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The Immortal Son of the Earth

Throughout the eons that Zeus existed, he had only truly been in love twice, and he married both women at different points in his life. One of them, of course, was his wife of many thousands of years, Hera – the Goddess of Familial Love, Marriage, Motherhood, and Women. The other woman, on the other hand, was not nearly as well-known as his official wife; her name was Metis, Zeus' first wife. The Titan Goddess aided the Gods in the war against Kronos and his army, and Zeus married her right after the war. He truly loved her.

But as history would suggest, power can break down any relationship.

After Gaea, the Primordial Goddess of Earth, prophesized that Metis will give birth to a son that will surpass Zeus in terms of power, his relationship with his wife was destined to fall apart. The need to preserve his throne and power over the world overpowered the love Zeus had for his wife, and the God of the Sky committed an act that he still regret to this day. He swallowed Metis when he discovered she was pregnant, trying his very all to prevent someone more powerful than him from being born – even if it would be his own son.

Of course, after that whole ordeal Athena was born from Zeus' head. At that moment, Zeus felt the anguish he had tried so very hard to bury; Metis was carrying a daughter, and because of his own desires he killed the woman he loved. Now Athena was the only thing that Zeus had of his late-wife, and she will always be his most precious and loved daughter.

The one thing Zeus never thought would happen was to meet a mortal woman that looked exactly like Metis did.

"Zeus~" moaned a lovely blonde woman as she hugged the muscular frame of her lover close. "I love you so much~"

The man on top of the woman grunted and moaned as he continued to thrust into his lover, trying make her feel as good as possible. It baffled the god that the beautiful woman holding onto him even felt the same as Metis did all those millennia ago. They had the same brown eyes, same golden blonde hair, same voice, same scent; even their skin felt the same against his skin. For the last six months he had been visiting this woman, Zeus had felt his suppressed feelings slowly bubble to up the surface, and he was falling in love with her, falling in love with Metis all over again.

"I love you too, beautiful."

Zeus kissed his lover tenderly on her lips as they continued to move in a synchronized form of dance that had been practiced since the existence of mankind; he made sure to avoid putting any weight on the woman's enlarged stomach, a sacred place that was carrying the child of a god. Like all his other lovers, Zeus found out the woman was pregnant with his child after their first night together, and now she was six months along. Only three more months and Zeus would have his youngest child.

"Zeus!" cried the woman as she felt her climax take over her.

Zeus grunted as he closed his eyes and moaned in pleasure, sending more of his godly essence into the chalice of his lover. "You are amazing!" muttered the god as he rested his body on top of his lover, being mindful to shift his center weight to the bed so he wouldn't harm the baby. "I haven't felt like this in so long."

The woman giggled in bliss as she pulled her lover down to a searing kiss. She wrapped her legs around Zeus and kept him on top of her, making sure to keep his essence inside her for as long as possible. Their tongues clashed as they expressed their mutual love toward one another; the only thing that mattered at that moment was their love, all their surroundings were completely ignored as they reveled in their bliss.

The two lovers, locked inside their own bliss, were oblivious to the fact that they just fulfilled an ancient prophecy.

And their union will bear fruit in just another three months.

In the eons in which Zeus had existed, he had witnessed childbirth – at least the birth of his own children – countless times. Given that his wife was the Goddess of Motherhood, Zeus knew that he should be comfortable with the whole process, but he would hate it every single time. He hated to see the women he loved cry out in pain and terror; it pained his heart to see their beautiful faces contort into anguish. It was especially with the woman on the hospital right now – the one who looked exactly like Metis. Zeus had never actually seen Metis give birth since Athena emerged from his head after a –literally – head-splitting headache, and seeing the woman now made his heart wrench.

"Her blood pressure is dropping rapidly!" cried one of the nurses as the doctor continued trying to attend to her birth canal. "And her heart rate is decreasing!"

The chaos in the room was almost overwhelming, and Zeus, with his almost unlimited powers, felt absolutely impotent. There was nothing he could do to help his lover. He watched as his fragile human lover's life slip away from her as she continued to fight for their child's life. She was so tired she was barely conscious, but her muscles kept on pushing, as if she was using the last of her life-force to give birth to her son.

After another few minutes of screaming in pain, the sound of a baby crying could finally be heard, and Zeus finally exhaled a breath of relief.

"It's a healthy boy!" announced one of the nurses happily.

The doctor quickly looked over the machines around the room and shook his head. "Don't relax yet; we still have to save the mother!"

Zeus felt his heart drop as his lover's pulse became weaker and weaker, but he gladly accepted the small bundle when the nurse handed him his son. Looking down at the crying baby Zeus couldn't help but feel a warm tug in his heart; even though he had had many children before, the baby in his arms felt more intimate; it was like Metis had come back and gave him another child.

"We're losing her!" cried the doctor as he ordered the preparation of the defibrillator and more supplies of the woman's blood type.

