Eternia Evolved

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Chapter 12: The Wedding


Lance's POV

Kitty stepped forwards, and gently spoke, with an obviously broken heart. "I, like, am totally sorry, Lance. I guess I, like have to totally let you go. I am sorry for hurting you. Lynn is right. I messed up too. Friends?"

I was aware of the silence that was hanging in the air. I cleared my throat, and said "Well Lynn IS right, so...OK. How about we all get more pizza and chill for a while?"


Lynn's POV

We have returned to Eternia! If I had to endure ONE more minute of the silent judgement that Storm and Jean were giving me, for marrying Lance, I would have turned have turned them BOTH into Sand Slugs! Honestly! If they disagree, they should have the decency to simply say so, and keep their distance.

At least Lance's old friends were more supportive. Pietro seems odd, but I must admit that his fashion sense is really quite good. I now have a few new good ideas for the festivities! Fred has has asked to be Lance's Best Man. Lance is considering it. Todd is like Orko. At least insofar as they are both mostly harmless, and comedic! Todd has even promised to be clean for the wedding. Wanda is happy for us, and has asked to bring a video camera along. I have agreed. I also know that she wants to speak to me about magic. That will have to wait.

I have chosen my Wedding Gown!

Pietro and Marlena both gave me the same advice on what would look best on me, so I shall wear this wonderful gown!

The plans are all in place. Everything is ready for the day. We have made arrangements to have Lance stay at the Palace the week of the wedding. That way, Lance cannot see my Wedding Gown! It also takes away any last minute temptations from BOTH of us!

After five LONG weeks of hard work, I FINALLY have a decent healing spell. I can actually heal a serious injury without nearly killing myself in the effort! Now I have to master it….

Lance's POV

It's now only eight days until I get married! We agreed, amongst the Brotherhood, that Fred would be my best man. That way, if I get cold feet, Blob can just drag me to the altar, after slapping sense back into me!

Now I am nervous, but it's more of a 'Will SHE leave ME' kinda fear.

I have the Royal Training Center built, and we gave it it's maiden test. I wanted to be the one to be the first live 'trainee', but He-Man finally put in an appearance. After seeing what he really can do, I agreed that if it goes hay-wire, that He-Man will have the very best chance of survival! We were worried over nothing! The safety protocols we put in this beast, prevented half of the testing gear, AKA: WEAPONS, from deploying at all. We felt it was better to err on the side of caution.

I have a tux for the wedding, and it's SAFELY at the Palace! I am going to move my stuff over there tonight, instead of tomorrow night. I have to. I very nearly went to join her in bed last night. It was a VERY near thing. If I had been ANY weaker, then I would have opened the door and ruined it all! I have already told her, and she agreed, and MORE! Lynn actually admitted to the very thing from two nights ago! Naughty minx!

Teela has been a good friend. She is kinda like Boom Boom in a way. They are both pretty. Both are dangerous. Both will cheerfully spit in the face of Death. However, otherwise, they are opposites! Teela is like Summers-Very self controlled. Boom Boom is Chaos Personified! Teela is well educated. Tabitha isn't done with High School yet. In fact, I think that they would either be like sisters, or HATE one another, the way Scooter and I had.

Teela has been very helpful in aiding Man at Arms with the high tech stuff for the Royal Training Center. I can handle the basic mechanics involved. I have nearly all of the bugs worked out. He-Man had to help out when the walls that should have tried to crush him, got part of the way, then got stuck! Oh well…

Lynn's POV

I am ready to scream, panic and kill someone! All at the same time! The wedding cake is RUINED! Orko tried to move it with his magic, and, of course, it fell all over the floor! I cannot believe that this is happening! I am crying like a child, and the Queen herself is trying to console me! That just makes it all WORSE! The humiliation! Why did anyone let Orko try to use his magic on the CAKE!


Eventually the crying stopped and I was able to compose myself better. I was SO embarrassed!

Once I was basically sane again, I had to promise to NOT hurt Orko. Oddly, it wasn't as impossible as I would have thought. I did use my magic to spy on him, and saw him crying about the accident to the Prince.


I made my promises, and I'll keep them. Walking to the library, I found Orko being consoled by Prince Adam. I looked at the Prince, and he looked concerned. I just walked over to Orko, before he even knew that I was there, and softly said "I forgive you, Orko."

