Then I just...left. The next thing that I know, is that I was queasy from not being connected to the ground. Then I was...just here. The rest, you know."

I saw the look of rapt attention upon her lovely face, then a frown.

"Curses! I sense Skeletor's magic nearby! Quickly, find us a hiding spot!"

I used my power on the table and seats, as we stood up together. Then I concentrated on side of the stony hill, and created a cave for us. Then I closed it off with just a spot at the top for air.

Then I heard a strange voice saying "Fools! Find her! She must be here! I am going to enjoy slowly sacrificing her to the darkness, and taking her powers for myself!"