The baby's cries became louder, as if he was trying to call out to his mother, and tears kept flowing from his piercing blue eyes that were not unlike his father. Zeus held his son close to his chest as he angrily looked at the failing body of his lover; he was seriously tempted to order Hades to keep her alive for the sake of their son, but he knew that as the leader of the Olympians he had to set an example, and no matter how much he wanted to, he had to put his responsibility as his highest priority.

Then the sound of the electrocardiograph monitor turned from a series of steady beeps to a dull drone, and Zeus closed his eyes and turned away.

Metis had been taken away from him again.

With one final look on his lover's face, Zeus turned away with his son in his arms and disappeared in a flash of light.

Like Odysseus when he was sailing across the Sea of Monster and was confronted by Charybdis and Scylla, Zeus was stuck in-between a rock and a hard place. Looking at the calendar hanging on the wall of the coffee shop, Zeus sighed; it had been 45 years since he and his two brothers made an oath to not have any more half-blood children. The God resisted the urge to sigh as he thought back to his relationships in recent years and the three children he had sired; his infidelity may seriously alter the fate of Olympus.

The slight sobbing of his son broke him out of his thoughts and made him lightly bounce the baby in his arms. Zeus smiled softly at the sight of his son sucking on his little thumb as he looked up with his electric blue eyes. The baby's head was still mainly bald, but hints of blond hair could already be seen – a trait that he got from his mother.

"Quiet down young one." Zeus muttered as he lightly kissed his son's forehead, an affectionate gesture that he had almost never shown any of his children. "It'll be alright my son; your mother may have gone to the Underworld, but you will be safe and will be in good hands."

Zeus knew that he couldn't bring his demi-god son to Olympus, Hera would make his life miserable, and there weren't any humans he could trust in the mortal world, so there was only one place he could possibly send his son.

Using the mist of hide his presence from the other patrons in the coffee shop, Zeus vanished with a blast of lightning.

In just a few seconds, the most powerful god on Olympus appeared on the other side of the planet. He was in Japan, one of the oldest foundations of Eastern Civilization and far away from most attention from Olympus. In the midst of the very busy city of Tokyo was actually one of the oldest deities of Western Civilization; hidden from view from the common mortal as a beautiful woman was actually the mother of the first six Olympians, Rhea.

Ever since the start of the fourth age, all Titans were banned from living on Olympus, and while Rhea was fighting for the Gods and was the Olympians' beloved mother, she also had to abide to the fundamental rules. There wasn't much hard-feeling from Rhea since she was getting tired to being a Queen and her children would visit her very often, especially Hestia and Demeter. Her Grandson, Apollo would also visit her at times, but she would see it as one of his excuses to visit Japan.

It was ironic that one of mothers of Western Civilization lived in Japan, but she had come to love her new home. She built many mansions and gardens all over Japan, all of them a mixture of western and eastern architecture. She would often move around from home to home and tend to all her garden in each home, which would always be very beautiful since she asked Demeter to make her properties bask in perpetual summer.

"Hello, Mother."

Rhea, who was tending to her garden inside her Tokyo mansion, looked up to see her youngest son standing before her. She smiled and stood up to get a better look at him; her eyes twinkling in a kind happiness that she would get every time she would see her children. She brushed a few strands of her luscious blonde hair behind her ear and clapped her hands clean.

"Well, well; what does my little boy need from his mother?" asked Rhea as she walked up to Zeus with a bright smile.

Zeus sighed at his mother's attempts to embarrass him but still smile back at her. "Sorry for dropping in so abruptly, Mother, but I have a favor to ask of you." Rhea's eyes trailed to the small bundle her youngest held in his arms and sighed. "Can we please sit down and talk."

"Sure, come on over here."

Rhea led her son and who she assumed was her grandson to her dining table and started to pour two cups of tea. The aroma of the steaming tea calmed her senses; the tea leaves were a gift from Demeter a few weeks ago and the water was a tribute from Poseidon – he had promised that it was a best quality of fresh water on the plant – so the tea really was the best in the world.

"Judging by your expression I assume that this is not just a casual visit to see your mother." Rhea smiled as she handed Zeus a cup of tea and sat down across from him.

"No, but I really need your help." Zeus looked down at the quietly sleeping baby in his arms and showed him to his mother. "This is my youngest son, and I need you to help me raise him and avoid Hera from targeting him."

Rhea looked amused and shook her head. "Once again you prove yourself to be a victim of your own hormones." The Titaness stood and walked over to her son and grandson, and her eyes softened when she saw how cute and peaceful her newest grandson looked when he was sleeping. "But he sure looks cute." Rhea gently lifted the baby from her son's arms and cradled him close to her chest. "He is going to be quite handsome when he grows up."

"His mother passed away during childbirth and there is no mortal I can leave him with." Zeus sipped on his tea as he looked at his son being cradled by his grandmother. "I don't want him to have a life of loneliness as an orphan and I can't have Hera messing with his mind like she did with Heracles."

Rhea rubbed her cheek against her grandson's forehead and hummed as she held him as gently as she could. "You seem to care about this little one here more than little Thalia; does his mother have anything to do with it?"