He whipped around comically, and had his eyes as big as saucers, but made no effort to escape. I knelt down, so he'd be less afraid of me.

"I understand that you just wanted to help, Orko. I forgive you for your error in control…"

Both the Prince and Orko were stunned! I bet that they were expecting fire, and lightning, instead of soft words and forgiveness. He calmed down quickly when he saw that I was not angry. Well, not really angry...

Prince Adam lightly joked "If I knew that finding Lance would turn you to Goodness, I'm sorry that He-Man didn't find him for you a while ago…"

I gave the Prince a mock-stare, and said "If knew about Lance at all, I'd have SENT He-Man to go fetch him!"

Even Orko laughed at that one.

Soon I had a new Wedding Cake. Good thing that there was a back-up cake, because wedding is tomorrow!

Lance's POV

I am washed, dressed, and escorted to the Palace! Fred is there, of course. He IS my Best Man. Todd is Ring Bearer. Wanda is actually in the Bridal Party.

The rest of the Brotherhood, Tabitha and Pietro, are already seated with Magneto. He looks so different in a suit and tie, instead of his helmet, armor and cape. The X-Men are there as well. Even little Jamie! I think that Cassy, the Royal Scribe's daughter, is smitten! She keeps looking at Jamie! As his Majesty is presiding over the Wedding, it's going to be Man at Arms who gives her away to me.

Summers and Jean are together, as is Storm and Wolverine. Professor Xavier and Magneto are together, with Magneto using his powers to ferry the Professor around. Todd is looking good in his tuxedo, and has the rings in a box. The box is just large enough that he can't just lose it. It also has a homing beacon, and Man at Arms has the remote for it. The color scheme is White, Light Blue and Black. Mostly white, with light blue and black trim.

The music has started! Rahne takes her seat, beside Ram Man. Jamie is nervously sneaking looks at Cassy. Tabitha is flirting with Man at Arms (of course), and Pietro is checking out the Eternian Maids. Amara and Rahne are checking out the Palace Guards. That's when I realized it!

The Palace is PACKED!

The music fills the air as Fred and I take our places. The King is there at the Altar, with Queen Marlena providing the organ music. We are going to do this! I really am getting MARRIED! A few months ago, I had a nice long freak-out. Even though I had gotten over it, there was some, tiny bit of fear involved. After all, Man at Arms is right. This is PERMANENT! I was glad that I chose Fred to be my Best Man. His sheer size was a comfort. He saw my nervousness, and laid a steadying hand on my shoulder. I calmed down quickly.

Then I got excited! The doors were opening!


Man at Arms is leading Lynn up the red carpet towards the Altar, and me!

Man at Arms is in native Eternian Formal Menswear. No big deal to me.


Lynn is in a White Gown, with Light Blue trim. The frilly, and lacy affair was beautiful! It was tight enough on her that I wondered if it was spray-painted on! WOW! Lynn is so beautiful! And she is about to become MINE! The Veil is down, so I cannot see her lovely face, but I know she is the most beautiful woman that I have EVER met!

The sunlight was streaming through the windows, making spotlights along the Red Carpet. As Lynn is led by Man at Arms, she is made momentarily brilliant as the sunlight hit the Wedding Gown! The Gown has sparkles in it, making it a rainbow of fireworks, every time she walks through the sunlight! The Wedding Gown is unlike ANYTHING I had EVER seen on Earth!

It seemed to take forever for Lynn to reach me…

Lynn's POV

As Man at Arms led me into the Royal Cathedral, I was aware of how PERMANENT this was going to be. Whether Lance went ahead with fulfilling my hearts desire, or run out on me, it would be for FOREVER! I was getting nervous, even though the guards were instructed to inform Man at Arms and Teela if Lance got cold feet.

My Wedding Gown is perfectly cut for me! It could NOT get any tighter, without cutting into my ability to breathe. It showed a modest amount of cleavage, and little else. The White Gown with Light Blue Lace trim, was filled with sub-surface glitter, to make a rainbow effect when in direct lighting. It is a bright sunny day for my wedding!

