The Random Waffle


RainClan Challenge — Hilarious




One bright, cheerful morning amidst the crazy, chaos-filled lives of the Clan cats, Jayfeather was strolling through the sun-dappled forests in the ThunderClan territory. Life was completely normal and regular for him, until that happened.

The grey tabby padded through the undergrowth calmly until he smelt something. It smelt foreign. Unfamiliar. Sweet. Delicious.

So he followed the scent and soon the aroma led him to a path that ended rather abruptly. And at the end… were random WAFFLES!

And then he could suddenly see! In front of him the waffles piled up on the ground, golden and glowing in the sun and dripping with fresh syrup.

So Jayfeather giggled.

"Random waffles!"

He gobbled them down in one bite and then he grew a mustache, turned Italian, started laughing in an accent, the mustache started flapping and then Jayfeather flew into the air.

"Hahahaha! Random!"

As he flew through the skies of ThunderClan, he started pooping out a rainbow behind him and his eyes started turning all different colors. Then Nyan Cat came over and retired because Jayfeather's rainbow emitting from his butt was so much more awesome than its.

As Jayfeather flew, waffles suddenly started falling randomly from the sky. All the waffles dropped down onto the ground and all the Clan cats found them.

So after they ate them, they became random as well and all turned Italian.


Don't ask me what I just wrote. Apparently the challenge was supposed to be funny. However it just turned out incredibly randomly stupid.

BUT… do review if you want. Do flame if you want. Do give me a waffle if you want.