Zeus sighed as he admitted that his mother knew him better than anyone else. "His mother looked almost exactly like Metis."

Rhea looked surprised and looked down at the baby again, "Really?"

"Yes, but unfortunately she passed away."

The Titaness now understood why her son would try to protect his son. Not only did Zeus truly love Metis, Hera had also been jealous of Metis when she was alive, and if she found out that the baby's mother looked like Metis she would stop at nothing to ruin the child's life. Zeus knew that if Rhea protected his son, Hera would not notice his existence, and even if she did, she would not try to do anything rash in Rhea's presence.

"Please Mother; help me take care of my son."

Rhea smiled and nodded. "Of course I will take care of him; he's my grandson and I haven't raised a baby since I raised you millennia ago." Zeus smiled and nodded happily at his mother. "But I should probably move to one of my newer homes so the others don't come finding me with this baby." Rhea had the ability to hide her presence by creating a barrier of emptiness around her property, and she could very well hide from her children. "He is mortal, so he should grow pretty quickly." Several decades for Rhea would feel like a couple of weeks considering she had lived for eons already. "We'll have loads of fun together!"

Zeus nodded with a smile. "Thank you Mother, and when he is older you could also send him to the camp if you want to come out of hiding; I'm sure with you training him he would be able to protect himself from monsters." Not to mention that if Hera was oblivious to him the first decade of his life, she wouldn't suspect him to be a child of her husband.

"I know, and you don't have to worry Zeus; I'll be sure to take great care of my grandson."

Zeus nodded again with a smile. "I know Mother, thank you for doing this for me." The God walked over to his son and ran his thumb lightly over his forehead, smiling at the small smile on his son's face, and back away. "I will look forward to seeing him again, but I must go now." Rhea nodded before Zeus vanished with a flash of light, leaving his mother and son alone in the room.

Rhea smiled down at the baby and kissed him softly on the head. "You are a very lucky boy, little one." The baby started to stir and opened his eyes to see the beautiful lady holding him close; he didn't cry or squirm; he just tilted his head a little and looked up at his grandmother with his curious and beautifully blue eyes. "Oh you are so cute!"

Rhea tickled the baby under his chin, making the baby giggle and squirm, his laughter sounding better than Mozart in Rhea's ears. The Titaness sat down on her couch and trailed loving kisses on the baby's head. It had been so long since she had taken care of a baby, and the little guy in her arms looked a lot like Zeus did when he was a baby, only this time there was no crazy Titan trying to eat him.

"Oh right!" spoke Rhea to the giggling boy. "We haven't named you yet!"

The baby waved his tiny arms around and rubbed his eyes as he babbled nonsense at his grandmother, his lips moving around like he had something really interesting to say. Rhea smiled at his antic and couldn't help but kiss him again as she walked around trying to find the right name for her little grandson. Then, after a few minutes, Rhea walked passed her countertop and saw some leftover fishcake.

"Naruto," The Japanese word for fishcake can also mean maelstrom, which was quite apt for a son of Zeus. "Uzumaki Naruto!" Uzumaki was a name Rhea gave herself when she first came to Japan; she had thought of it after her son, Poseidon, made a whirlpool out in the harbor to catch some fish for dinner, and thought it sounded pretty good. "Do you like it? From now on you will be Uzumaki Naruto, my cute little grandson!"

The baby, now named Naruto, continued to babble and waved his hands around in the air, seemingly happy about his name.

"Alright!" exclaimed Rhea and she snapped her fingers. "Now let's get us to our new home!"

Unknown to Zeus and Rhea, back in the United States, inside the hospital in which Naruto was born, something very unusual was happening inside the morgue. In the freezing room, one of the many steel cabinets was open and the corpse within was exposed. It was the woman who looked exactly like Metis, and she was lying motionlessly inside the space, but something was changing. Instead of having blonde hair she had black hair – the same color as tilled soil – her face was still beautiful, but her features were different. And her hospital robe started to deteriorate and it slowly resembled a cloak that seemed to be made of back dirt.

Suddenly, the body of the woman shuddered and a light rumbled shook the room.

'You have sealed your fate, Zeus.'A melodic but extremely powerful voice shivered through the room; there was a slight hint of pride in the voice, as if the owner of the voice was boasting a recent victory. 'No one can defy my prophecies; under the appearance of Metis, I gave birth to our child, and he shall become a being stronger than you!'

Slowly, the corpse lying inside the freezing cabinet started to crumble to dust, and in a few seconds it was completely gone, turned into a pile of dust.

But her lingering voice still sounded throughout the room.

'I will have my revenge, and like the Kings before, you will be defeated by your own son!'

The End!

This short chapter is just the prologue, and I hope you all liked it. As some of you may have noticed, whenever I do a crossover I usual do two stories, and this is just the second one. I recently started to read the Percy Jackson Series and I really love it, so I decided to try to make my own version of it!

The pairing for this story hasn't been solidified yet, but I am greatly leaning towards Naruto x Silena.

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