I could hear the Wedding March as we stepped onto the Cathedral steps. As the doors opened, I could see Lance! He IS waiting for me! Waiting for me is my handsome, young Lance! His Majesty is also there to perform the Ceremony. My Bridesmaids are with me. Teela is in the Bridal Party. However, I have Wanda as my Maid of Honor. If I had Teela as Maid of Honor, it would look suspiciously like being rewarded for throwing the fight. She did NOT, of course, but it might look that way. Besides, Wanda and I get along so well. She had come over to Eternia twenty six days ago, and we have found kindred spirits in each other.

We have arrived at the Altar.

Lance is there, looking so handsome. His smile is driving me crazy! I am tempted to simply kiss him NOW, regardless of consequences! However, it won't be long now, before we can kiss. And I SHALL collect that kiss, in full, soon enough!

The Ceremony begins with the Royal Speech. I am nervous, but a stolen look at lance from under my Veil, shows me that Lance is as steady as the stone he commands. His confidant expression is a balm to my soul. Standing tall, proud, and confident in the 'tuxedo' he is wearing, I was entranced. As he was looking, well staring really, back at me, I'll bet that he is just as entranced! He'd better be!

As the Ceremony continues, I am still worried. THAT girl, Kitty Pryde, is in the audience. If she makes even ONE noise of objection, she'll NEED the healing spell that I have recently mastered. There is no sign that she will object, though. She seems to have finally come to terms with reality.

Now! His Majesty, King Randor is asking if there are ANY objections!

I hold my breath. Lance seems to be holding his, as well…


King Randor is about to continue, when a noise is heard.

It sounds like doombots! Hundreds of them!

NO! Nooooo! Not now!

Skeletor appears in front of everyone, with ALL the minions that he still has! Then he informs us that we are all going to die! His gloating seems even more confident than usual. He HAS had MONTHS to come up with a plan, so here it is!

"You fools shall all be destroyed by my FIVE THOUSAND doombots! Ha ha ha ha ha!"

'FIVE THOUSAND doombots!' Yes that is far too many even for He-Man, who is not even here!

The sky is soon clouded by legions of floating doombots. Then Magneto stands up and addresses Skeletor with a menacingly calm voice.

"Do you know whom you are dealing with?"

Skeletor, is clueless, overconfident, and a FOOL! Of course he has no idea who Magneto is, or even his name!

Magneto simply waves a hand.

Hundreds of doombots are crushed together! Then the whole worthless scrap pile is tossed into the Royal Recycling Center.

As one, The Brotherhood, the X-Men, New Mutants, Acolytes and the Royal Guard stand up, ready for battle. Well, Xavier is in his wheelchair, but he looks ready anyway. The X-Men and Brotherhood simply 'let loose' upon Skeletor and his minions!

Cyclops, Magma, Boom Boom, Iceman, Berzerker, Pyro, Gambit and the Royal Guards all attacked at range, destroying doombots one at a time, or in groups!

Cannonball, took Colossus and Wolfsbane up to Skeletor's new War Skiff. Jean put Wolverine, Beast, Sunspot on beside them...

Just like that. The 'Attack' is over. Skeletor's jaw looks ready to fall off from shock! Fool!

I call out to him "Skeletor! You were NOT invited to my Wedding! Begone, or else…"

Skeletor and his 'merry morons' finally understood their mistake, and fled, by Skeletor's magic.

Now my Wedding can continue!

It does. King Randor had to re-ask if there were any objections-legitimate ones, this time…

Not a peep.

With a flourish, the rings are made available.

We place them upon each other. Lance looks so happy!

I know that I feel that way!

We recite our Vows.

King Randor makes the pronouncement "By the Power vested in Me, I now pronounce you; Man and Wife! You may kiss the Bride!"

I hardly wasted a moment, and soon Lance had me in his strong, young arms.

The Kiss of Marriage!

It is EVERYTHING I dreamed of!

Soon we are at the reception, and I hardly remember a thing about it. The cake is soon gone. We are saved a pair of slices as keepsakes. I preserve them both with my Magic.

Lance's POV

I could tell someone what happened that night, but that would be telling! The Honeymoon is much the same. All that I will say is this: Life is Good.

It has been five years and three children since that day.I get to name the boys, while Lynn names all the girls. I am watching little Todd trying to walk. like his big sister. Teela, who is three years old, is wandering around the yard, collecting flowers. Todd is only one and three quarter. It's Lance Junior who is the oldest, at four years old. Lynn is six months along with our next child...

The End.