No Life Queens

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"Hello, Abaddon," said Jack Slash, with a bow. It was a gracious, courteous one. Bonesaw curtsied, keeping her curiosity in check as she stared at the ranks of rotting undead staring at them. Mannequin was staring at them as well. Jack imagined he was just as curious, wondering what marvels kept them alive. Jack suspected it was the blood.

Cherish was quaking. Terrified out of her mind. Served her right. Burnscar less so, but Jack couldn't have her going off quite yet.

Crawler, Siberian, and Shatterbird were bored.

Abaddon was sitting on a lawn chair of all things, smirking at them. Curly hair was arrayed over a gaunt face, a wide-brimmed hat shielding her face from the light of the moon.

"I'd like to thank you for welcoming us into your humble abode. I do hope we can convince you to come with us and do wonderous, glorious things."

Abaddon's smile grew wider, far, far wider than her face would allow. The edges of her lips reached up to the bottom of her ears, and her lips spread to reveal a row of sharp fangs. The girls sat on the ground at her feet. One was young, Bonesaw's age. She was wearing a nice hat, and staring at the ground. The second was blonde. Jack couldn't see her eyes, but her mouth was moving, but no sound came out. Both of them were parahumans, Abaddon's minions. The third was a curvy red-head. He ignored her. She wasn't important.

"Jack Slash," she said. She pushed herself to her feet, as though it required the most effort in the world. Her patent leather shoes didn't sink into the inch-deep layer of blood that filled the entire area. "Jack Slash," she repeated, emphasizing his name. "Wondrous and Glorious, you say?"

"Oh yes. Bonesaw was ever so interested in what you've done with the place, and I just can't say no to her pretty face. So I thought we'd come and say hello, see if you were interested in joining us. We make such beautiful monsters, and you, yourself, are a monster. I thought it might be fun to travel together for a while."

Abaddon nodded, her eyes hidden by her hat. She was wearing a black suit, white shirt, and a blood red power-tie. The red of the tie glowed in the moonlight. It was impressive showmanship, felt Jack.

"You?" asked Abaddon. "Make Monsters?"

"Yes," said Jack. "We make fine monsters."

Abaddon started to laugh. Her jaw seemed to unhinger, her entire head coming apart as she tilted further and further backwards, her maw open to the heavens.

The blood at Jack's feet surged, rising up to his ankles, the laughter echoing through the empty buildings. Things began to move within the blood. Jack considered the theories around this. Was it complete control of the blood? Any blood outside a human body, she could control? It was such an interesting power. Reanimating the dead, forcing them to move. Killing an entire city to create more and more of it.

"Jack?" said Cherish. "She's going to kill us."

"And?" asked Jack, wondering, not for the first time, if Cherish was an idiot.

"Oh yes," came a voice, even as the laughter echoed. Jack glanced back, and saw that Abaddon's suit change color, becoming black as the night around them. Eyes and mouths opened throughout it, turning the laughter into an echoing chorus.

The control of blood was most definitely not her only power.

The three girls looked straight at him. Empty black pits stared at him, rivelets of blood running down their faces. The three girls wrapped their arms arms around Abaddon, and sank into her darkness as it grew and grew, flowing into out into the blood that coated the street.

"I am a Monster, Jack Slash. And being a Monster is a lonely task. We do not work with Men. We kill them, or are killed by them. Are you a Man, Jack? Are you strong enough to face me? To fight me? To slay me? That knife of yours, Jack Slash. It can cut a throat... but can it cut eighty thousand?"

Jack's razor slashed through the nearest of the living dead, slitting their throats, chopping off rotting arms and legs. Crawler roared, charging into them without a care.

Siberian began to move, then vanished.

A wolf's maw made of darkness slammed into Crawler, as he screamed his usual obscenities about fighting him and hurting him.

Oni Lee flickered into being around Burnscar, and then another and another and another, each of them stabbing forward with a knife, cutting Burnscar's throat, hacking open her organs, slashing apart her eyes, fading into ash a moment later.

A bolt of shadow materialized into reality through Shatterbird's skull. Jack's peripheral vision tracked it up to a cape standing on the roof. Jack saw her turn to shadow before he could cut her in half. He guessed she killed Manton, as well.

Cherish's head exploded like an over-ripe melon, the report of a .50 rifle echoing through the buildings a moment later.

Mannequin launched himself out into the crowd of zombies, only for a massive halberd to cut him in half. A gray cloud swirled around the halberd's edge, a man in armor standing head and shoulders over the army of zombies, rivulets of blood running over his exposed beard. He fell back into the blood, disappearing.

Bonesaw spat acid and used her enhanced strength to tear apart the army of zombies. Jack cut as many as he could, knowing the man in the tengu mask and the two tinkers were watching, waiting for them to finish.

As the last zombie fell, Jack heard clapping.

He turned to see Abaddon standing on top of Crawler, applauding his performance. Crawler's many eyes were empty, blood running down them in long streams.

"Well, Jack? Are you a Man?"

Jack looked about, watching as more and more capes lifted up out of the blood. Dozens of them. The massive metal dragon, Lung, all four wings spread. Kaiser in his metal mask. The cape with the crossbows, dressed in a dark hood and mask. Armsmaster, the local leader of the Protectorate, holding the Halberd he cut Mannequin in half with. Miss Militia holding a .50 sniper rifle, a blank scarf over the bottom half of her face. He watched as Shatterbird and Burnscar and Manton rose from the blood, staring at him with empty sockets. The Siberian reformed, her eyes as empty as her master's.

"I have to face them all, kill them all, before you die," said Jack.

"You're a smart man," said Abaddon.

He laughed.

"I think I'll be a monster. Use me, fight with me, slaughter with me," said Jack, smiling.

"Hmmm..." began Abaddon, walking up to Jack, walking around him, looking him up and down. "I'm not so sure, I'll use you." She looked to Bonesaw. She grinned, fangs gleaming in the moonlight. "But I think I need an apprentice. And I think she needs your help in getting started."


Riley grinned. Her Big Sis let her eat as much as she wanted. Sure, she couldn't eat Chocolate Frosted Suger Bombs, anymore, but people were tasty.

And she had Jack, too, forever and ever. He smiled more, and he looked so good without his eyes. And her passenger was so excited, too! It'd never seen anything like her and her Big Sis. She'd have make more like her, play with them, find out what they were like!

Everything was going to be so much fun!

Author's Notes: Fuck triggering. Taylor Hebert died in that locker, hating everyone and everything. She said fuck the world, drank her own blood, and knew she was a monster.

Jack wants to cause chaos and havoc and destruction. Fine. His shard pinged everybody else, and a whole lotta shards said "Hey, this one over hear is damn good at it." His actions resulted in Bonesaw becoming a No-Life Queen under the tutelage of the Queen of Munchkins. The world isn't just fucked, it's proper-fucked.

It's 3am, this has no proof-reading, and I really need to sleep.